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JUNE 1879

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                                      WEEKLY HERALD



We had a call from friend P PARKER of Ooltewah Saturday.

Prof. RAMSEY has returned from a trip to Georgia where he has

been teaching a music class.

Our young friends OSCAR and GEO. HARDWICK have returned from

Vanderbuilt University to spend the vacation at home.

SID STEGALL of Roane county has been in town the past week

telling big fish tales.



JUNE 12,1879                WEEKLY HERALD


Another Barn Burned

On Thursday last some person set fire to the barn of Mr. HENRY

GOINS, in the second civil district, destroying all its contents,

consisting of corn, hay and a few tools. A thresher belonging

to a company of neighbors was also destroyed. This is the second

barn that has been burned in that district in a short time.

A man by the name of DIXON is now in jail for burning the first

one. We always like to see the law take its course, but in a

case of house burning we don't know but Judge LYNCH would do

better, when a case can be proven beyond doubt.


P C MILLER, who murdered Z T WASSON in Rhea county on the 26th

of August 1877, was captured in Delta county Texas, a few days

since, and has been brought back to the scene of the foul deed

to start his trial. He was captured by W H McFALL.


A little son of Mr. HENRY STILL a few miles south of town, was

kicked and badly wounded in the head by a horse on Saturday.



Mrs. ELIZA SHUGART, widow of the late Dr. SHUGART, died at her

home in this county yesterday morning at the age of 57 years.


JUDGE HOYLE, we understand will shortly remove the dwelling

house on his premises and erect a new and more handsome structure




JUNE 19,1879       WEEKLY HERALD



Five prisoners escaped from the Chattanooga jail Saturday morning

by sawing a hole in the floor. Two of them - ROBT. SCOTT and

JIM BRUCE are murderers. Sheriff SPRINGFIELD offers a reward

of $100 for SCOTT, dead or alive and $100 for BRUCE. SCOTT

murdered Policeman WIGGINS and BRUCE murdered a negro named

WALKER. $25 each is also offered for JAKE FLORA, WHILEY WRIGHT




JUNE 26,1879        WEEKLY HERALD

J M HODGE, the Chattanooga forger has been released and left

the country. His brother has paid up all the damages for him.



1420 acres of land for sale: division among the heirs of JESSE

F CLEVELAND deceased. Said land is sitting on Mouse Creek, nine

miles north of Cleveland and three miles west of Charleston,

Bradley county Tennessee.(ect.)


Fourth Of July At Spring Garden and Waterville

Mr. PIERCE gentlemanly proprietor of Waterville is leaving

nothing undone to accommodate all that attend the 4th of July

celebration there. His bath house is finished as well as the

bathing suits for all that desire to bathe. He will before that

date erect a large platform 26x36 feet to be used for dancing.

The colored string band will be in attendance and furnish music

for the occasion.

Two large and handsome boats are now finished and "plugging

the mighty deep" four more will be finished by the fourth.-

thus pleasures seekers will lack for nothing to enjoy themselves.

There will be refreshments stands on the grounds to supply the

hungry. The Sabbath Schools will be in attendance from all

sections and addresses delivered by different speakers. Mr. PIERCE

has especially invited Cleveland and we predict a large

attendance. The Cleveland people have been going to other places

to celebrate till they are tired of it.



ELBERT BACON to ELIZABETH BEAN, on last night , by Esq. ROY.

As the parents were not willing, the couple repaired to the

ridges and were married by moonlight. [June26,1879]


J F REYNOLDS dwelling near Jonesburo, GA was burned Monday night.

His daughter aged 13 and sister aged 16 were burned to death.

Mrs. REYNOLDS also was badly burned.






Monday June 30,1879 by Rev. N W MOTHERAL - Mr. JAMES BRYANT

to Miss MARY PAIMER all of this county.



July 1,1879, at the residence of the brides mother, by Rev A




LEWIS WILLIAMS and DICK KERR are two happiest fellows in town.

A girl at WILLIAM's and a 12 pound boy at KEER's

Mr. PAT LAYNE was considerably injured Tuesday evening by a

bruise on the hip caused by a runaway horse pulling a buggy.

The parties in the buggy were D M OWEN and Miss ROXIE ROGERS-

 were thrown out while coming down the hill on the Spring place

road just south of the railroad, but were not injured. The buggy

came to town rollnus(?) a top.





LILLIE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C T CAMPBELL of this city. Monday

June 30th, at the age of two years after a lingering illness

of several days.



Mrs. MARY W KERR, on the 29th of June 1879, at her house in

Polk county, aged 79 years. Mrs. KERR was the mother of Mr.

WM. KERR of this city. She had been a member of the Baptist

church for thirty-three years, and was an exemplary Christian,

a good neighbor and a warm and devoted parent. "Peace to her




WM. OSRO FLEMEL, infant son of Mrs. SUSAN FLEMEL, June 23, 1879.



JULY 10,1879        WEEKLY HERALD



Tuesday morning about one o'clock the store house belonging to

Mr. DAVID RYMER on Inman street near the depot was burned down.

The house occupied at the same time by J W MONTGOMERY with stock

of family grocers. About half the stock was saved. The house

was cheap frame building and can be replaced for $500. Mr. RYMER

tells us it was insured for $375. The stock for $600.The fire

was either the work of an incendiary or was set by rats knawing

on matches, as the fire when first seen was in the upper story

where no one had been with any fire for several months.



Mr. J H CRAIGMILES and Miss ABBIE GRANT left yesterday for Tate

Springs to spend a few weeks.


Mr. PAT LAYNE who was injured by a runaway horses and buggy last

week is up and going around again.


Illicit Distilling- N A HARRISON of Polk county and J L LAWSON

of Bradley county were bound over to court last week by

Commissioner TIPTON for illicit distilling.


The two negros and the white man charged with arson and also

murdering Major PUGH of Murfreesboro, have been sentenced to

be hung.



JESSE HEADRICK, on our young friend TOM WILHOITE's farm in the

12th district killed a rattle snake 4 feet 3inches in length and

10 1/2 inches in circumference. It  had ten rattles and one

button. TOM says it struck at his horses leg and missed only

by about three inches.



Capt. W H McKAMY was robbed Tuesday night of about $8.50 as

he thinks. He had left his door open on account of the warm

weather. A lot of papers of value in his pocket book were not

molested. The thief was clever enough to leave his pants on

the outside of his room.



JULY 17,1879          WEEKLY HERALD


Badly Hurt

Our young friend WILL EDWARDS was badly injured Monday night

by jumping from the upper story of WALKER's store during a fire.

He fell on a lot of rocks - - breaking his jaw bone in two places

and bruising his hip considerably. He thinks he was about half

asleep and under the excitement caused from the fire being so

near him, he jumped from the window.


Another Destructive Fire

We are called upon this week to again chronicle another

destructive fire. Monday night at 10:30 pm fire was discovered

in the upper portion of the store of C T CAMPBELL on the corner

of Ocoee and North streets. The building was a frame structure

and the fire spread rapidly. The buildings consumed were the

store house with ware room, McNELLY's stables, E S DELANY's

law office, JOS. ONELL's shoe shop, GEO. HAIN's bakery, grocery

store and dwelling house, PROF. MYLIUS office and dwelling house,

S P GAUNT's law office and the office of the city recorder and

HARTFORD Fire Ins. Co. The loss of the buildings will amount

to $4000. McNELLY & SON owned the CAMPBELL store house and had

insurance on it to the amount of $1000. CAMPBELL"s goods were

about half saved and insured for $2800.. S P GAUNT's library

and papers valued at $600. and insured for $200. Mr. GAUNT also

loses a great deal of valuable papers that cannot be replaced.

T I GAUNT, Agent of Ins. Co. and city Recorder lost everything

in his office - his insurance record and all city records among

the lot. E S DELANY lost $450. , no insurance; ONEIL said nearly

all his materials and tools, HAINS goods nearly all saved with

$250 insurance. Mr. MYLINS had n insurance on his property.

The office of COL. S B BOYD next to MYLIS was saved. It is

generally supposed that the fire originated from burning of a

lot of old papers and letters in CAMPBELL's store in the evening.



Mr. D M OWEN, Collector of the HOWE S M Co. at Nashville to

Miss ROXIE ROGERS, daughter of Mr. A H ROGERS of this city.

The happy couple were united at the M E Church Tuesday morning

by Rev E M LOCKWOOD, the attendants being ROBT. FISHER and Mis



the ceremony the party departed for the depot and the newly

made pair left on the 6:45 train for Nashville. In the language

of Rip Van Winkle "may they live long and prosper" and may peace

and joy be with them.



At Blovivar Tenn. on the 12th inst. HORACE POLK, eldest child

of Rev. C M and CLARA P GRAY, at about 2 years and 8 months.



Last Saturday engineer WM. CRAWFORD fell dead on his engine

while running two miles this side of Athens. Heart disease was

supposed to be the cause. He had been on the road for a long




At the residence of the brides father on June 3,1879, by Eld.

A FITZGERALD - Mr. E F CARPENTER of this county to Miss R A

LONDON of Catoosa county, Ga.

ELLJA and his young blushing bride have our best wishes.



By Rev. J J KENNEDY at his residence on the 15th inst. Mr. H

L OGLE to Miss ARLENA FAIR, all of Bradley county.



PROF. KIRKPATRICK of the East Tennessee University died Tuesday

in Knoxville after an illness of two weeks.


Collector MELTON has appointed J A GODDARD of Blount as his

deputy at Morristown and ROBERT TURNER of Knox as deputy at


A negro boy named DONAS MAGILL was shot and killed by another

negro named JOHN CARTER in Athens. CARTER had been drunk and

MAGILL poured water on him is said to be the cause.





Last Friday night about 8 oclock the Pump Manafacturing of W

W WOODS & Co. caught fire in the door near the engin room. If

it had not been for some small boys seeing the light in the

house and giving the alarm, the house would have been burned

to the ground. It is supposed it was a set fire as the engine

was shut off at six in the evening and one of the proprietors

of the foundry received a note that evening to that effect. It

seems as though the whole town is going to burn from the start

it has made in the past two weeks.



Our young friend LUTHER HAMBRIGHT, who has been clerking in

the dry goods store of W J HUGES for the past year, left for

Knoxville Thursday morning to clerk in the well known drug store

of RODGERS BROS. of that city.


J R TAYLOR and Lady, P B MAYFIELD and family, D JONES and Dr.

McNABB have gone to Ladd Springs. T L CATE and lady have returned

from there. W S TIPTON is on a jaunt to Tate Springs.



At her home in this city, Saturday, July 18,[1879]

Mrs. LUCINDA TIBBS, at the age of 60 years. Mrs. TIBBS was the

mother of our fellow townsmen L W and C H TIBBS.



July 20,1879 ten miles south of this place, Mr. W E WALKER,

at the age of about 60 years.




 In this city on Sunday the 20th inst. [1879]Mrs. MARGARET COOK

at the age of 85 years.



Monday July 20,1879 in this city an infant son of S H and LORENA

DeARMOND, at the age of 10 days.



Mr. T L CATE has the biggest hog in town.


Mr. TOM KNOX was in the city from Charleston.


S B BOYD has built a parapet wall to his office and putting

a slate roof on it.


Mr. CHAS. T CAMPBELL's goods saved from the fire invoiced at

$1440, insurance $2800.


Mr. W S EDWARDS is improving and his condition much better than

was first supposed.


JOHN P HACKER's turning lathe is in danger of burning from

friction on account of the rapidity of revolutions of the horse



JULY 31,1879         WEEKLY HERALD


Mr. DAN McLANE and wife have gone to Rome Ga, to stay for five

or six weeks.


We understand that Mr. JOHN HENDERSON on Coahllua was seriously

stabbed Tuesday by a man named COOK. We failed to get the

particulars. HENDERSON was improving last night and it is thought

he will recover.

Our fellow townsmen SAM DeARMOND is now traveling in the interest

of Lippencott, Mitchell & Co., a well to known hat house of



SENT-UP- JAS. A DUGGER, charged with forging a witness ticket

on the U S Goverment was tried before Commissioner TIPTON

yesterday and bound over to court, in default, of bond he was

sent to jail.


Chancellor STANLEY fined Judge BAXTER $25 a few days ago at

Knoxville for contempt of court.


Capt. J E RHAT of this place has presented to the college farm

at Knoxville, a through bred shorthorn bull. Lepold. Leopold

is a beautiful red, six month old, and is remarkably large and



Two negros had a fight over a jug of molasses Friday at Strawberry

Plains, which resulted in the death of one of the parties, having

his brains knocked out with an axe.




July 23,1879, at the residence of the brides parents, near

Morristown, by Rev. W C DAILY, Rev. T W BROWN of Holston

Conference, to Miss ELIZABETH GREGORY of Hamblin county.


AUGUST 7,1879                  WEEKLY HERALD



Miss ANNIE WILLIAMS of Cartersville, Ga. is visiting Miss JENNIE

BARD of this city.


Miss SALLIE CLEAGE of Athens who has been visiting Miss MAY

JOHNSTON of this city left Tuesday accompanied by the latter

for Athens, thence to White Cliff Springs to spend a few weeks.


PIERCE MILLER, charged with killing a man named WASSON in Rhea

county, who was captured in Texas a few months ago, was rescued

from the county jail at Washington



August 4,1879 - - Miss ELIZA JANE DICKERSON of this county,

at the age of about 22 years.



CAPT. DANIEL DODSON and family of Petersburg Va. were poisoned

last week by the flavoring in ice cream. Mr. DODSON died Friday.



AUGUST 14,1879              WEEKLY HERALD


Capt. DUFF Not Dead

On Thursday last it was rumored in Cleveland that Capt. J C

DUFF U S Marshall had been shot and killed in Polk county by

two illicit distillers whom he had arrested. The more one would

inquire about it the more they were convinced of the truthfulness

of report. So the rumor was telegraphed to the Knoxville papers

Thursday night and published next morning. Capt. DUFF hearing

of the report and after feeling himself to see if he was really

alive writes to the Chronical from Athens as follows:

Athens Aug. 6,1879

Mr. Editor,

I am not dead, nor have I had any encounter with anyone. Just

got in from the mountains of Monroe county, and , having seen

the statements in the paper, take this opportunity to correct

them. Respectfully J C DUFF

So we are now fully convinced that the Captain is still alive

and kicking, While we are rejoiced to know that he is alive,

we will just say we had read nicer obituary  - - - - written,

and if the Captain will call we will show him how much we thought

of him.


We are happy to note the fact that our young townsmen WILL

EDWARDS has so far recovered from his recent injuries as to

be able to be out in town again. BILL called in to see us Monday

and advised us if ever jumped out a window not to jump head



TOM WHIRTER of Rhea Spring, News made a race for Squire last

week and was beaten. TOM you have our sympathies. We have an

idea how you feel but cant cry for you.


ANDY, son of Capt. JAMES WARE late of this place but now of

Chattanooga had his leg amputated last Monday. He received

injuries several weeks ago while working on muscle shoals.



Capt. J C MORGAN of the Post Office Department is visiting his

family in this place and will remain a few weeks.


Miss EPPIE TURNIEY of Alabama is visiting Miss EMMA HAMPTON

of this city.


PROF. T C KAREN has returned from upper east Tennessee where

he has been visiting several weeks.


We are happy to note the fact that COL. RAMSEY who had quite

a severe spell of sickness is able to be out once more.


AUGUST 21,1879             WEEKLY HERALD


Mr. D E LAWSON of this city has invented a new thresher which

promises to be a grand success. We had the pleasure of seeing

it work Saturday evening and it does finely - far beyond his

own expectations, it cleans the head of all the grains and leaves

the chaff on the head. It is indeed curiosity - more on account

of the small amount of machinery than anything else - only two

leather bands aside from horse power belt is all that is used.

On the cylinder there are no teeth, but instead are what we

would call "tong and groves" that rub the wheat from the heads

and does not mash or break the grains. Mr. LAWSON will go

regularly into the manufacture of them shortly, and on account

of the cheapness of the machine he will undoubtly be able to

sell them over all other machines.


In the great loss and affliction which has befallen myself and

family in the death of Mr. RAHT, the whole people of Cleveland

and vicinity, ladies and gentlemen, have given us their kindest

attention and their deepest sympathies and I wish for myself

and family to express to them our most sincere thanks. Mrs.




Mr. GEO. INGRAHAM of Pennsylvania has been visiting his many

friends and acquaintances in this place the past several days.

GEORGE lived in this place when quite a boy, but he is married

now and calls himself "papa".


Our young friend WILL GRAY left on Monday night for Knoxville

where he has been employed by the well known grocery house of




Ga. are spending a few days in the city on their return from

White Cliff Springs.



BOND of Ga. are visiting Mrs. J H HARDWICK of this place.



returned from the Springs.


The firm of J E HARTDGEN has sold out the news business to S

J RODGERS who has consolidated it with his own.