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June 21,1877

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Mr. S C CASH has established a Shoe Shop at the house of JAMES WELLS, 5 1/2 miles west of Cleveland. All orders filled promptly.


All persons indebted to the estate of Mrs. M W LEE, deceased, will please come forward and settle the same at once, and all persons holding accounts against same said estate will make them known. T I GAUNT Administrator.




Mr. WILL CANNON is lying very ill at his home, and is not

expected to survive very long.


A little son of Mr. J J KELLEY had his collar bone broken by a fall from a window last Saturday.


Mr. JOHN L KENNEDY and Lady, of Nashville, are on a visit to their friends and relatives in this city.


SAM. McCAMMISH, better known as "RAMSEY SNIFFLES", has about swapped out - his last is an old one-eyed mule - there's walking ahead of him, certain.







A serious affray occurred Monday evening last at the depot between LOUIS GUTHMAN, of Atlanta, and ALEX MAPLES, of this place, which resulted almost fatally to the former. It seems there was some misunderstanding heretofore between the parties, and on Monday evening Maples asked GUTHMAN for an explanation. GUTHMAN replied that he wanted nothing to more to do with it, when MAPLES started at him with a club drawn, GUTHMAN drew a pistol and MAPLES

stopped. They then talked the matter over, made friends and shook hands. GUTHMAN then started off and was called back by MAPLES. He started off the second and third times and was called back, and as he started away a third time MAPLES hit him with a stick or club and knocked him down; MAPLES then took the pistol from GUTHMAN and hit him six times in the head with it, leaving him insensible. These are the facts as near as we can get them from the general rumor. GUTHMAN was brought to the Oocee House and properly cared for by his friends. Mr. GUTHMAN is a Jew and for a long time before the war was a citizen of Cleveland. Since the war he has been in the auction business, traveling mostly East Tennessee. He is about 60 years of age and has always bore the reputation of a quiet, inoffensive man. MAPLES is 23 years old and is a shoemaker in this place. JEFF MONTGOMERY, who is also a young man, was charged with being accessory, and both were brought before Mayor TIPTON for trial. The defendants made affidavit that owing to the excitement and prejudice against them they didn’t think they could get justice at present and the trial was postponed till one week from next Saturday. At this writing GUTHMAN is doing as well as could be expected. It is thought he will recover.



Col. JOHN ELLIOTT died at his home two miles east of Cleveland on Saturday morning last at the age of 70 years. Col Elliott was the oldest citizen of the county. He served as captain during the Florida war. He was at one time Colonel of the 10th Tennessee Federal Cavalry during the late rebellion. Since the war he has been farming, and also acting as claim agent a great deal of his time. He had been sick but a few days when his death came to his relief. His remains were buried at Ocoee Shed, in Polk county last Sunday.



A correspondent at Ducktown writes us that a shooting affray occurred at Ducktown last week between EBIN ELLIS and MARTIN THOMAS, which resulted , it is thought, in ELLIS being fatally shot. THOMAS had a trial before a justice of the peace and was released. Our correspondent thinks hard of the action of the justice, and thinks THOMAS was at fault and should receive the penalty of the law. THOMAS is a single man, and ELLIS a man of family.


The appointment of an ignorant negro as pension agent in North Carolina is giving dissatisfaction among the better class of people in the State, but the President refuses to remove him.



A young boy by the name of WILL. BUTLER murdered a boy by the name of JOE KENNEDY in Chattanooga last Sunday. BUTLER was quarreling with a boy named TALTY when KENNEDY came up to part them. BUTLER becoming offended at this, turned and stabbed him in the heart with a knife. KENNEDY died in a few minutes.



At ST. Luke's Church, June 21,[1877] by Rev. C M GRAY - Mr. JAMES W STEED to Miss EMMA EDWARDS, all of this place.



Mr. SAM DeARMOND, of the DeLano House, is the recipient of a new boarder. He had baggage and was not required to pay in advance-- is a boy weighs ten pounds.


Mr. SAM MOWERY, who lives six miles northeast of Cleveland, had his barn blown down one day last week. No damage to stock was done.


Messers. OSCAR and GEORGE HARDWICK have returned from Vanderbilt University to spend the vacation at home.



at her home six miles east of this place, June 20,[1877] -- Mrs. ELIZABETH, wife of JACOB DETHEROW, at the age of 50 years.






The above case for assault and battery on the person of LOUIS GUTHMAN, will be tried before Mayor on Saturday. One point to be decided is, whether the corporation under its special charter has any rights or not. That charter gives the Mayor the same power and privileges as Justice of the Peace. The above named persons were brought before him and gave bond for their appearance on July 7th. They were afterwards arrested on a justice's warrant and bound over to court. The law says no man shall be put in jeopardy for the same offense twice, and now the point is, whether the Mayor's decision or the Justice's will be the legal one - the Mayors action having been taken first.




SAMUEL E GREEN was appointed guardian for SUSAN M GREEN.


JAMES HAVENS was appointed administrator of L B MOORE's estate


JAMES MILLER was appointed administrator of the estate of



Settlements was made with H MARLER guardian for MARY E HYSINGER.


RUBEN LEAK was released of paying poll tax and working roads on account of being disabled


E S RANDOLPH was paid for burying paupers.



Near Brittsville, Meigs county, June 23,[1877], THOMAS B

SHIFLETT, son of A C SHIFLET, at the age of two years.




 Mr. C C VEST and Mr. McLEOD, of Ducktown and JO BROWDER, of Conasauga, passed thru the city last Monday on their way to Federal Court in Knoxville.


Report comes to us of one of the most uncalled for outrages we have heard of in Bradley county for a long time; On Saturday last three young men who live on the west side of the county, by the names of BARGER, HICKMAN, and TAYLOR, came to town got drunk, and on their way home stopped at the house of a respectable old lady by the name of FINDLEY, drew a knife on her young son, and knocked her down with a chair -- knocking out three or four front teeth. It is hoped that the offending parties will be punished to the extant of the law. Mrs. FINDLEY is a quiet, inoffensive old lady, and was trying to protect

her son.



Mr. W E CANNON died at his home 2 1/2 miles east of Cleveland on Tuesday last at the age of 32 years. Mr. CANNON was a popular young man and a promising young lawyer. He has been afflicted with consumption for several years and finally had to yield to that awful disease. He leaves a mother and many friends to mourn his loss.


ROSS SMITH, Conductor on the E T V & G Railroad is discharged. The cause is unknown - even to himself.


MAPLES and MONTGOMERY, charged with the assault and battery on LOUIS GUTHMAN, had a hearing before the Mayor last Saturday and were bound over to court. They gave bond for their appearance.


The store house where HARDWICK sells goods and the saloon

occupied by F P KELLY and all other property belonging to SIMMONS estate will be sold to the highest bidder on August the 11th[1877]




Man Reported Killed

Report comes to us from the lower edge of the county that a man by the name of DUNN was killed by a man named WATERS, a few days ago. It seems as if WATERS shot at a man by the name of FITZSIMMONS and killed DUNN accidently. We give report for what it is worth.



At his home 12 miles west of Cleveland, July 15, [1877], at the age of 15 years - THOMAS DAVIS, son of JAMES DAVIS.



In this place, July 16,[1877],Mr. E SHERRILL, at the age

of 83 years.


Our young friend JAMES LAYNE, of Ducktown, was in the city this week. JAMES looks well - says the smoke and copper water agree with him.


Should you see a happy looking gentleman walking around the streets smiling at everybody, it is LUTHER CAMPBELL - it is a boy, and weighs 10 pounds.


Mr. & Mrs. J T CATE will please accept our thanks for as many nice peaches as we could hide away last Sunday. Mr. CATE has a fine orchard - several of the trees bending over with peaches.






Mr. FOSTER will have an excellent yield of grapes this season, as well as other kinds of fruit.


Mr. PIERCE has the foundation for his hotel started. He expects and intends to board visitors to the springs as soon as finished. His fish pond will be finished by fall. When his improvements are finished, Spring Garden will become quite a popular place of resort.


Mr. W E RUSSELL and lady have returned home from the Rocky

Mountians, where they have been spending a few months. WILLIAM reports plenty of snow on the mountains fifteen feet deep.


An Arm Broken

Me. WILLIAM BLAIR met up with a serious accident last week by falling from a barn loft and breaking his right arm, and getting bruised other wise.



At the home of WM. BARNETT, July 30,1877, an infant son of JOS.LOGAN.



At her home in this county, July 28,1877, Mrs. FETNA INGLE, wife of JOHN INGLE, aged about 78 years.





At her home six miles north of Cleveland, on August 1,1877, at the age of 46 years - Mrs. SOPHIA LEE, wife of THOMAS LEE. Mrs. LEE was a highly esteemed lady, and has been a member of the church for several years.



At her home near this place , August 2,1877, Miss CAROLINE

McCROSKEY, daughter of R H McCROSKEY, aged 26 years.



Miss MATTIE CATE, daughter of W M CATE, of this place, on the night of August 7,1877, in the 23rd year of her age, after a long and sever illness.


We suppose it is fact that King David actually rode upon a mule, because AARON JOSEPH has the very identical mule now.


From the Knoxville Chronically we learn that two Cleveland    " darkies", SAM LEE and SNOWBALL, have been put in the work house. We have a few more to spare of Knoxville wants them.





Monday, August 12,1877, Mr. JOHN BEATY, aged 24 years.



Saturday, August 11,1877, infant daughter of Mr. I N TAYLOR.






August 15,1877. Died near this place on the night of the 10th inst., Mr. JAMES McDONALD, at the age of about 90 years.


Let the chap that borrowed JOHN JONSTON's overcoat return it at once. JOHN has been sick about a month and needs it to throw a shadow.





August 29,1877, Mrs. ADDIE TAYLOR, wife of Dr. W H TAYLOR of this city.



August 20,1877, JAMES RAT- - AGED about 50 tears.




HUGH MYNATT, murder of WM. D B MARCUS, Knox county, Jan. 10,1869 - $250.


JOHN MURPHY, murder of LEWIS LIVINGSFORD, Blount county- $150.


HENRY MYNATT, sentenced by the circuit court of Roane, April term, 1875, to fifteen years imprisonment for robbery, an escaped convict- $100.


DICK FILLEY, murder of N B MARTIN, Meigs county - $250.


BENJAMINE H PETERS, outraging the person of a woman, Carter county, March 17,1876- $250.


WILLIAM WEEMS, murder of his wife, Greene county, June 15,1875 - $500.


JOHN MILLER, murder of BARTLEY BRANNON, Rhea county - $250.


JAMES HENRY, murder of W E COLVILLE, Rhea county -$250.


A H HATSFIELD, murder of ISAAC MUNSTON, Clairbourne county, $100.


AVERY BRADLEY, murder of DANIEL C MAPLES, Seiver county, May 16,1877 - $250.


CHAS. WOODSON, murder of SAM R LUMPKIN, Hamilton county, March 28,1877 - $500.


MARION SMITH, murder of GUS ENGLAND, McMinn county - $250.


JAMES M CROSS, Morgan county, -August 23,1875 - $250.






near Smith's X Roads, on the 15th inst. Miss HARRIETT KYLE

 (August 15,1877)



Also near Thatcher's Landing, in James county about the same date, Rev. POSEY MOON. (August 15,1877)


Mr. W W WOOD is building a neat residence on Lea Street, which will add considerably to the appearance of the first Ward.


WM KERR and family returned from Illinois last Sunday night. Several of his family are sick. He is very much sis satisfied with that State and intends to spend the remainder of his days in Tennessee.


Mr. FREDDIE ROGERS, of Chattanooga, spent a few days with his friends in Cleveland this week.





The following cases were disposed of up to the time of going to press:


State vs JOHN SMITH, caring a pistol, 2 cases, forfeiture.


State vs H H JAMES, c. p. (caring pistol) not guilty.


State vs W S BECKNER, c.p. not guilty.


State vs W WATERS, c.p. and disturbing public worship, fined $5 and cost.


State vs H S TIPTON, d.p.w. (dist. public worship),fined $10, and cost.


State vs JOHN EDWARDS, d.p.w. , fined $10 and cost.


State vs S SLIBERMAN, c.p., $10, and cost.


State vs A McNABB, a & b (assult & battery), $3 and cost.


State vs JEFF MONTGOMERY, continued by deft.


State vs A GILBREATH, c.p., $10. and cost.


State vs THOS. BATES, c.p. $10 and cost.


State vs HIWASSEE SAVINGS ASSOCIATION, charged with usury,

fined $10 and cost.


State vs JOHN WARD, c.p. $10. and cost.


State vs JOHN EWING, c.p. $10. and cost.


State vs  JOHN LINCOMFELT, c.p. $10. and cost.


State vs ALEX. McCALLISTER, continued.


State vs WATERHOUSE, nolle on cost.


State vs JAMES BRYANT, nolle on cost.


State vs ROBERT GRIFFIN, found guilty of grand larceny and

sentenced to penitentiary for five years.


State vs JEFF MONTGOMERY and ALEX MAPLES, charged with assault & battery on the person of LEWIS GUTHMAN, continued by State

- the grand jury having failed to take any action in the case.



By referring to the cases tried by the present term of the

Circuit Court it will be seen that ten pistol cases have already been disposed of in what might be called a light manner. This thing of young men going over the country and through civilized communities with cannons in their pockets has become a nuisance and it is time the court was calling a halt. Let court announce that in the future a fine of $50 will be imposed on every one guilty of such conduct regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude, and we'll venture to say the thing

will be stopped.



Mrs. S B BOYD met with quite a serious accident last Saturday evening about dark, by receiving a flesh wound from a pistol. The occurrence is we get it is about as follows: A negro boy who had been staying around Col. BOYD's had left a loaded pistol lying on the table and covered it with a table cloth. Mrs. BOYD went to remove the cloth and the pistol fell upon the floor, exploding the cartridge and firing, the ball taking effect in

her thigh and passing out. There was no broken bone, and she is doing as well as can be expected.


Dwelling House Burned

Last Sunday Mr. DAVE DUNN's dwelling house, on Conasauga, was burned down. Nothing but a small lot of wheat was saved - all the household furniture being destroyed. Mr. DUNN and family were at church at the time. It was thought to be accidental.





On the 29th inst. near Spraddly's Landing, Tennessee river, Mr. M F GOAD to Miss LIZZIE SPRADDLEY.  [September 29,1877]


Also at this place on the 28th inst. by Rev. M BANDY, Mr. GID HUGHES to Miss MARY HUGHES.


                           I W H  ( end)



JOHN EDMONDS was in town Monday attending court. We suspect JOHN belongs to the "Molly Maguires".


Several of the Cleveland youngsters left last week to attend different schools. GEORGE and OSCAR HARDWICK to the Vanderbilt; Miss FANNIE CATE to Ward's Seminary at Nashville, and Miss KATIE MAYFIELD to Columbia.