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                     WEEKLY HERALD



Col. JAS. PARKS, of Ducktown passed through here this week on his way to the Soldier's Reunion at Maryville.




I shake de dust ob my feet,

An walk barefoot on de golden street.

I know my hide's chuck full of sin,

But I know old Pete will let me in.


Den rise, children, up in a crowd,

An' shout an' sing to de angles loud;

An fix your eyes on de land of rest,

Kase hell am as hot as a hornet's nest.




Four miles northeast of this place , on September 9, 1877, Mrs. MARY S MORRISS, wife of BLOUNT MORRISS, 60 years old.


The Memphis Avalanche suggests that id CLAY CRAWFORD is not OSMAN PASHA he may be CHARLIE ROSS. That's so! But then who knows but he that struck BILLY PATTERSON?


Mr. JOHN DeARMOND, of this city, served in the same regiment with CLAY CRAWFORD , the OSMAN PASHA, in the late war.


The Chattanooga Dispatch has found out who OSMAN PASHA is. He was the drum-major of the Belshaazar Band the 4th of July last at that burg.


JACK JOHNSTON, colored, was bound over to court this week for stealing money and running off with another man's wife. Such is life.







Master WILLIE STEED and his mother Mrs. J C STEED, accompanied by Mrs. A J WHITE and Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON, left for Texas on Tuesday where they will visit their friends and relatives and return in a few months.


JO McANDREWS called in Tuesday and gave orders to have his paper sent to Brittsville. JO you've got a fine farm, but the time the chills give you a good shaking-up you'll wish you were back in ole Bradley.


We were through the Wagon & Buggy Works of GEORGE WIGGINS & Co. , a few days since, and noticed that they are finishing up a great deal of fancy and useful work.


Mr. J E SURGINE and C L HARDWICK have gone east to buy goods.


Col. JAS. PARKS and Mr. B A DICKSON returned form Maryville Tuesday and left for their homes at Ducktown.


Mr. BROOK's, who was hurt at Templeton's mills last week by passing through two cog-wheels, is still improving.


Mr. J A JPHNSTON, of Madisonville, was in the city this week spending a few days with friends and relatives.



September 15,1877, Mr. SAMUEL H BETTIS, aged 45 years. Lived 14 miles west of Cleveland, in James county.


The report that Capt. COOKE, of the 2nd Infantry, was killed by Indians was a canard. He has never been in a fight yet. Let Chattanooga rest easy.






Circuit Court at Ooltewah

Mr. P W LOWE is building a double two story brick business house just west of the court house on the burned district. The merchants complain of dull times - they report that but little wheat is being sold.


Half the cases were for disturbing public worship and caring a pistol. Among those indicted were tow highly respected young ladies who accidentally smiled in church, and were prosecuted through malice. It was their fortune, however to receive a verdict of " not guilty".


Cases disposed of on Monday were the Stat cases, as follows, for caring pistols:

R M CULLOR, fined $20.


J LAMAN, $10

M KELLY, cost


For disturbing public worship


C LACEY, $ 7.50

J ROARK, $7.50

C McCOY, $ 20




other cases



S GLOVER, released

J ROGERS, continued


civil cases

JONES vs MADDOX, pluries summons, by plaintiff

R STONE vs E T V & G R R  continued by defendant on payment of cost of term

BELL vs McNABB & others, judgment for plaintiff

GARDENHIRE &wife vs S G ERVIN, judgment for defendant


Tuesdays work

A M DONOUGH vs E J MATHEWS, continued

G W CLINGHAN vs J S REAGON & others, judgment for the plaintiff

ROBT. JONES vs JOHN & W D MADDOX, dismissed.


end James County.


Mr. F F NEEL, our popular hardware merchant, who has been in Virginia all summer, returned last week looking much improved in health.


Master FREDDIE ROGERS has quit the telegraph business and will leave in a day or so for Rome, Ga. to take place in the First National Bank. FRED is a Meritorious young man and deserves the position to which he will be entrusted.



Tuesday morning last just after the firemen at Mansfield's

Flouring Mills had put fire in his engine and raised considerable steam, the gauge blew out, scalding the fireman in the face badly, but not dangerously.


Our friend, LARK TAYLOR, after an absence of nine months has returned on a visit to his many friends, looking "fat and saucy".



In the M E Church South, September 26,1877 by Rev. J H KEITH - Mr. JNO. A STEED to Miss IDA A JOHNSTON, and Mr. JNO. T JOHNSTON to Miss MARY L TIPTON.


The city of McDonald has improved 33 1/3 per cent in the last year - has had two houses a long time and another one is now in progress.


Col. BOYD, J W MONTGOMERY and TOM GAUNT have been on the sick list for the last two weeks, but are all improving rapidly.



A man by the name of JAMES DEMPSEY was murdered near Carters Depot, Sunday night, and placed on the railroad to be run over by the train in order to conceal the crime. A man by the name of DAVE BEAR has been arrested and has acknowledges doing the foul deed.





Sunday, September 30th, 1877, by Rev. A J DUNCAN - Mr. L W TIBBS,

of this city, to Miss L L SHUGART, of this county.



September 29,1877, infant son of G W & JULIA HUMBARD, aged 2 years and 2 months.



September 29,1877, infant son of THOS. NATIONS, aged 5 months.




October 2,1877, infant son of S & MARGARET YOUNG, aged 8 months.



September 21,1877, infant son of J M THOMPSON, aged 8 months.



October 2,1877, infant son of Dr. J H JOHNSTON near Chatta, aged 8 months.



October 2,1877, infant of Col. J S BYRD aged 8 months.






John Carper Kills Daughter, Grand-daughter, and Himself


One of the most horrible occurrences that has ever taken place in this county occurred last Friday night. An old and respectable gentleman by the name of Carper moved to this county about two years ago from Nashville, bringing with him a widowed daughter, Mrs. JENKINS, and her little daughter about seven years old. They settled about eight miles south of Cleveland and seemed to be leading a peaceable life, until last Saturday night when the family failed to arise at the usual time and the suspicion

of the neighbors were aroused that something was wrong. Mr. W E WALKER, a son in law of Mr. CARPER, went to the house and found all doors and windows fastened. He however made entrance by one of the windows. Upon entering the bed room he there found the horrible sight of Mrs. JENKINS and her little daughter with their throats cut from ear to ear, and old man CARPER lying on the floor with a bullet hole through his head. CARPER lived till Saturday evening when he breathed his last. From the circumstance the unanimous belief is that CARPER murdered the daughter and her child and then shot himself. The house was not robbed, and had it the appearance of anyone having done the deed except CARPER. CARPER's gun was found lying empty at his feet. He was an avowed and theist, and has been heard to remark on one of two occasions that he had better kill himself and his family and get out of this world. Mr. CARPER was a highly respected old gentleman, and his daughter Mrs. JENKINS was beloved by all who knew her.

The said affair has cast a gloom over that whole community.




Thursday, October 4,1877,at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W C DAILY - Mr. FRANKLIN PEARCE to Miss EMELINE FELKER, all of Bradley county.



At the residence of Mr. J P LEA, in Meigs county - Mr. T J BOYD, of Polk county to Miss LIZZIE LEE, formerly of this place. We wish TOM and his young bride a long happy life.


Memorial services, to which all are invited, will be held at St. Luke's Church, October 18,1877, at 10 1/2 o'clock a.m. that being the anniversary of death of NINA CRAIGMILES.







Sunday morning last October 21,1877, by Rev. H C CULTON - Mr. W W WOOD to Miss MARY SPRIGGS.


DR. W E MUNSEY, the distinguished pulpit orator died in

Jonesburo, Tuesday last at the age of 50 years.


A miner by the name of JAMES CARTER has been arrested on a charge of being implicated in the Coal Creek burning business.






COWAN - McREYNOLDS - Thursday October 25, 1877, Mr. T A COWAN to Miss M M McREYNOLDS, all of this county .


Mr. T T McWHINTER of the Rhea Springs NEWS gave us a pleasant call last Saturday. TOM seems to be well pleased with the success of the NEWS, and represents it as being in a flourishing condition.


Mr. Jas. T DOUGLAS has established a Tin Shop on the north side of the public square. HE has a full line of tin ware and stoves that he is offering at bottom prices. He will also close out JOHN SMITH's stock of dry goods, for which he will take all kinds of country produce in exchange at the highest market-price.





After a long and painful illness - Mrs. SALLIE HARDWICK, wife of F E HARDWICK, died Saturday night at the age of 42 years.



JOSEPH PICKENS, one of the oldest citizens of this county , died October 15,1877 at the age of 64 years.


October 16,1877 , Wm. CANNON at the age of 60 years.





New Hotel at Ducktown

Mr. C C VEST has just re-opened the Ketcherside House at

Ducktown, and is ready to receive all who may wish to stop with him. All who call will be thankfully received, and no pains will be spared to make them comfortable and happy. Give him a call when you visit Ducktown.



Cleveland, Tenn. November 2,1877, To the Officers and Members of Star Commandery No. 3 U O G C . We,your committee appointed to draft Resolutions of condolence on the death of our esteemed and worthy sister SALLIE V HARDWICK, would respectfully submit the following preamble and resolutions for your consideration. long and evolved church stuff.  Fraternally Yours in S S S




Mr. J S LONG is opening a Millinery and Notions establishment in the Ocoee building.


Sheriff REEDER of Knox county has brought CLAY HICKMAN down and turned him over to the authorities here. HICKMAN has been convicted of rape in James county and sentenced to the penitentiary for five years. HE appealed to the Supreme Court and the case was reversed and remanded.





At the residence of Mr. JOHN BLACKBURN, Red Hill, on the 11 the inst.[1877] by Rev. JNO. N MOORE, Judge T H WILLIAMS of Graysville, Catoosa Co. GA to Mr. EMMA BURKETT of Bradley county, Tenn.



Mr. Lecher Pickens is at his home confined to his bed with

Rheumatism in the arm. He was taken ill while in Alabama and had quite a spell there


WM. BUTLER the Chattanooga "Boy Murderer" who killed a play mate last June, was sentenced to the penitentiary the other day for three years hard labor.


From the Knoxville Chronically we learn from Gov. PORTER, on Friday last, granted JACK HUNT the Monroe county wife Murderer, communed to hang to-day a re-pite until December 18th, in order to allow him time to prepare for his death, it having been requested by the condemned man.


ALEX McAFFERY who procured money in Chattanooga under false pretense, has been sentenced to the penitentiary for five years.



Mr. BALDWIN HARLE, one of the oldest citizens of this place, died Sunday morning last at the age of 83 years. He was one of the first settlers of this county, and perhaps as well, or better known than any man in the country. He had been declining for several months past.



SAMUEL HINKLE aged about 55 died at his home in this County, Monday last.



JOHN McCOY, the well known Boot Maker of Red Clay, Ga. died at his home on the 22nd of this month. [November 22,1877]




A sad accident occurred near the mines at Isabell on Sunday last. Some small boys cherished the idea of moving one of the railroad trucks and have a ride; this idea predominating, they started it down grade; one of the little fellows, a son of Mr. AMBURN, jumped off; the truck rolled over him, producing a severe laceration of the foot, completely, severing the flesh from the bone. It will be little less than a miracle if the foot can even be saved.


 We are pained to chronically the very severe illness of our youthful friend Mr. JOHN KETCHESIDE. He is attacked with Typhoid fever and is a precarious condition.




CHARLESTON TENN  December 1,1877


Dr. G M BAZEMORE, who was accidentally shot in the leg between the knee and the ankle here last Thursday, by a ball from a pistol in the hands of J C KAYLOR, which was thought ; not to be loaded, is doing well, but the ball has not been extracted yet.


MARRIES (Charleston)

Wednesday, at the residence of the Bride's father, four miles west of this place by Rev. H C ATKINS, Mr. W F RICHEY, of the firm of Richey & Son, of this Place, and Miss ALICE HAMBRIGHT.


DIED- Near Calhoun yesterday morning, Mr. DENNIS, aged 74 years.


Mr. H H HAYES, the County Jailor, lost four fine hogs Tuesday night to the blind stagers.



Miss NANNIE KIRBY,daughter of JAS. L. KIRBY of this county, died Friday evening last at the age of about 18 years