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March 29, 1877

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                        WEEKLY HERALD



At the residence of Mr. A H ROGERS in this place on Friday, March 22, 1877 - Mr. FRANK G SPAULDING at the age of 27 years. The deceased was a young man of personal popularity among his acquaintances. For the past two years he has been engaged in the sale of the Dixie Wooden Pump, for W W WOOD & CO  of this place. He had spent most of his time in the state of Mississippi, and other southern states. His mother Mrs. E C LAWERENCE, who resides in New York City, was summoned by telegraph and reached this place on Monday evening, but too late to see her son alive. She took charge of the remains and conveyed them to Amercius, GA where they were buried by the side of his father's.



The post office we are told will be kept in T L CATE's storehouse on the north side of public square.


That was all a joke about BILL BARRETT being appointed postmaster at Charleston. We owe JIM HAYS a thrashing for that report.



My wife MARY JANE NIPPER, having left my bed and board without cause or provocation, notice is herby given that I will not pay any accounts made by her. This March 23,1877 HENRY S NIPPER


The colored boy, GEORGE LESTER, who was shot through the head one day last week while driving a copper wagon between this place and Ducktown, was buried at the latter place. Strong suspicion points to a white man doing the deed. The coroners jury are investigating the matter. LESTER's death was not a surprise to those who knew him. He had the reputation of being overbearing, and always in a row with someone.




Mr. WALTER CRAIGMILES, who has been spending the last few winter months in Florida, has returned home looking much improved in health.


Rev. S W TINDELL returned Tuesday from a trip to Upper Tennessee.


Dr. CARSON has repainted his dentist shop.


TOM CATE will soon have his Livery stable finished.


Mr. SAM HAINES returned with his better half from Philadelphia last Friday.


Mr. A B MINTON and lady, of Jackson, Tenn. are spending a few days with their relatives in this city.


Rev. J B FORD and family have returned from Ohio, where they have been on a visit to their relatives.




SHERIFF CLINGAN of James county was in town Sunday.


Mr. ENOCH SHIPLEY of Georgetown called on us this week. ENOCH wears a smile as long as a fence rail.



At the residence of the brides mother at Georgetown April 5,1877 Mr. W J JOHNSON , of this county, to Miss HARRIET HUNTER, of the former place.







At the residence of the bride's father, two mile east of

Cleveland, April 18,1877 - Mr. DAN. P HENDERSON, of Chattanooga to Miss JENNIE LEGG.



In Savoy, Texas, April 18,1877 JOHN R BRIGGS to Miss ANNIE COOKE. Miss Annie is the daughter of Dr. W H COOKE, late of Cleveland.


Mr. WALTER CRAIGMILES proposes building two business houses on the east side of the square this spring. One of the houses will be used for banking business and the other for a storage room. We understand Mr. SAM MARSHALL has the contract for the wood work, and Mr. CAM STEED for the brick work. We have seen the plan gotten up by Mr. A C BRUCE of Knoxville, and judging from it , the buildings will be the finest in the city.


"PSALM" McCAMMISH says JIM HANNAH had better pull a wing feather out of his bump of gumption and stick it in his tail of judgment before he swaps horses any more.



AT her home in this place on Sunday April 14,1877 Mrs. HENRIETTA DAVIS, aged 24 years and 8 months.



At her home in this place on the night of April 18,1877 Mrs. JENNIE WIGGINS, wife of W O WIGGINS, Obituary next week.


HENRY JOSEPH has just received one keg of fine wine, sold

especially for sacramental purposes.


Mr. BEN WOOD and LOU WAGNER started for Ducktown Monday with a load of tin ware and castings, the wagon turned over in Ocoee River losing a good part of their load. Ben made the bank by help of the mules tail. Loss: about $25.




LOU WAGNER says he wants it understood he did not drowned in Ocoee River. We left him in the river last week, we now pull him out still alive and ready to supply the world castings.


J M HENDERSON, late Clerk and Master of McMinn county, has been accepted to the bar.


WW NEAL, late railroad ticket agent at Chattanooga was brought back to this place last week with a pair of bracelets on. Cause $4,000.




BEN WOOD speaking of his wagon turning over in Ocoee River last week says there is truth in maxim that the tail hold is better than no hold at all.



In this place on last Sunday, the 22nd, 1877 at the residence of Mr. JESSE PRINCE, by J C TIPTON, Esq. - Mr. SAMUEL E GREEN, of James county to Miss SUSAN M WOLF, of this place.



at Georgetown, on the 16th inst. 1877 Mr. CASEY RIGG, aged about 15 years after an epileptic suffrage of about seven years



At his home in this place, April 20,1877 Mr. A C LOWERY, at the age of 28 years.


Officer DOBSON tried to arrest three men in Greene county last week in which they resisted and one was killed and two others wounded. The one killed was MILBURN BASKET, his brother JAMES BASKET and a man ROBERTS were the wounded two.





Mrs. Jessie Williams Wiggins was born in Siskiyiou Co. Cal. February 24,1855. Her father moved to Michigan when she was two years of age . After living there some eighteen years he moved to Loudon county, Va. Miss Jennie Williams was married to Mr. W O WIGGINS at her father's in Virginia, October 7,1875. She came directly to Cleveland with her husband, where she remained, in rather poor health, until her death, April 18,1877. (description of Church beliefs) .....Mrs. Wiggins leaves many friends in Cleveland to mourn her death it may be truly said that all who knew her loved her, and those who knew her best loved her most. Her little babe of six months of age, will

never remember his mother, but if he lives, he will one day know his loss. Her afflicted and heart broken husband has the sympathy of many friends. Yet, as he now knows, no one can truly sympathize with him save him who has been called to meet a like sad fate.



near Riceville, April 30,1877, Mr. Mart A Johns, aged about 26 years. Mr. Johns was well known and highly esteemed in this community, where he had lived several years previous to his death. He leaves a wife, mother and brothers to mourn his untimely end.


Mr. H A JONES, of this city, has invented a machine for measuring dry goods, which is quite a handy trick for invoicing. It consists of two rollers 18 inches in circumference which the cloth is run through and wound on another roller with a crank. Every time the large rollers turn once it measures a half yard; and iron spring gives a click every 18 inches which keeps the correct measure. It can be set to measure any width or thickness. We would advise "Deas" to apply for a patent. It is a wonderful

instrument and no merchant should be without one.


Mr. W I DOWELL, of Polk county, caught a fellow in his corn crib one night last week. However the fellow escaped but left behind his hat. The Squire says that the hat had white hair in it, and that the owner can have hat and hair and all, if he will only call for it.


Rev. J H KEITH has returned from Chattanooga last Monday, where he has been attending the District Conference of the M E Church, South.


Col. J B BROWNLOW has been appointed Revenue Agent for the

department of Tennessee and Arkansas.


Bradley county has 59 JOHNSTONS, 41 SMITHS, and 32 JONES. Who can say more?




Mr. J ALEX. DAVIS of this place, has just finished the finest piece of work in the way of an altar that we have seen lately. It was made for Bishop Quintard, and was shipped to Sewance.


Our young engineer friend, JOHN BOWER, is spending a few days with his kindred in this place.



In Chattanooga, May 9,1877 -Mr. GUS A CATE  of this county, to Miss ROSA BELL, of Hamilton county.



At her home in this place May 7,1877 - Mrs. MARY MAXWELL, wife of JOHN MAXWELL, at the age of 56 years.


A fancy dressed stranger in full blue was seen walking around the streets the other day. The people took him to be on the look out for a tract of land to settle a colony, but on close examination it turned out to be BILL KERR with his face washed and a new suit of clothes on.


BILL MINNIS has shown us some of the finest strawberries of the season - measuring three inches in circumference. Who can present this office with some to beat it?


Mr. TOM McWHRITER, of Athens News, contemplates starting a paper in Rhoa Springs shortly. We see no reason why the enterprise should be a failure, and hope THOMAS will make a success of it.






We found the Grand Duke of the city, JESSE GREENE, still alive and kicking.

BESS COWAN is in the tanbark business; to hear him talk you would think he was working a thousand hands and a hundred teams. We enquired around but never heard of BESS working any himself- - only overseer.


GEORGE CLINGHAN has the educational interest of James county in his hands and is doing all in his power to advance its interest.



This court adorned last Saturday to meet again today. The

following cases were disposed of since our last issue:


State vs. RICHARD McALLISTER, charged with larceny, not guilty


State vs. SAM. SILBERMAN, charged with false pretense, not guilty


State vs. JOHN SHOEMAKER, charged with larceny, verdict of guilty and sentenced to the work house eight months.


State vs. PHIL TUCKER, charged with larceny, verdict guilty and sentenced to penitentiary for 1 year.


State vs. JOHN CHASTAIN, charged with larceny, guilty and

sentenced to penitentiary for two years.


County of Bradley vs.  JOHN BLACKBURN, judgment in favor of Plaintiff.


HAZARD BEAN vs. ELIZA BEAN judgment in favor of plaintiff.



Dr. L SHUGART died at his home in this county on Sunday last, at the age of 76 years, 1 month, and 1 day. Dr. SHUGART was one of the oldest and highly respected citizens of the county. He was born in South Western Virginia in 1801. After leaving Virginia he went to Missouri where he practiced his profession several years. He came to this county about thirty five years ago and lived here until his death. He leaves a wife, six children, and many friends to mourn his untimely end.



Mr. JOHN H HORTON, of Athens, was married to Miss JOSIE RIDER, of that place, on the 8th, says the news. (May 8,1877)



Mr. I W HOLT writes us that WILSON WOOD, aged 75 years, died at Brittsville, Meigs county, on the 6th of this month. (May 6,1877)





Near Cleveland on May 0,(1877), by J C TIPTON, Esq. - Mr. JOHN H SETPHENSON to Miss JULIA WAGNER, all of this county.


Sheriff HAYES and GEO. DAY left for Nashville last Monday with two prisoners for the penitentiary-- PHIL TUCKER and R J CHASTIN, who are to serve a short term each for stealing.


NORA, daughter of C L HARDWICK had her arm broken last Sunday by falling from a horse. She had been out riding when the animal became frightened. Her face was considerably bruised in the fall.


The board of aldermen in agreeing to have stepping stones placed at the crossings of the public streets did a wise act. It is an improvement that has been needed, and it will be appreciated by the public.


Messers. WILLIAMS & SMITH, of this place, have been awarded a contract for building bridges and furnishing stepping stones for the corporation. The Herald has the honor of first introducing this matter to the public.




DARK CORNER     (Flint Springs Dear Herald -  Having seen nothing about our corner for a good while in your paper, it may be that you and your readers are getting uneasy about u, so we feel it a duty incumbent to let you hear from us again. Indeed we are looking up down here. Mr. SLOAN and Esq. JONES are building new houses, and WESLEY HANNER and JOE JOHNSTON are building a new store house, and HANNER & LEONARD are getting in a fine stock of new goods to put in it for sale.

Your Truly CIVIS


Bradley county has a Justice of the Peace that don’t put on his socks till he gets to town.


Mr. BOYCE MONTGOMERY returned from Texas last Friday. His health is bad - has been confined to his room ever since his return.



At her home in this place May 19,1877 - Mrs. SARAH J WOMBEL, at the age of 45 years.




Mr MATT. SLAUGHTER and ARTHUR COFFMAN came very near happening up with a serious accident on Monday. The scaffold on GEORGE COOPER's house fell with them, but as luck would have it, landed on the veranda.



Mrs. MATILDA CHESTNUTT, wife of JOHN CHESTNUTT, died at her home near Ooltewah on Monday last at the age of 66 years. She was the daughter of ELI M CLEVELAND of Monroe county, who was well known to many of our older citizens.


Mr. J H GAUNT who has been confined to his room for a few weeks is able to be out again.





Chattanooga had a fire on yesterday which resulted in the burning of Mrs. Mondays boarding house, and two residence's belonging to other parties. Mrs. MONDAY's loss was about $2000, she saved scarcely anything.



In this city June 3, [1877] - Mrs. M W LEE, at the age of 68 years. Mrs. LEE was the proprietress of the Ocoee House, and was well known as one of the most popular Landladies in East Tennessee. She had been sick but six days when death came to her relief. She leaves four sons, one daughter and many friends to mourn her everlasting end.



At her home in this county June 5th [1877] - Mrs. ELIZA A. wife of JOSEPH DeARMOND.


BILL KERR is getting in a shape to take Horace Greenelys advice - "Go West Young Man". He thinks of starting in a few weeks. "Skin out" BILL - the sooner you go the sooner you'll be back.



At the Ocoee House in this city June 1, [1877] - Mr. THOMAS L GAUNT to Miss MARY LEE.


Mr. J F ROGERS of this place has invented a Harrow which is decidedly the best thing of the kind we have seen.


Mr. WALTER CRAIGMILES returned from Hot Springs last Sabbath, where he had accompanied his mother.


Mr. A H ROGERS has bought the interest of Mr. SCHMIDT in the dry goods firm of SCHMIDT & CAMPBELL, and the firm now stands CAMPBELL & ROGERS.


Our young fellow townsman JOHNNIE ROGERS has been employed by Lynchburg Tobacco house to travel for them. We predict that JOHN will make a first class salesman - especially as he is with a first class house, and one that carries the best grade of goods in the market.


Bradley county is disgraced with a bunch of vagabonds who make it a business to get drunk and behave badly on public days. If they would only get drunk and keep their mouths shut, people would not know they were fools.





Due to the descriptions in length I will list names only


Dist. 1 - 123 ac. assessed to MARGARETT ALEXANDER

1 town lot - assessed to A C S IGOU

1 town lot - assessed to A P HUNTER

1 town lot - assessed to A B MOSES

93 ac. assessed to JOHN McNISH

320 ac. assessed to DILLARD McMILLION

30 ac assessed to S H ROGERS

1 town lot assessed to L M JOHNSON

( town lots in Harrison)


Dist. 3 - 69 ac assessed to PLESANT DOUGHTY

24 ac assessed to HENRY KILLIAN

24 ac assessed to NANCY KILLIAN

80 ac assessed to J S McCORMACK

24 ac assessed to EPHRAM SMITH


Dist 4 - 24 ac assessed to J C ALLEN

169 ac assessed to J A KIMBROUGH

1 ac assessed to HENRY MONGEA

30 ac assessed to JESSE WOODEN


Dist 5 - 23 ac assessed to JAMES DAVIS

23 ac assessed to BARNEY DAVIS

200 ac assessed to J F FITZGERALD

207 ac assessed to N A FITZGERALD

44 1/2 ac assessed to W H CROWDER

17 /2 ac assessed to LURA HORN


Dist 6 - 34 ac assessed to G W JONES

40 ac assessed to A H PARKER's Heirs

80 ac assessed to F M POE

17 1/2 ac assessed to JOHN RITCHEY, Gd. of SAPHRONA RITCHEY

80 ac assessed to PETER THOMPSON

130 ac assessed to THOMAS WINSON


Dist 7 - 390 ac assessed to MORNIN JOHNSTON Heirs

130 ac assessed to COLUMBUS NAILERS Heirs

160 ac assessed to I D STEPHENS



JAMES JONE, aged 104 years, and DAVID H RAYDER, 101 years, both survivors of the war of 1812, are now living in London. Neither of these gentlemen have drawn a pension from the Government, says the Journal.


The laziest man is on a Western paper. He spells photograph, "4tograph. There have been only three worse than he. One lived out in Kansas, and dated his letters, "11worth; another spelt Tennessee 10sC". And another write Wyandotte, "Y&.




Messers. JOHN BLACKBURN and S Y PIERCE have our thanks for a special invitation to attend the Sunday School celebration at Red Hill, on July 4th.