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                                WEEKLY HERALD   (cont.)



Knoxville Tribune of Sunday:

Mr. JOSEPH STORY, of Concord, inform us of the death of a mute named SMITH which occurred near CAMPBELL'S Station a few days since. The deceased was a brother to Mr. COLUMBUS SMITH, who lives in the vicinity mentioned. His brother states that young SMITH, while at work in an adjoining field, discovered a threating cloud approaching, and started with scythe in hand, to seek a neighboring shelter. Before reaching it however, the lighting , attracted by the steel, struck him down, killing him instantly. When found the body disfigured almost beyond recognition.



Miss ANNIE BRADFORD just entering upon the cares and responsibilities of life, life itself, in its relation to this world, is laid aside and that forever. Yet we trust in God, and hope that what we call death is, to the Christian, only

the beginning of a glorious immortality. Such immortality we believe is the heritage of the affectionate daughter, the faithful student, the genial associate, the true friend, ABBIE BRADFORD. She was born November 29, 1859, died May 20,1878.


WALTER CRAIGMILES has had an awning erected in front of his

building which adds considerably in comfort to those occupying

the building.


Just how "SIDNEY" came to turn his buggy over in Ducktown is hard to tell, but he said it had been looking somewhat rainy a few moments before, and he was dreaming of the time when he should happy be- - When elephants and hyenas should blossom on every tree.



June 5,1878 - - HENRY BALDWIN CATE, of this county - - son of

A J CATE, - - at the age of 21years and 6 mos.


June 7,1878 - - OSCAR DENTON CATE - - only child of ISHAM CATE

and NAOMA CATE. Aged about 15 months.


June 10,1878- - Mr. PASCAL CARTER at the age of 86 years. Mr. CARTER was one of the oldest citizens of this county. He died at the residence of his son, J G CARTER, near Charleston, and was buried Tuesday with Masonic honors.



From Dalton Enterprise we noticed that Dr. WARREN, of that place

was killed Monday by Mr. BARNEY BIVINGS. The Enterprise does

not give the cause of the fuss, but we understand the dispute was over 30 cents account. The killing was done with a small stick, with which BIVINGS hit WARREN on the side of the head. Both parties were good citizens.





whereas I seized on June 22,1878 one wagon, yoke of cattle,

two kegs and one jug and about 3 gallons of illicit whiskey,

2 navy pistols as the property of S J P PLEMONS, and also a

ten gallon keg and one gallon of corn whiskey as the property

of WILSON CHESSER, in Ducktown, Polk county, Tennessee, for

violation of the revenue law of the United States. The owner

or owners of said property will appear before JOSEPH A CHOPER

at his office in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, within thirty

days of this date and file claim or the same will be forfeited

to the United States.



Miss FANNIE CATE born July 9,1861; died June 27,1878, after

a lingering illness Miss FANNIE CATE, only child of T L & MJ

CATE, in the 17th year of her age. (long church sermon)



On Monday night shortly after dark tow prisoners - - CHARLEY

McCOY, colored, and MULLINS, white, - made their escape from

county jail. The circumstances as we get them from the Sheriff

HAYES are about as follows: McCOY and MULLINS had been sick

for some time and the county physician advised him to move them

out of the cage; this being done they had little trouble to

make their escape when the negro woman that waits on the

prisoners would go into the jail to take water and food. It

is supposed they passed out while she was waiting on other

prisoners in the cage. MULLINS was confined for making illicit

whiskey and McCOY was awaiting a trial in the supreme court

for perjury.



It id known by this entire community that our darling daughter

and only child, FANNIE, was attacked with measles the first

day of April, at Wards Seminary, Nashville, Tenn., which was

followed by Typhoid Fever, from which she died June 27,1878.

We have adopted this plan to express our very special thanks

to our many friends for so kindly favors and special acts of

kindness; also this entire community for solitude and sympathy

unprecedented in the history of our lives. It seemed that FANNIE

occupied a place in the heart of every one in our city and

country who knew her, which was manifested fully during her

sickness by such great anxiety for her recovery, and great grief

at her death. We thank the merchants, bar-keepers and

shop-keepers, as well as all other business houses, for the

respect shown in closing up the same during the funeral. We

also thank especially the pall-bearers for handling so carefully;

we also thank and bless the good people who composed the choir

at the church that made such fine music at her funeral. We cannot

close this card without kindly thanking Mr. J W THOMAS Supt.

Nashville & Chattanooga, Railroad, for extraordinary kindness;

also Mr. SAM REESE and many others for the E T & V G Railroad

for care and assistance in getting FANNIE home. also to Dr.

DAY for his untiring efforts to restore our daughter.




WILL MANSFIELD has returned from Georgia.


Dr. W C CARSON has returned from Ducktown.


Mr. JESSE H GAUNT returned Friday last from an electioneering

trip through Meigs and Rhea.


Col. D M NELSON left Tuesday for Ducktown, at which place he

is to deliver the oration on the occasion of the 4th of July celebration to-day.


Our young friend JO. JOHNSTON has arrived at Poughkeepsie all

right and is stopping at 69 Catherine St.




.A man by the name of JOHN LACKEY shot and killed JAMES HALL

in Blount county last Monday. LACKEY was drunk and killed HALL

without excuse. LACKEY is in jail.



At the home of the bride, in Rhea county, July 15,1878 - Rev.

S W TINDELL, of this place to Miss KATIE CHATTEN. The happy

couple arrived in Cleveland on Tuesday evening last.


$25.00 dollar reward will be paid for the return of CHARLEY McCOY, colored, who broke jail in Cleveland, July 1st. McCOY is about 5 feet and 5 inches  high, black, one eye smaller than the other- is about 30 years

of age.  H H HAYS, Jailor.



July 15,1878 - ADELIA WOLF, daughter of MESIDA WOLF, of this

city- aged 2 years and 14 days. Mr. WOLF requests us to return

the thanks of himself and family to their neighbors and friends

for their kind treatment and assistance during the illness of

their child.





At a meeting of Star Commandary No. 3, C O G C, a committee was

appointed to prepare for the Commandery a suitable expression

of the appreciation of our late sister lady, EMMA N HAWK, and

thereupon the following was submitted and adopted: A good and

pure woman has fallen and our Commandery has lost one of its

brightest ornaments. We will not complain at the rulings of

providence. She is gone upwards to a higher citadel than this,

where peace and goodness, and charity prevail forever. (long

sermon) Knight A J WHITE, Knight, F E HARDWICK, Lady, KATE ROGERS



Died, on Monday , the 15th inst.(1878), ADELIA , infant daughter

of M & E WOLF, aged 2 years and two weeks. Thus the fond parents

have been deprived of a beloved child, at a time, too, when

the mother, from severe indisposition might be supposed to be

least able to stand it; but recognizing the hand of God in the

Providence that snatched from them a tenderly loved infant,

they have been enabled to submit in full hope of a happy re-

union in a world where sickness and death are no more known.

Yes, dear ADELIA, thou art gone to that bourne, From whence

no travler 'er returns, An we, thy friends, are left to mourn,

That thy bright race should end so soon.  FLORENCE C LUSK.



ETHEL, infant daughter of Rev. J B FORD, aged 6 months, of

cholera infantum, July 24, )1878)



July 23,1878, by Rev N W MOTHERAL - Mr. F E HARDWICK to Miss

MINNIE GUINN, all of this place.


Mr. BICKNELL, of Ducktown, gave us quite a pleasant call the

other day.


Rev. T C CARTER, of Tullahoma, was in the city this week, and

lectured at the M E Church Monday night on behalf of the

College at his home.


Col. E G DUVALL, Supt. of the copper mines, has been in the

city during the past two weeks on business.


Our young friend JAMES LAYNE, of Ducktown, is in the city

spending a few days with his relatives and friends. Jim looks

as if copper smoke agrees with him.





Last Wednesday, at ENOCH SHIPLEY's near Georgetown, JOSEPH

JOHNSTON, while being let down a well, fell 25 feet on a solid

rock; being in a box he was not badly hurt.



Mr. JOSEPH L SWAN, an old and respected citizen of this county,

died at his home, about 1 1/2 miles north of this place last Tuesday, at the age of 79 years.



Four negros were taken from jail in Monroe, Lousianna, by a

masked man Tuesday and hung. They were in jail on a charge of

murder. The mob numbered about fifty persons.


JIM LONDON says old man ROGERS and JO STAMPER have been gassing about their corn for several years, and now he is ahead of them.

JIM is no slouch when it comes to raising corn.


JO. HARLE's new house will improve the appearance of Inman street

considerably what JO. is going to put in that new house - he is but an old bachelor.


From the Chattanooga Commercial we noticed that a colored man

by the name of JIM BRUCE shot and killed another colored man

by the name of JOHN WALKER, The fuss was over a white woman

who is well known to the officers of the law in this community,

by the name of "MATT COPELAND" It is said she had the killing






Died, Saturday, the 27th (1878) inst., SAMMIE, infant son of

B H & E J POPHAM, aged 19 months. Thus another home has been

darkened by the shadow of death; another form has passed away

and we are called to morn the dear departed. But oh! it was

only an infant bud severed from its parents stem, and

transplanted love, and should we morn when we know our loss

is its gain; for Jesus hath said "of such is the kingdom of

Heaven". Looking above for consolation, we would bow ourselves

in submission to His will, knowing that all things work together

for good to those that love Him. Our the loss and not our darling; Ours the pain and his the joy; Ours the mourning and the weeping; His the bliss without

alloy. A L B


MARY MEDILL, a commonly white girl of sixteen, was on Thursday

last week stripped to the waist, tied to the Elizabeth (Va.)

Court House whipping post and given twenty-five lashes with

a raw-hide, the master of the cat -o-nine tails being a negro

constable, big, burly and accustomed to hard knocks. The girl

had stolen a pair of shoes. The constable hardly touched in

his strokes, but it is said that all concerned in the whipping

were miserable at the time, only executing the law under protest.

Whether the girl was white or black, the spectacle must have

been anything but edifying. The whipping post is a relief of

barbarism that finds favor only on Delaware and Virginia.



The following is the vote of Bradley county at the election

of August 1st 1878:






D C TREWHITT, 1,222; J B HOYL, 625, S B NORTHUP, 170.



W E F MILBURN, 1057, A L SPEARS, 885.


G B HAYES, 1155, ISAAC LOWE, 827.



R W SELVIDGE, 1038, W H CURRY 949.



J H RUCKER, 1070, J N B LUSK, 947.



A J WHITE, 1020, W F LOWERY 997.






The Constables elected in the town district are T A HAYES and

JEFF MONTGOMERY. E J PIRKLE was elected School Director for

this district.



The partnership between STONEWALL ROGERS and myself is this

day dissolved. I will carry on the news business in the future

at HARTDEGEN's clothing store. August 2,1878  ED HARTDEGEN.



August 3,1878- Mrs. SUSAN COULTER, in the eightieth year of

her age. Mrs. COULTER was one of the oldest ladies in Cleveland

and was esteemed by all who knew her. She leaves several

relatives and many friends to mourn her departure from this



H J SPRINGFIELD, of Tyners Station, has been elected Sheriff

of Hamilton county. He was one of the first men that ever

subscribed for the Herald in that section and of course it

congratulates him on his success.


DAVID NORTON, son of A J NORTON, ex-register of this county,

was killed at Chattanooga last Thursday by a negro man. It seems

NORTON was drinking and got into a dispute with a crowd of negros

and while fighting one of them stepped up and cut NORTON's throat

with a razor.


Capt. J C MORGAN, of the Post Office Department, is spending

a few weeks with his family in this place.

Mr. JOHN BOWER, of Water Valley, Miss, is spending a few weeks

with here among his family and friends.




Assassination of a Revenue Officer

On Thursday last JOHN and WILL COOPER, sons of Gen. J A COOPER,

Collector of Revenue for this district, led a party of men in

search of a noted desperado and illicit whisky distiller named

HUT. AMARINE, in Blount county, arriving there just before

daylight on Friday morning. While the search for distillers

was progressing, JOHN COOPER and LEA LEWIS, who were lying behind

a log watching, were approached by men whom they supposed to

be friends, but proved to be HUT. AMARINE and some of his men,

and were fired upon. JOHN COOPER was shot through the left arm

and in the abdomen. After firing, the distillers withdrew, and

COOPER was carried away. He died Friday night at ten, and his

father and mother reached him about an hour before his death.

Gen. COOPER had telegraphed to Washington, and had received

authority to raise a force of thirty men with which to bring

the offenders to justice. With these he is now in the distilling

district, and we hope he will be successful without

further bloodshed. JOHN COOPER was greatly esteemed in Knoxville.

He leaves a wife and two children.



 By Elder J B HUNT, in Ooltewah, Mr. W M LOWE to Miss TILLIE

CHILDERS, August 13,1878



Mrs. HAVENS, mother of Mr. BRYANT HAVENS of this county, died

Saturday last at the age of ninety years.




Capt. J C MORGAN and L L OSMENT happened with what came very

near being a serious accident Monday evening while out driving.

They were turning the corner at the Ocoee House very suddenly

and the buggy turned over, throwing them both out. Capt. MORGAN

fell upon the step-stones and hurt his head and hip joint

considerably. OSMENT was not injured.


FLETCHER EMMETT, one of the murderers of the revenue officer

JOHN COOPER, was caught in Washington county last Thursday night

and brought to Knoxville Friday. From there he was sent to

Maryville jail to await his trial. He acknowledged to Gen. COOPER

that he was along when ARMARINE and WILSON did the killing.

Mr. COOPER promptly paid the reward offered to him. It is thought

that ARMARINE and WILSON will both be caught before long.


JIM STEED and BEN WOODS have returned from the springs much

improved in health. BEN looks as fat as a match.



At Sale Creek, Tenn., on the 14th inst., by Rev W R GRIMSLEY,





A correspondent from Charleston on the 16th, says:

The little six year old son of F A and M J HAMBRIGHT died near

here to-day of diphtheria. This is three deaths from this terrible

disease in the past two weeks in this vicinity.



Mr. JOHN F SLOVER, one of the most highly respected citizens

of Athens, died last Monday, after a confinement of two weeks.

Mr. SLOVER was one of the oldest and most prominent Masons in

the State, and has filled the office of the circut court of

McMinn county for about twenty years.