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November 1,1879

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November 1,1879

Sheriff Sale:

By virtue of an order of sale directed to me from the circiut

court of Bradley county, State of Tennessee, in the case of


on Saturday November 1,1879

at the court house door in the town of Cleveland, in said county

and state, offer for sale to the higest bidder for cash in hand

the following described property to -wit:

Town lot 11 in the town of Charleston, Bradley county, Tennessee.

The same being bound by Hiwassee street, the town lots of D

NEWMAN and others. Also one half acre of land more or less

adjoining water street, and running from J H BALLs home place

alongwater street to the ferry landing running below and west

of B LEWIS shop, and wih said landing to the river, thence down

the river as it meranders to BALLs and levied on as property


G B HAYS Sheriff Bradley County This October 1,1879



Saturdays Battle

It is pretty well known over the county, and especially in court

circles, that there has been for some time an ill feeling between

JAMES NIPPER and his boys on one side and REV. J B HUNT and

son on the other. It seems that this feeling started from a

law suit between JAMES NIPPER and the Baptist Church in that

neighborhood. REV J B HUNT is or was pastor at the said church

and consequently took part in the lawsuit in behalf of his

church. They have been before Justices and Courts with their

case till a great many of the neighbors have become involved

either one way or the other, till there is a general bad state

of affairs in the settlement. But the latest from it took place

on saturday last. We get the report about as follows: REV. MR.

HUNT and his son GEORGE were on their way home from here and

either overtook or were overtaken by HENRY NIPPER, JAS. NIPPER

Jr. and WM. OFFICER who were in a wagon. At any rate a quarrel

was started between them and after HUNT and his son passed the

wagon a rock was thrown by OFFICER, striking GEORGE HUNT's

saddle. The two HUNT's then distmounted and the battle commemced,

and is said to have lasted five or ten minutes. All parties

were badly bruised up we understand, and old man HUNT especially

- who was severly injured from blows recieved on the head. There

is no telling when this matter will end, as the feeling between

the parties grow worse with age. But it is hoped for the sake

of law and order that there will be no more such fooliness.




attending the Atlanta Fair.



An infant son of Rev. J B FORD died Tuesday morning. Mr. FORD

was at Knoxville attending Conference at the time, but arrived

Tuesday evening.


Mr. ROBT. LONDON was severly injured one day last week by being

thrown under the wheels of a runaway wagon and team. He was

bruised in several places but no bones were broken.



Mrs. FITZGERALD a highly esteemed lady of that place died last

Thursday, leaving a husband, one daughter and many friends to

mourn her untimleu end.



JUDGE JOHN D ADAMS who visited Cleveland shortly after the

apperance of the yelloe fever in Memphis, returned to the city

recently and was attacked by the fever and died Monday. His

many acquaintaces here will recieve the news with sorrow.


OCTOBER 30,1879                  WEEKLY HERALD


Our young friend JOHN BLACKBURN happened up with a serious

accident Tuesday. He was tightening a bolt on a planing machine

when his hand slipped - throwing his arm on the saw. The flesh

part and half the bone was cut by the saw.



left on a hunting tour to Monroe County Monday. We rather suspect

it is not game they are hunting, but they took a wagon and driver

alongto make it appear so.



The Recent Battles

A friend of Mr. JAMES NIPPER called Monday and asked us to make

a correction in our report of the battle between HUNT's and

NIPPER's boys. As he gives it, it is about as follows: The HUNT's

throwed the first rock, and that none of the NIPPER's were hurt

in the fight. Further that the first ill feeling commenced about

a fence that NIPPER claimed HUNT had put on his (NIPPERs)land,

and that the lawsuit with the Baptist church commenced several

months afterwards. The two HUNT's were arrested and gave bond

for their appearance before a Justice on Nov. 4,[1879] In

addition to the above we have heard it said that HUNT's will

also have NIPPER's and OFFICER arrested.


We were through Mr. PRYOR LEA's new dwelling house a few days

ago by Mr. A C McCLELLAND. The structore is indeed handsome

and convient. The brick work was done by P L BIBLE, and the

wood work done by Mr. McCLELLAND is a nice a job as we have

ever seen.


Mr. J M COWAN has sold his intrest in the Ocoee House to C F



Mr. GEORGE DAY has purchased the GRIGSBY lot in the burnt

district, and contemplates building shortly.


NOVEMBER 6 1879                        WEEKLY HERALD


A Knox county Constable by the name of HENRY JULIAN was knocked

form his horse Monday by two men and robberd of $535.


Miss LILLIE SMITH is visiting friends in Atlanta.


Miss DIXIE HUGHES has returned from a visit to her friends and

relatives in upper east Tennessee.


Miss NANNIE JOHNSTON, of McMinn county has been paying Cleveland

a visit during the past week.


Mr. ARTHUR TRAYNOR, wife and little daughter left for Greenville

Saturday, where they will remain till January.


Mr. FRANK MURPHY, and family, with his mother and sisters -

Misses MOLLIE and KATIE MURPHY - left Monday evening for their

home in Memphis.


Mr. ED C TIPTON left for Chattanooga Wednesday morning to attend

the Commercial College of that city.


Mr. LEWIS WAGNER, of the Cleveland Foundry has returned to the



WILLIAM STEWART, who charged with cattle stealing, escaped from

jailor BROWN, of Chattanooga Monday. Mr. BROWN offers a $25

reward for his delivery.


Tuesday evening about 2 o'clock, the bells announced a fire

in town, when all the populance turned out in an excited

condition to see the stable of Mr. T H CALAWAY burned to the

ground. The contence of the stable was a small amount of hay

and corn and a horse belonging to Rev. N W MOTHERAL. The horse

was saved from any injury. Loss about $150.00


NOVEMBER 13,1879             WEEKLY HERALD



Mr. JAMES LONDON, who returned from JAmes county Tuesday tells

us that Mr. JAMES THOMPSON, a young man about 17 years of age,

and the son of a widow lady living three miles east of Ooltewah

was thrown from a mule Saturday last and died that night about

9 o'clock. He was unable to speak after the accident.


Friday last while crossing the railroad at Crow's crossing,

a team belonging to Mr. RHAT became frightened at the cars,

and backed off the fil, breaking the wagon badly and seriously

injuring the driver , ALFRED BRISTOL (colored). BRISTOL fell

to the ground first then the wagon on him and the horses on

the wagon.


Another Shooting Affair

Saturday last about 4 o'clock pm, JAS. TAYLOR, LUNA RINKLE and

his son DAVID RINKLE, were ridding out of town on Ocoee street

near Masonic Institute, when they were quarrelling about

something, JAS. TAYLOR drew his pistol and shot both RINKLE's.

He fired two shots at DAVE RINKLE - one taking effect in the

breast about the heart, but the ball bounced out; the second

shot passed through the shoulder - - neither one of which are

considered dangerous. The third shot was fired at LUNA RINKLE,

and took effect in the back of the head - passing through the

outer skull. Dr's LONG and RODEFER were called at once and

dressed the wounds. The ball was found in RINKLE's head but

was mashed " flat as a flitter"Both men are doing well as could

be expected at present. LUNA congratulated hiself on having

a hard head. The Sheriff went to TAYLOR's house in search of

him but failed to get him. We understand since that TAYLOR's

friends have promised to bring him in for trial. From what we

can learn since, the shooting seems to have been the result

of an old misunderstanding between TAYLOR and DAVID RINKLE.



BRADLEY and DAN POTTER, escaped from the Knoxville jail SUnday

morning before day. Their escape was made by tunneling.



According to the Morristown Times- a little five year old

daughter of GIP COZART, living in Hablen county, was knocked

into a fire by a dog one day last week and burned to death before

he could help her.



At Statesville, NC, COL. JOHN BUZZARD and ELENORE CROW was united

in marriage by REV. DR. KOBIN. What will be the harvest? -

Nashville Banner.........A nest of young Buzzards of course.




In Lancastor county NC, Saturday night Mrs. JAS. ADAMS cut the

throats of her five children, set fire to her own clothing and

was burned to death. She was supposed to have been insane.


A P MAPLES, city Marshall, on last Monday tendered his

resignation to the Board of Aldermen. The same was accepted

and H HIX was elected to fill the vacancy. Mr. HIX has for some

time been a policeman.


J C KETCHUM and W T NEWCOMB, of Roane county were arrested and

bound over for court at Knoxville Tuesday for counterfeiting

nickles says the Chronicle.


STERL HAMBRIGHT has been down in this section with his dogs

catching our foxes. Better catch his ouw foxes and let ours



JUDGE HOYL is having the building moved from his lot on Ocoee

street preparatory to building a new dwelling.



Dr. LOVICK PIERCE, father of methodism in Georgis died Monday

at the age of 95 yeras.


NOVEMBER 20,1879              WEEKLY HERALD


SAM DeARMOND and WILL TRAYNOR accompanied by some of the Candas

creek boys, left foe White Oak Mountian on a big hunt Monday.

Nothing has been heard of them, but it is supposed they are

busily engaged in killing deer abd bears.


Mr. WALTER HARGIS who re moved from this county to Indiana a

few years ago has returned with his family and will try the

sunny south as a home again.


Miss JENNIE H BARD left Thursday night last for Philadelphia,

Pa, where she will spend some months with her brother and sister.


Mr. J J BOYD, of the well known Clothing establishment og EDWIN

BATES & CO. has been in the city several days during the past



JOHN DONALDSON and WILL TURLEY, two well known Knoxville drummers

spent last Sunday in Cleveland. The boys will spend their Sundays

here. Oh woman! how powerful tho art.



Mr. A H SLAYTON to Mrs. L B MILLER, this announcment would have

appeared in our last issue, but the "affair" was kept so quiet

that we failed to hear of it till too late.We acknowledge reciept

of a basket from Mrs. SLAYTON, and assure her ahe and her husband

has our best wishes for their future.



Monday November 17,1879 - Mr. ISAAC WELL of Huntsville, Ala.

to Miss ROSA SILBERMAN of this city. The happy couple left on

the evening train for Nashville.


Mr. ELIJAH BEARD, who moved away from this county to Denton

county Texas several years ago has returned- He says he dont

know when he will return to Texas. We rather think he is like

most of these fellows that retuen - "going back to the fall"



A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. BRYANT of Charleston, named LIZZIE

and aged 10 years died on Monday of last week.


Sheriff REEDER of Knox county recaptured last week, three of

the prisoners that broke jail, respectively TAYLOR, BRADLEY



Mr. J H CRAIGMILES, President of the Cleveland National Bank,

who has been to New York on a business trip for some time, has




Mr. ALEX McAFFREY, the gentlemanly representative of M BLOCK

& CO. was Thursday last married to Miss ANNA BELL HORTON of

Athens. The yong couple have our best wishes.


DECEMBER 4,1879              WEEKLY HERALD


Mr. LUTHER HAMBRIGHT, late of this city,we understand is now

employed by J B PYRON, the well known dry goods merchant od

Chattanooga. LUTHER is well and favorably known in this place

and in the county. He has had considerable experiance in the

dry goods business and we predict Mr. PYRON will be pleased

with him.He is sober, sturdy, honest and attentive to business,

and just such a young man that can always find employment at

almost any time and place. The Cleveland people cannot do better

than to call at PYRON's while in Chattanooga to buy their fancy

dress goods. Orders sent to either Mr. HAMBRIGHT or J B PYRON

will be filled at the lowest prices.


Sunday night some sneak theif entered the residence of REV.

J B FORD and stole $20 from a drawer in the room. Mr. FORD was

absent leaving only Mrs. FORD and the children at home. It was

edvently taken by someone who knew where it was kept.


We understand that a few nights since a burglar entered the

house of Mrs. JULIA CALLAWAY, opened all the dorrs with keys,

but nothing was missed.


ED DAY, a lad of 16 summers, stabbed and killed his uncle TOM

DAY at Knoxville Monday. ED was bound over to court and sent

to jail as we learn from the Tribune.


Non Resident Notice



CHARLES L BURTON having filed his petetion aganist MARY S BURTON

in the Circiut Court at Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee,

stating among ther things that the defendant is a nonresident

of Tennessee and (ect...)requiring said MARY S BURTON to appear

at the Court House in Cleveland, Bradley County Tennessee on

the first Monday in January next to answer claims (ect...)

This December 1,1879


DECEMBER 11,1879                    WEEKLY HERALD



December 4,1879, JOE PRESTON LUSK, infant son of W J and FLORENCE




In James county 3 miles east of Ooltewah December 3,1879 - Mr.

ELIBIN ROBERTSON, at the age of 63 yeras. Mr. ROBERTSON was

an old settler of Bradley county and highly respected. He leaves

a wife and ten children to mornhis death.


The Chattanooga Commercial says A D STONE, of James county ,

claims to have been robbed in that last Thursday night of $14

cash and $800 in valuable papers and notes.


DECEMBER 18,1879                WEEKLY HERALD



December 17,1879 - Mr. OLIVER HAMBRIGHT to Miss ALICE JONES

by Rev. H HENRYMr. HAMBRIGHT is one of the many promising young

men of the 4th. District. The bride is a daughter of JAMES JONES

ESQ. a highly respectable citizen of that section. The young

couple have our best wishes for a safe and prosperous journey

through life. OLIVER may attribute part of his good fortune

in getting such an estimable lady, to being a subscriber to

the Herald. They are all lucky.


Miss DIXIE HUGES has been quite unwell and confined to her room

for some time.


Miss NANNIE JOHNSTON, of McMinn county, is in the city visiting

her many friends and relatives.


Mr. W J HUGES of this city, returned last week from Sequatchie

Valley with 460 head of hogs. He commenced slaughtering Saturday

and has been engaged in it all this week. The weather has been

very favorable for the business.


A little negro son of CHEYNE BECK, aged about 4 years was

accidental shot in the 6th ward Monday morning last. It seems

that he and a little sister were in the house alone and the

girl was playing with the pistol when it was discharged, the

ball taking effect in the abdoem and comming out a few inches

above the anterior superiorspinousprocess of the illium. The

boy died Monday night.


Death of a Well Known Citizen

Mr. JOHN A HOSKINS, a well known citizen of Whitefield county

GA. died very suddenly on Tuesday morning last. He had been

a little unwell for two or three days but not one expected a

final result. Mr. HOSKINS was about 60 years of age and was

well and favorably known in Cleveland. He leaves a son who

resides in this county.


TOM MONTGOMERY has gone rto Roane County to see his friend SYDNEY

STEGALL. Suppose the boys will catch another fish weighing 211



DECEMBER 25,1879             WEEKLY HERALD


Miss KATIE BRABSON of Athens is in the city visiting the Misses




are visiting Mrs. L D CAMPBELL of this city.


Misses FLORENCE and JENNIE JORDAN of Tunnel Hill, Ga, are

visiting thier brothers of this place.


Our young friends GEO. HALL and JOHN HARDWICK will open up a

family grocery on Jan 1 (1880) in the room now occupied by J

M COWAN. The latter will occupy OSMENT's building next year.


GIB, a little son of Mrs. ELIZA WOOD of this place, fell from

a fence Sunday evening and broke his leg just below the knee.

Dr's LONG and BROWN were called upon and dressed the limb.


Friday night some person entered the residence of Mr. J T SMITH

of Blue Springs, in this county, and stole a lot of his own

and his fathers clothes and about $65 in cash. No clue to the



Dr. J F FORD and family of Denton county Texas, are in the city,

having arrived last week. DOC and those of his family we have

seen are looking heartily. They will spend several weeks among

friends and relatives in this section.