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JANUARY 8,1880
JUNE 3, 1875
OCTOBER 14,1875
FEBRUARY 18,1876
APRIL 28,1876
JULY 14,1876
OCTOBER 6,1876
JANUARY 12, 1877
March 29, 1877
June 21,1877
JUNE 13,1878
AUGUST 29,1878
OCTOBER 17,1878
JUNE 1879
AUGUST 28,1879
November 1,1879

             WEEKLY HERALD



ANDREW COWAN, son of the late JAMES M COWAN, two miles south of Cleveland, on the 30th of August [1876]. Age 19 years.


Not long since some parties were digging out a foundation for a building on Mr. CALLAWAY's farm in Monroe county, and came across a grave. In it was found a blanket, also thirty six

buttons, the remains of a pair of epaulets, a badge which bore the date of 1700, and pieces of a silver watch chain. It is supposed that it was a grave of some of DeSoto's men.



 On August 24th, [1876] Mr. J L PARK , of Chattanooga, to Miss FANNIE McCONNELL, of this city.



We understand Mrs. TINDELL, wife of the Rev. S W TINDELL, late of this city, died very suddenly in Sebee, Main, last week.


CORRECTION: In our list of county officers elect we printed Mr. KYLE as constable in the 13th district, FRANK OARTWRIGH is the constable, and KYLE is the school commissioner.



PINKEY OSMENT, a well known and respected colored man, who has been employed in the depot in this city, died last Sunday night at the age of about 50 years. PINK. will be missed by the public whom he has served for years.[September 1,1876]





GEO. M DRAKE of Hamilton Nominated on a Bullet.


Hon. W N HODGE of McMinn was elected perminant chairman, and W S TIPTON perminant Secretary of the convention.


A committee on creditentials was appointed consisting of J P WILKINSON, JOEL I PYOTT and R B McGAUGHEY.


A Committee on resolutions consisting of H M WILTSE, C E STANLEY, A McNABB, T L CATE, and SMITH RIGGS was appointed.


The reports of both committees were adopted. The names Hons. J W JAMES, W L SHARP, J T WILDER, GEO. M DRAKE, and E M WIGHT were put to nomination.


Col. JOHN W RAMSEY was nominated for elector by acclamation.


Hon. A G SHARP was elected chairman of the congressional committee.




 JOS. W DYSON, September 3rd, [1876], at the age of 34 years.


The undersigned return their thanks to the young men of Cleveland and vicinity for their kindness during their brothers illness. Respectably, JOHN COWAN, LENA COWAN.



At Newman, Ga, September 5th, [1876] Mr. W D TRAYNOR of this city to Miss SALLIE VANCE of the former. The new couple arrived in this place Tuesday evening. Long may they live, and may they never grow old and ugly.



 September 3rd, [1876] W L MILBURN of Greene to Miss BETHIA J HOPE of this county.


Sheriff HAYS was sworn in and took charge of his office last Monday. Mr. B I NEWTON and M V JONES were appointed as deputies.



The new County Court were sworn in on Monday. Our fellow citizen F E HARDWICK was elected Chairman. The Court in this respect acted wisely. Mr. HARDWICK is an able man for that position, and lives where he can always be found without any trouble.






A little daughter of Mr. W M CATE of this city fell from a stable loft last week hurting herself severely. At first it was thought her skull fractured, but on examination, as we understand, it was not. She is doing as well as could be expected at the present.


JOHN CAMPBELL, our new Constable is a qualified man of first class business qualification, and will make the best officer this district has had. He is one of those officers if you put

papers in his hands they are executed at once. He will not hold up papers in order to let guilty parties escape, or let some fellows leave the country with his property whom there is an execution against.



September 8th, [1876] at his home in this city - Mr. P M CRAIGMILES, at the age of about 62 years. He had been confined to his bed some time previous to his death, suffering a great

deal. Mr. CRAIGMILES was a highly esteemed citizen; was well known throughout East Tennessee. He was at one time President

of the National Bank of Chattanooga, and at his death was President of the Exchange & Deposit Bank of this city. He was a member of the Cleveland Board of Aldermen and was a faithful

officer; he leaves a wife, son and daughter and many friends to mourn his loss.


Uncle BILLY STEVENSON says he found a man in Chatta that can out talk him!


Sheriff HAYS left Monday evening with ALFRED COOIE, colored, bound for the penitentiary for three years, The way of the transgressor is hard.





 September 20th, [1876], Mr. LUTHER D CAMPBELL, of this city, to Miss MAGGIE LOWRY, of the former. The young couple arrived in this city Wednesday night. They have our best wishes for

a long and happy life.





At Georgetown, September 24,[1876] Mr. JOHN B WHITMAN of this city, to Miss MARY HUTCHESON of the former.



In Cleveland - September 26th, [1876] Mr. JOHN M COWAN to Miss MAGGIE DOUGLAS - both of this place.



At the M E Church South in this place, September 21, [1876] by Rev. D ATKIN  -  Mr. SAMUEL H DeARMOND to Miss LORENA F WHITMAN, all of this city.



In this city, September 26, [1876] Mr. J H F SOWELL to Miss ELLA BRADFORD, all of this place.



In this place on September 26th, [1876] Mr. JAMES W STRANGE, of McMinn county, to Miss MANICIE WITCHER of this city.


Mr. H N McLANE is of the firm of J W MONTGOMERY & CO. of Chattanooga. He will have control of the branch store at this place at present. He appears to be quite clever and accommodating

gentleman, and we predict to him success.


Our young friend J A HENDERSON is teaching a flourishing school at Bates School House in this county. JOHN is a clever young man and deserves success.



Mr. YOUNG DAVIDSON, well known in this county, died at his home 8 miles from this place on Monday last at the age of 51 years.




We neglected to mention last week that Bishop JANES of the M E Church was dead. Bishop JANES was one of the first in his church, and no one leaves more admires than he. [date would be week of the September 22,1876]