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November 1,1879

                                          WEEKLY HERALD



Near Harrison, Tennessee, January 29,1879 - - Miss LIZZIE

GUTHRIE, daughter of J A P GUTHRIE, Esq., aged 20 years. LIZZIE

was an interesting and promising young woman, but she was cut

down in the bloom of her youth. How sad that one so young and

full of promise should be taken from loving friends. She died

in full hope of immortality and eternal life. R H GUTHRIE



In this city on February 2,1879 - Miss RACHEL GODBY, at the

age of sixty-six years (66).


HUT AMARINE, the boss moonshiner of Blount county, and the

murderer of JOHN COOPER, of Knoxville, has been arrested. $500

reward was offered for his arrest.



WEEKLEY HERALD       February 13,1879



Died, of consumption, February 2,1879, at the residence of his

mother, 10 miles southeast of Cleveland, - - Mr. W L SANDRIDGE,

in the 29th year of his age. The deceased was the son of HUTSON

and M A SANDRIDGE - - now Mrs. M A DOBBS. Mr. SANDRIDGE was revered by all people who knew him as a man of high princpale.

Everything like deception was detestable in his eyes. For a

year and a half he suffered with a slow and fatal disease.

Looking at his feeble wife and three little boys, no wonderthat

for some time he could hardly reconcile himself to his fate.

Twelve days before his death he made a profession of faith in

Christ as his savior; from that time to the last he seemed

perfectly resigned, and only wished to live that he might show

how great things the Lord had done for him. His remains were

layed to rest on February 4,1879, in the Sugar Creek graveyard

by the side of his father and other relatives.Seldom has it

been the writers lot to see so many people at a funeral. Nothing

but deep respect for the deceased could have brought so large

a crowd together on such an occassion. May God especially bless

the widow and orphan boys.


SAML. McGUYRT, a cotton buyer from ROme Ga. was arrested in

Chattanooga Monday charged with swindling the firm of FROST

& PANCHES out of ten thousand dollars. Small sum to kick up

such a fuss about.


Six prisoners made their escape Monday from the Blount county

jail. One them played off sick, and asked the jailor to build

a fire, which he came in to do, when they took his keys and

pistols from him and departed in peace. Five of them United

States prisoners and one other a State prisoner. DIED

A man by the name of ARTHUE E MURPHY committed sucide in

Knoxville last week by shooting himself. Financial difficulties

was the cause says the Chronicle.


Mr. JOHN GOODNER has torn away part of the old Trim Hotel on

his lot. It is none of our business but if we had a nice new

house on such a lot as that we would prefer to remove all old

shacks. Better move it Mr. GOODNER. If you dont,people will

laugh at you.


Mr. J E SURGUINE, we understand will shortly open a stock of

dry goods and general merchandise in the building now occupied

by A S HOFFMAN. Mr. HOFFMAN is to move to another building.




WEEKLY HERALD           FEBRUARY 20,1879




Married - by Rev. G W FINNELL, February 17,[1879] - GEO. MARTIN




February 18,1879 - by Rev. WM. HUMPHREY - W T JONES, of Bradley

county, Tennessee, to Miss MATTIE SHELTON, of Murray county,



NATHANIEL BAXTER, who killed SAMUEL II. HIX last fall in

Nashville, was last Thursday acquitted by the circut court of

that city.


W H BALLEW,, an Athens merchant od several years standing, has

failed for considerable amount, and made an assignment for the

benefit of his creditors.




WEEKLEY HERALD                    FEBRUARY 27,1879



February 21,1879 - - Mr. JAMES OFFICER, aged about 74 years.

Mr. OFFICER had been a citizen of this county nearly all his




February 14,1879 - - Mrs. JANE DUGGAN, aged about 94 years.

Mrs. DUGGAN died in the Christian faith. Her son, Mr. J N DUGGAN,

returns his thanks to their neighbors for their kind attention

during his mothers illness.


Dr. W M CLARK, of Franklin is the new editor of the NAshville

Banner. He is said to be an able writer.


ANDERSON HICK, the last one of the Maryville prisoners that

escaped jail, has been captured and returned to jail.



M M STANTON, Supt. of the S R & D R R, who was injured by the

breaking of the bridge on that road last week, died last Thursday

from the injuries.



At the residence of A J CATE, Esq, Chatata,Tennessee, February

19,1879, by Rev. K C ATKINS - - Dr. JOHN L. SHUGART to Miss

ALICE CATE, all of Bradley county.



At Chatta, Tennessee, February 19,1879, by Rev. K C ATKINS -

 - Mr. A B HORTON, of Texas to Miss MATTIE KEEBLER, of Chatata,




February 25,1879, by Rev. C M GRAY - Mr. RICHARD CLARK, of

Georgia to Miss EMMA LEE, of this city.



MARCH 6,1879           WEEKLY HERALD


Mr. W H TONKIN, who went to Kansas about three months ago, has

concluded that the sunny south is good enough for him and has



Mr. ROBERT ROGERS left Tuesday for the west. He will look at

Texas and Kansas.


Miss FANNIE BROWN, of Greenville, is visiting her sister, Mrs.

ARTHUR TRAYNOR, of this city.


Miss LURA HOSS, of Jonesboro', and Miss KATE BRABSON, of Athens,

who have been visiting the Misses HUGHES, have returned to thier

respective homes.


Miss MAY JOHNSTON and Miss NORA HARDWICK of this city left last

nightto attend Martha Washington College at Abingdon, Va.


Mr. BROWN, of the Knoxville Chronicile, was in the city yesterday

looking after the intrest of the journal.


MARCH 20,1879         WEEKLY HERALD


Mr. LUKE CALLAWAY, of Monroe county, gave us a plesant call

last Friday.


Mr. FRED LANG, of Ducktown, has been in the city the past few

days. He will make his future home in the Northwest.


Mr. W E RUSSELL is spending a few days with his friends and

relatives of this place.



Mr. JOHN FOUST has begun a neat little dwelling house and the

Messers. TALLENT are putting up a large blacksmithand wood shop.


Mr. WM. BANKS started last Thursday to the gold mines in Ga,

where he and Mr. G W GOODRICH have a lease.





JAMES BENNETT, our enterprising and obliging merchant, is still

improving, by putting up a neat little picket fence around and

in front of his beautiful dweling.

Dr. PHILLIPS, our highly esteemed physician, has been quite

feble for some time, though at this time is convalescent and

thinks he will be able for duty in a short time. He too is

preparing to build a second home.


Considerable gloom was cast over our neighborhood on the 10th

inst. by the announcement of the death of Mrs. HARRIETT COOPER,

wife of our highly esteemed citizen, DEMSEY COOPER. She leaves

a husband and one little daughter to mourn her loss.




A young man by the name of DAVE FOX was shot and dangerously

wounded by a young man named CLINTON GIFFE, in Chattanooga.


ANDREW JOHNSON, the only remaining son of ex-president JOHNSON,

died at his home in Greeneville, Tennessee, last Friday.



MARCH 28,1879          WEEKLY HERALD



March 20,1879, 6 miles east of this place, CATHERINE CARTWRIGHT,

wife of FRANK CARTWRIGHT, aged about 33 years. She leaves a

husband and six little children to mourn her loss.



APRIL 3,1879            WEEKLY HERALD




Sunday - March 30,1879 - by Rev. J B FORD - - Mr. JEFF.

MONTGOMERY to Miss ROSA DYCHE, all of this city.



Mrs. HARDWICK, mother of F E & C L HARDWICK, of this city, died

in Dalton, Ga. Thursday last. Her remains were brought back

to this place and buried Friday. Mrs. HARDWICK was one of the

oldest ladies of this place.






Since my last letter: Rev. JOHN CUNNINGHAM, of Cookville, has

moved into the neighborhood. M. DICKSON, a boot and shoe

makerfrom Birchwood, has located here, and several lots have

been sold. The enterprising firm of CRAWFORD & AUIT have bought

an acre of land and will soon put up a large two story business


Mr. JOHNSON has got his house framed and will soon have it

looking real handsome.



Mr. J H DAVIS of Dallas Texas - late of Polk county Tennessee,

has returned to his old home for a few days.



May 1,1879     WEEKLY HERALD


The Fire Fiend

On Friday last, about 1 o'clock p.m. the residence of Mrs. E

E FLETCHER, about two miles northwest of Cleveland, on Candy's

Creek, were destroyed by fire. The fire was first discovered

in the top of the roof, where it had no doubt been burning for

some time. The family at the time were in the house and knew

nothing of the firetill the roof was almost ready to fall in.

The wind blew the fire to the smoke house, barn, carriage house,

and the tool shed, north of the dwelling destroying all. The

dwelling was a brick structure, well built and finished. The

loss is estamited at $5000 and no insurance. Nothing was saved

from the dwelling but  SMALL AMOUNT OF BED CLOTHING nd a few

pieces of furniture - not even a change of clothing for the

family. The library that cost Col. FLETCHER, in his life time,

about $1800, was totally destroyed. A mower, wagon and carriage

were saved from the barn. There was none of the family at home

at the time except Mrs. FLETCHER and two young daughters - -

 her son and farm hand being too far away to arrive in time

to help any.



Saturday evening about 3 o clock, an Irish peddler by the name

of JOHN McCARTHY was shot by JEFF MONTGOMERY, the ball taking

effect in the right side, above the hip, and ranging across

into the stomach. The circumstances are about as follows:

McCARTHY was under arrest from drunkenness by the city marshall,

who was taking him to the Mayor's officefor trial; when within

a few feet of the court house step MONTGOMERY made his appearance

on the scene, pulling from his pocket a pistol, the pistol was

discharged, the ball taking effect as above stated. MONTGOMERY

stated the shooting was accidental, others claiming that it

was done on pourpose; MONTGOMERY was arrested on a warrant from

Justice TIPTON and bound in a bond of $2000 to appear for trial

yesterday morning, at which time the defendant appeared with

his attorneys _ S P GAUNT, T M GAUNT, R M EDWARDS and D M NELSON.

The defendant was affidavid that there were more wittnesses

whose evidence he desired and thereupon the case was continued

untill next Monday week. The defendant gave bond for his

appearance at that time. The main point in the case seems to

be whether or not the pistol fired before it fell to the ground.

The trial promises to be very interesting, as there are so many

wittnesses who saw the affair differently. We withhold comment

till after the examination. McCARTHY at this writing is doing

very well but is not out of danger.



Policeman JAMES WIGGINS, of Chattanooga, was murdered Sunday

night in cold blood by a man named ROBERT SCOTT. WIGGINS was

hunting for SCOTT, who had been at a house of ill fame, and

was intending to arrest him when SCOTT pulled out a pistol and

shot him (WIGGINS) down, killing him instantly. This matter

of murder is becomming quite a frequent occurance in Chattanooga

and other places, and the sooner the law and courts make an

example of the few such fellows as SCOTT, the better it will

be for the country. In the south it is getting so an officer

of the law risks his life every time he attempts to arrest a

drunken vagabond.


From the Chronicle we learn that Hon. J M THORNBURG is still

confined to his bed in Knoxville. But that his physicians report

his case is more favorable.

COL. JNO. B MINNIS, Special Agent of the Post Office Department,

was in the city Monday, and left Tuesday morning for Ducktown

on business.


COL. MELTON was Monday confirmed as Revenue Collector for the

Second District.


Our young friend J C WHITE, of Knoxville, has been spending

a few days with his many friends and relations in this city.



Our young fellow townsman WHEELER ROGERS left Thursday last

for Butler county Kansas, which place he expects to make his

future home.


Mr. ED GREGG has returned from Cincinnati Southeren R R on a

visit. He reports the track laid and engines running from

Chattanooga to Soddy.

NATHANIEL HALL, one of the oldest citizens of Polk county, died

at his home near Conasauga last Friday, at the age of 78 years.


MAY 8, 1879                 WEEKLY HERALD





RULER WOODEN, nolle on cost

ROBT. LEE & wife, fined $5 and cost.

JOHN PARKER, drunkenness, fined

WILEY RINKLE, cont by def't.

JOHN CASH 3 cases, cont' by state

JAS. MAPLES  "        "  "  "

G W CARDEN     "   "   "    "

HUGH EVANS, nolle on cost

G W CARTEN, cont' by State

POLLY RAY,     "   "   "   State

SAM HAMPTON    "    "   "   deft.

W BARRETT nolle on cost

J T SMITH assult, nolle

CRAWFORD CASH   cont' by deft'

JEFF MONTGOMERY, fined $1 and cost


All the foregoing cases were misdemeanors. The following cases

were for selling Suprise packages:


A A RAGSDALE  fined .50 and cost

R KERR          "       "     "

L D CAMPBELL     "    "    "    "

J H BALL          "     "     "


were continued till tommorrow.

EMORY BROWN vs E T V & GR R continued till to=day.

J B LEE vs S M LEE continued till next court.



D N COFFMAN aquitted

JAKE McCOY cont by deft'

J P COOPER aquitted

RUSS WOODS indietment quashed

WM. COOPER aquitted

J W MONTGOMERY "     "     "

L L OSMENT  nolle

SAM WETHERLY  continued

J W PUGH  mistrial

HASKELL WIDENER  cont' by deft'

JOHN PARKER  convicted drunkenness




State vs JOEL HUGHES, larceny, sentenced one year to


State  vs  W CLARK (colored) charged with perjury - jury out

as we go to press.


Resigned - JEFF MONTGOMERY, Constable of the 6th district,

resigned his post last Monday.



May 1,1879 by Rev. Mr. CROUCH - Mr. GEO. BRADFORD, of McMinn

county to Miss JULIA BRYANT of this county.

A Bold Robbey

Sometime during Tuesday night, unknown parties entered the

Grocery store of J W MONTGOMERY near the depot and stole $32.50

in silver from the drawer. The  entrance of the buglars was

effected by way of the side window. Nothing else was stolen

except the money.


Mr. S Y PIERCE, of Spring Garden, has one of his fish ponds

finished. It contains about two million gallons of water. He

will have the other one finished in about a week.

MAY 15,1879                    WEEKLY HERALD





State vs W. CLARK (colored) charged with perjury sentenced for

3 years

State vs MERIDA WOLF, charged with malicious shooting, not quilty

State vs JOHN DIXON charged with - - son continued till next



J W WALKER, Bros. & Co.  vs W W WOOD & Co. continued

State vs R A JOHNSTON nolle on cost

T A CHAMBERS  vs M LEE Mistrial

State vs JAS. NIPPER, 2 cases, cont'

EMORY BROWN vs E T V & G A R R  cont'

State vs HENRY NIPPER cont'

ISAAC SMITH  vs E T Va & G R R    cont'




H W SMITH  vs JOHN WALLACE  continued

DAN. WALDROOF  vs CATE & WOOL Judgment for the plaintiff and

new trial granted.

State vs RUSS WOOD   cont'

C L HARDWICK  vs J C KELLY, adm. Judg't for dft. and new trial


State vs JOHN CARTER charged with accessory to murder, cont'

State vs G W CARDEN Stricken from the docket.




State vs MARY NORTON and HENRY MOULDEN   cont'

ROSA C DAVIS  vs A J UPTON continued.



State vs JEFF MONTGOMERY, charged with malacious shooting. In

this case the State was represented by D M NELSON who waived

the "malicious " part of the indictment and the defendant pleaded

guilty to an "assult". The jury returned a verdict for $100.


State vs HENRY MOULDEN, for an assult with intent to kill JOHN

CARTER. In this case the frand jury failed to find a bill of

indictment , and prisoner was ordered released.

State vs JOHN BECK, charged with robbing J W MONTGOMERY's store

defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to the penitentiary

for a term of 2 years.


The fund for the relife of the family of the murdered Chattanooga

policeman WIGGINS amounts to $215, and the subscription is still



Theif Caught

Constable HAYES left on Friday nights train for Knoxville and

returned Saturday morning, having in charge JON BECK colored,

charged with robbing J W MONTGOMERY's store last week. BECK

is a boy about fifteen years of age. He claims that another

person did the robbery while he watched. He had bought a new

suit of clothes, a watch and a pistol, valise, slik hankerchief,

red stockings, and a box - toed shoes He evidently intended

to be stylish while his $32.50lasted.


MAY 22,1879                  WEEKY HERALD


Mrs. J H CRAIGMILES, who has been East for several months,

returned home yesterday morning.



MAY 29,,1879           WEEKLY HERALD



HARRY GRISCOM is looking after the intrest of his paper.

JACK BERRY HILL has invented a new kind of reaper blade that

is said to be an improvement on any of the old kinds.


The cases disposed of in court Monday were all State cases.

THOS. NEIGHBORS discharged

WM. ISREAL  continued

GEORGE ELDRIDGE 2 cases, c.p., fined $10 and cost

P LEEKER nolle on cost

T YOUNG 3 cases, selling whiskey, forfeiture

GEO. BROWN attempt at rape sentenced to 10 yeras.




For the past few months there has been a number of store and

dwelling houses robbed and burned in Murfreesboro, and

occasionally a murder. MAJOR PHUGH, one of the most promident

citizens of the town was murdered. The excitement became very

high and the corporation authorities employed dectives to ferret

out the matter; and the result is, last Saturday a gang of twelve

men some white some black. Two of these men BURREL SMITH and

JOHN HALL have confessed to the murder of Mr. PUGH.It is said

with that the feelinging such that a mob violence id feared.

Gov. MARKS addressed the crowd Monday and plead for the law

to take its course.


The Chattanooga police were close after BEN TIBBS Sunday morning

just befoe day. They saw him leaving the house of a friend and

started in pursuit, but as it was dark he managed to dodge them.



In this issue it will be seen that Gov. MARKS offers a reward

of $75 for the captue of BEN TIBBS, who murdered WARREN HENDERSEN

in this place on the 9th of the month.


Mr. PIERCE, of Spring Garden has both of his fish ponds finished

and full of water. He will have his boats ready for use in a

few more days.


JUNE 5,1879           WEEKLY HERALD



On the morning of the 19th of May 1879 the spirt of Mrs. CIDINE

A LAMON wife of JAMES LAMON, and daughter of D N & E A BELL

passed. (long obit, basics)

Capt. P L BIBLE is making bricks to build a new residence for

Mr. PRYOR LEA on the east side of the street oppsite the PETERS




A little son of Mr. ROBERT LONG - 22 months of age - died last

Tuesday in this place.