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JANUARY 8,1880            WEEKLY HERALD


I offer at private sale at the CALLAWAY residence in Cleveland one top Buggy, (almost new) and Harness and all my household and kitchen furniture. Call and see... N W MOTHERAL



MIRANDA HOSLER  vs  ALEX. HOSLER Bill of divorce in Chancery Court Cleveland Tennessee.


Mr. P LAYNE, Express Agent Knocked Senseless:

Tuesday night last at about 8:30 o'clock, while coming home from the express office to the Ocoee House, Mr. P LAYNE was knocked down by unknown parties on one of the most public streets in town. The place of the occurrence was on Inman street, in front of Mrs. HAMPTON's residence. He thinks it was done by a negro or a white man blacked. They struck him on the back of the head; badly bruising, but not fracturing the skull. When first struck he gave an alarm and a great many were on the street, the person that hit him made his escape through the alley leading to the 5th Ward. Robbery could have been their only aim, as Mr. LAYNE, we don’t suppose has a personal enemy on earth. It is supposed, as Mr. LAYNE was Express Agent, he would carry home money with him to his hotel. Mr. LAYNE is

resting as easy as could be expected at this time.



Mr. JOHN WATKINS, of James county informs us that a son of Mr. GLOVER of that county killed himself a few days ago accidentally with a gun. He supposed the gun not loaded and had put his foot on the hammer to hold it back while he was blowing in the muzzle, when his foot slipped and the gun fired, shooting him in the mouth and through the head.



Our fellow townsman, JAMES F CAMPBELL has been appointed depot and express agent and telegraph operator at Limestone, in Washington county.


Our young friend ED HARTDEGEN left last week for Philadelphia, Pa, where he has been employed by Snyder, Harris, Bassett & Co.


Dr. J M DEFRIESE and Prof B H LOGAN, of James county, called in to see us Monday.


Hon. J M THORNBURG, of Knoxville spent several days in the city during the past week.



From Knoxville Chronicle we noticed our old friend JOHN E HELMS, of the Morristown Gazette was married Tuesday to Miss SALLIE E VANMETER of Marion county, Va.



JANUARY 15,1880                  WEEKLY HERALD




State  vs  JAS. MAPLES  larceny sentenced to one year in  



State  vs  JACK MAPLES sr.  larceny, sentenced to county work house 3 mos. and penitentiary one year.


State  vs  JACK MAPLES jr. larceny, sentenced to one year in penitentiary.


State  vs  JOHN DIXON  charged with arson, continued by defendant to next term.


WESLEY GOINS, giving away whiskey on election day. Acquitted.


A R POTTS vs  J N  and  W R HINCH, order of sale.


J F JOHNSTON vs  ELIZABETH JOHNSTON , divorce granted plaintiff.


CHAS. BURTON  vs  MARY BURTON  divorce, granted to plaintiff.


KELLY & COOPER vs  RUCKER, Clerk, cost divided and license

ordered issued, but not to be used within 4 miles of a chartered school.


Sate  vs  JOHN CARTER, involuntary manslaughter, in killing of WARREN HENDERSEN, verdict rendered this morning, 2 years in the penitentiary.


Miss McINTYRE of Whitefield county, Ga is visiting Miss SALLIE TAYLOR of this city.


Mr. PAT LAYNE, who was assaulted last week on Innman street by unknown parties, is fast recovering, and will be able to attend to his business again in a few days.


Considerable excitement was caused Sunday by reports that BILL CRUMLEY had informed JACK MAPLES where he had hid the goods stolen from the different parties during the summer. Parties of from five to forty searched the woods, but found no goods. However the hollow tree that CRUMLEY slept in was found, with a few signs of broken dishes.


Our young friends, CICERO STEVENSON and JOHN ARWOOD have finished up the store room in McNELLY's building in tip top style. It is now one of the neatest finished and most tasty store rooms in the town. These young men are among the best of their profession, and we can cordially recommend them to all parties wanting anything done in their line.


Our young friend J H BIBLE made his maiden law speech in court last week, in case of the State vs JACK MAPLES. Jim's was a good one, and so pronounced by all that heard it. Who knows but that Polk county may yet furnish a second DANIEL WEBSTER.


Our young townsman, TOM MONTGOMERY also made his maiden speech in the case of State vs JOHN CARTER on yesterday. TOM's effort was a good one, and he has a bright future before him.


JANUARY 22,1880              WEEKLY  HERALD



Saturday morning last the town was thrown into considerable excitement over the fact that one GEORGE HOLCOMB had acknowledged to being the party that assaulted Express Agent LAYNE last Tuesday night two weeks ago. The report was generally discredited at the first, owing to the character of some of the witnesses and also the fact that he was fool enough to acknowledge with out any one accusing him. HOLCOMB was arrested by JO ONIEL and ALEX

MAPLES and placed in jail till time for trial, when he was

brought before F E HARDWICK Esq., for a hearing. The witnesses for the State were JOHN WOLF, JOHN CASH, WILL CATE CRAWFORD CASH SAMUEL WATERS and one or two others. WOLF testified that the night of the occurrence he was running through the alley near Mrs. HAMPTON's and while nearly to the end on Innman street he saw HOLCOMB as he thought then, in a fight with some one. He says that he (WOLF) then turned and run back the way he came - - giving as reasons for running that he had just been in a fight with a stranger and didn't want to be seen himself. He

then came to the public square and heard of the assault on LAYNE, then went to where LAYNE was. After this he met up with HOLCOMB in the 3rd ward at that part known as " Deantown" and that HOLCOMB was excited over something, and that he had on a cap but pulls it off then. He further stated that on the following night he had a conversation with HOLCMB in which the latter owned to having been the quilt party, and told WOLF not to divulge it. JOHN CASH's testimony was about the same and corroborated WOLF throughout, as did all the other witnesses. HOLCOMB 's brother and a negro woman of bad character both swore

for the defense and claimed that HOLCOMB was at home from an hour before till next morning after the occurrence. But HOLCOMB had acknowledged before this that he was not home all the time. After hearing the evidence in the case however Justice failed to give the State witnesses any credit and released the prisoner. When the prisoner was released the audience in the court house cheered, and nearly everyone endorsed the action of the Justice,

but on Sunday morning the facts came to light that HOLCOMB had went, after being released and told the witnesses that they had all sworn the truth and that they had no ill feeling against any of them. This at once proved to all that had heard of it that HOLCOMB was guilty, and on Monday, parties set out about to work the matter up again, in which they were successful to Mr. LAYNE; also to PERRY GAUT and TOM HAYNES and others. He also implicated JOHN WOLF and JOHN CASH. HOLCOMB and WOLF were then arrested and held under guard till Tuesday, when officers who had gone to Benton after CASH, returned with him, then all

three were put in jail, until their examination which takes place at the court house to-day. We understand Justice BROWN of the 9th, and two others will hear the case. The court house will in all probability be crowded as there is a great interest felt in the community over the trial, and a strong feeling to bring the guilty party or parties to justice.


TOM ISLEY a young man at Sweetwater was killed by JOE PRESSWOOD Saturday night. They quarreled about their "sweetheart".



Rev. J A HYDEN writes to a friend in this place that CAPT. A A BUCK, who moved from here last fall to Kansas died last week.



On Saturday Jan. 17th [1880], from the residence of HUGH J REED, of the 4th district of this county, one deep bay horse aged 7 years black mane and tail, about 15 hands tall, star on the forehead. The party that took him is a large man with heavy mustache, about 33 years of age, rather red completed, and called his name JONES. Any information thankfully received. H J REED Blue Springs, Bradley Co. TN.


   JANUARY 29,1880                  WEEKLY HERALD




The trial of GEO. HOLCOMB, JOHN CASH and JOHN WOLF, charged with conspiring and attempting to rob Express Agent LAYNE came off Thursday and Friday, with exception of WOLF, who continued till tomorrow, Friday. HOLCOMB plead guilty and waived an examination and was bound over to the next term of the court. JOHN CASH was then put on trial, and the state made witness of HOLCOMB. HOLCOMB swore that he ands CASH had agreed among themselves to rob LAYNE and had talked the matter over two or three times, and that on one occasion JOHN WOLF was present and seemingly agreed to it. He further stated that CASH was

to let him know, by whistling a certain tune, when LAYNE left his office; but he said CASH failed to whistle and that LAYNE passed by him and he thought LAYNE was a negro as the night was very dark, and that they failed that night. He then stated that on the next night he and CASH went again to the depot about passenger time, and that CASH watched LAYNE while he was hid in a dark corner of the depot, and that when LAYNE left the depot CASH followed along behind and whistled a tune agreed

upon, then he (HOLCOMB) was on the opposite side of the street and walked pass HARLE & BRO's Store, stepping in behind LAYNE on the brick pavement and following him to the alley near Mrs. HAMPTON's, and there attacked him with a hickory club, knocked him down, but LAYNE made so much noise that he run through the alley  and made his escape. He further testified that CASH was to have been on hand and helped search his pockets, but that hr failed to do as agreed. CASH HOLCOMB claims, turned back and went into JONES Store. J A JONES testified that CASH was in his store when they heard the noise. Several other witnesses

also corroborated HOLCOMBS testimony as to CASH. After hearing the testimony the Justices, BROWN, SMITH and GREEN, bound the defenseman to court, and he failed to give bond and was put in jail. The case of JOHN WOLF was next called and the trial continued till tomorrow morning, Jan. 30th, ]1880[ 10 am. In these cases the defendants, CASH and WOLF, claim that HOLCOMB is only trying to punish them for exposing him on Saturday before. CASH and WOLF both swore on the first trial of HOLCOMB, that they told A P MAPLES soon after the occurrence, all they knew about it and that MAPLES advised them to "hold still" till he could work up the matter and arrest HOLCOMB who was then out of town. MAPLES also swore the same. They gave that as the

reason for not letting the public know it sooner. HOLCOMB also stated that, on Monday morning he was arrested last and had heard that CASH and WOLF were laying a plan to have him own up in the presence of other witnesses who were to be secreted in an old stable, and that he thought he would just go to LAYNE and own up like a gentleman. CASH and WOLF claim that HOLCOMB hearing of this plan, turned on them and concluded to swear them into the penitentiary to get them out of the way. HOLCOMB also stated that he expected to be released or dealt lightly

with if he would own up. The trials have created considerable interest in the community, and the Justices deserve credit for the manner in which the cases have been conducted. Every one earnestly desires that the guilty parties may be punished and that the innocent may escape.




Friday last, Sheriff HAYS arrested A P MAPLES, JOHN CASH and JOHN WOLF, charged with conterfeting silver money. The case of MAPLES was tried before Justices BROWN and GREEN on Saturday. The cases of WOLF and CASH were continued by the State till 10 o'clock to-day. The main witness for the State was the same GEO. HOLCOMB who assaulted and attempted to rob Express Agent LAYNE. HOLCOMB testified about as follows: saw JOHN CASH come out of MAPLE's house one day with what I supposed to be money moulds - - saw prints of dollars in them, also of half dollars, quarters and nickels. CASH took said machine to his own home.

Sheriff HAYS, and also Constable HAYES testified about as

follows; Searched house formerly used by MAPLES and found metal resembling silver, but found no moulds. HENRY ONEIL who lived in same house with MAPLES swore he had never heard of MAPLES or any one else ever being in the room upstairs - - also said the room could be entered from the outside as well as the inside - - had to rent rooms above in order to get rooms below - - never known of MAPLES or anyone else using the room for any purpose. After hearing the testimony the defendant was at once discharged.


AARON JOSEPH has shaved and washed his face and put on a bran new suit of clothes. We hardly know him.


DICK HAYS, SCOT MONTGOMERY, LARK TAYLOR and DOC. DAY, have gone into the soap business, For further details call on them.


Mr. SAM DeARMOND has sold out his tow hotels - - the DeLANO HOUSE and MONDAY HOUSE - - to Mr. G R HATCHER. So we may count on Mr. HATCHER being the "big boss" of these two Hotels in the future.



Deputy MARSHALL L T WALKER brought JOS. EBLIN and WM. LAWSON before commissioner TIPTON Friday last charged with illicit whiskey. EBLIN was discharged and LAWSON continued his case till Feb. 14th. [1880]



At the residence of the brides father, in Knoxville, Monday night, JAN. 26th, 1880 - - Mr. J M COWAN to Miss MATTIE KEITH. Mr. COWAN is one of our popular grocery merchants, and his blushing bride is the daughter of Rev. J H KEITH, late of this city. The happy couple arrived here on Tuesday morning train and received congratulations of their many friends.


FEBRUARY 5, 1880                       WEEKLY HERALD



MARY E ROBERTS  vs LUKE ROBERTS Divorce Chancery Court at

Cleveland, Tennessee


CIRCUT COURT of JAMES COUNTY - - January Term -  -

           STATE vs


WM. SMITH, continued

WM. ISREAL, continued

GEO. BROWN, two cases, continued

THEO. KILOUGH, $50 fine secured.

DOWE MERIDA, nolle on cost in one case, $5 fine in two others.

JOHN ROY, one year in penitentiary, appealed.

DANIEL ALEXANDER, nolle on cost

J M DEFRIESE, $2 fine

PART. GLOVER, nolle on cost

JESSEE ELDRIDGE, nolle on cost

BARD HENRY, nolle on cost


JOHN ISOM, nolle on cost.


NICHOLS, SHEPARD & Co vs G O CATE Sr. judgment for plaintiff.

ALFRED MONTGOMERY and wife vs E T VA & GA RR, garnishment



Sate vs J M DEFRIES and R K SMITH, continued.

J G PRICE vs E G LONG, continued.

J A and E F JOHNSON vs M D L SPRIGGS et al; order of sale awarded



Mrs. CRUMLEY aged about 50 years was killed Tuesday morning by being run over by an engine at market street crossing. She was at the time of the accident carrying provisions to a prisoner in jail. Mrs. CRUMLEY was for a long time a citizen of this town and was the mother of BILL CRUMLEY who was sentenced to the penitentiary from this place five months ago. It does seem to us that the city should build a bridge or tunnel at that crossing. It is very dangerous and several have been killed there already.


Dr. J F FORD and family returned to their home in Lewisville Texas Monday after a visit of several weeks in this place among friends and relatives.


The trial at Clinton of A J QUEENER, J L & SAM SHIPE, for the killing of HUGH BONHAM last summer resulted Monday in the acquittal of QUEENER and fining the two Ships $50 each. The result of the trials gave great dissatisfaction in that community it is said.



DIED - HERMAN FOSTER, well known in this county as proprietor of "Spring Garden" came home Sunday night last, after an absence of several months in West Tennessee, and died Tuesday last. The immediate cause of death was dropsy. Mr. FOSTER was about 60 years of age and leaves a large family - - mostly small children.




In the case of the State vs JOHN WOLF and JOHN CASH, charged with counterfeiting, and tried before Justices BROWN and GREEN, the defendants were bound to the next term of the Circuit Court. In case of the State vs JOHN WOLF, charged with conspiracy in the assault of PAT LAYNE, the defendant was also bound over to court.



FEBRUARY 12, 1880                 WEEKLY HERALD



Divorce: MARY E. ROBERTS and Mr. LUKE ROBERTS Chaucer Court at Cleveland Tennessee.


Divorce: MIRANDA HOSLER and ALEX. HOSLER Chancery Court ,

Cleveland Tennessee.



There has been some sickness around this part of the county. L LANE is very low with malarial fever, but will recover.



BURTON HOLDMAN an aged and highly esteemed citizen of Meigs county died about the last day of December [sic  12-1879]


Miss LORINDA KNOX will open a primary school at this place Monday next.


Z MARTIN is selling goods and whistling his favorite air.





DIED: Mrs. MARY ANN FOX February 9,1880, at the age of 75 years, Mrs. FOX was the mother of Mr. A M FOX of the south east side of this county.


Nashville Banner: HENRY BROWN was frozen to death in Warren county a day or two ago. He went to a distillery on a mountain, where he became intoxicated, and starting home late in the evening, fell from his horse and was found dead the next morning.



The infant daughter of Mr. JOHN RODDY, of James County, was burned to death last week. The little brother had lighted a pine torch to amuse the little --- and accidentally set her clothing on fire. The parents were out of the house at the time.



FEBRUARY 19,1880              WEEKLY HERALD


Letters Advertised Feb. 14,1880




Judge BRADFORD has purchased property in Chattanooga and will make that city his home in the near future. What is Athens loss is Chattanooga's gain in this case.



February the 10th [ sic 1880] S B DAVIS, of Typhoid fever. Aged about 21 years. Also February 15 [1880] W P DAVIS aged about 24 years. Both sons of Dr. Jno. DAVIS , of this county.


Deputy Sheriff H HIX, met up with a painful accident last Friday morning while helping move a hack at Wiggins& Co's shop. His foot slipped and he fell from the platform, badly bruising his side and breaking the leaders in his left arm at the elbow. It may cause him to have a stiff arm the rest of his days.


FEBRUARY 26,1880                   WEEKLY HERALD



We are authorized and requested to announce H H HAYS as a

candidate for Sheriff at the ensuing election.


Not A Candidate

Sheriff G B HAYS tells us he will not be in the fold this year for re election: GEO. has many warm friends that would undoubtedly support him again if he were to make the race, but he says he can not. He has made a good officer as far as we know , and has given general satisfaction to his friends. We have never agreed with GEORGE politically, but that is no reason why we should not respect him as a man.



Hon. W M BRADFORD, presiding:


partition of land ordered.


M HANCOCK  vs J D HANCOCK, dismissed


J H PARKER  vs  SANDY MAGILL, etals, alias subpoena ordered.


J G CARTER guardian, exporter proceedings


L E WOOD et als  vs Z MARTIN et als account ordered


M RICE  vs  C L RICE on settlement


E S CLEVELAND  vs C DAVIS et als distribution of funds ordered.


JAS BRADLEY  vs J W GOINS, attachment dismissed

E O DICKINSON  vs  J GOODNER  et als, act ordered

G P BILLINGSLY  vs C D S WILKINS  sale confirmed


H B YEARWOOD  vs  J D COTRELL  sale confirmed


JOS. & L L CALLAWAY  vs  BEN CALLAWAY  sale confirmed


W H McKAMY ex.  vs  E S KEELY  final settlement


JESSE WOODEN  vs  W M RINKLE, compromised


W A & J A  CAMPBELL vs  H B HENEGAR, act ordered


I SMART  vs  N BALLENGER  et als cont.


Hiwassee Savings Association  vs  W B KERR  cont.


Hiwassee Savings Association  vs J G CARMICHAEL  degree


W A DENTON  vs  W B HAYS  et als cont.


C L HARDWICK  vs  I H REEDER compromised


court adjourned till Thursday morning.



Last Thursday night three professional thieves made a raid on the tankard of HUTCHINSON & RODGERS, and carried off six dry hides. The avengers of dry hides and fur skins is after them and will sooner or later overtake them.


Dr. N G  KNOX has been on a tour of Knoxville and Jonesboro, and enjoyed himself hugely.




S A CONNER and MARY McCLANAHAN were married Sunday evening.



Dr. S W LEE read a few lines from a thumb paper which he held in his hand, at the close of which he pronounced them husband and wife.


Mrs. YINK BROWN has been dangerously ill; Dr's SIMA and KNOX, by their united efforts and faithful attendance saved her life.




Dr. FITZSIMMONS, of Conasauga, was telling us Tuesday of a bad accident that happened at W HANNAH's saw mill in the 13th district of this county. On Thursday last. A man giving his name as J R CUNNINGHAM and claiming to be from Arkansas, had been around the mill a few days, and on the day mentioned he was accidentally thrown against the saw, and badly cut on both arms and hands, also on the side and back. The left hand was amputated by FITZSIMMONS, and another physician. It is thought the man may recover.


At Murfreesboro last Friday , at the hanging of two NEGROS, reserved seats were sold and a good time generally was had. About 10,000 people were present and they had a barbecue. Just how long the state is to be discarded by such scenes no one can tell.



The two NEGROS , SMITH and HALL, were hung at Murfreesboro last Friday, for the murder of MAJOR PUGH. 10,000 people witnessed the scene.