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JANUARY 8,1880
JUNE 3, 1875
OCTOBER 14,1875
FEBRUARY 18,1876
APRIL 28,1876
JULY 14,1876
OCTOBER 6,1876
JANUARY 12, 1877
March 29, 1877
June 21,1877
JUNE 13,1878
AUGUST 29,1878
OCTOBER 17,1878
JUNE 1879
AUGUST 28,1879
November 1,1879




DEATH Of An Old Citizen

Mr. W. B. SAMPLES one of the oldest citizens of Cleveland, died at his home in this place last Tuesday. Mr. Samples was about one of the first settles of Cleveland.


A little son of W.C. TIBBS had his arm broken by falling from a fence one day this week.


A young man by the name of CORBORN shot another young man by the name of RICHARDS, while at church Saturday night last, in the Southern part of the county. We did not learn what the

difficulty was about. The shot took effect in the bowels.






Died Friday morning, Sept. 110th, 1875, after an illness of fifty- one days, EDWARD SHERMAN, son of GEO. E. and M.E. HAWKINS, age 2years and 6 months.




All persons indebted to the Estate of G.D. OVAITT deceased, are hereby notified to make immediate payment or their accounts will be given to an officer for collection. MARY C. OVAITT  Adm.


JO BATTS, Colored, was sent to the penitentiary for two years for larceny. Sheriff Lowe left with him and other three last Monday for Nashville.





Mr. JESSE GREENE is building a new house, which will be one of the nicest buildings in the city when finished.


A little son of Mr. JACK BERRYHILL was thrown from a horse and had his arm broken, on Monday evening.



On Friday morning Sept. 3,1875, of membranous croup, JOHN HARDEN, son of Wm. W. and AMANDA M. LONE, age five years and six months.



Mr. WILLIAM HANCOCK aged 73 years, died Sept. 27th,1875



At Los Angles, Cal, Mr. WILBUR F. DAILEY of this place, to Miss Gertrude Friend, of the former. September 15,1875.





DEATH of a Good Citizen

Mr. MASON HINDS, aged about 45 died at Charleston on Saturday evening last. Mr. Hinds was well known in this county. He served a term as Deputy Sheriff. He was a good citizen and liked by all that knew him. We did not learn the cause of his death- in fact we did not know he was sick- He was in Cleveland a few weeks ago and looked as if he was sound and healthy. Mr. Hinds had taken considerable interest in the success of our paper, and was the cause of getting many subscribers in the eighth district.



Mr. W.H. CURRY's little child about four months old fell in the fire last Friday, and was burned very badly  about the face and eyes. It is doubtful if it ever recovers. Its mother had

stepped to the door for a second, to see something about the yard when the accident occurred.



Mr. M.E. HANCOCK to Miss DORA BOYD, all of this county, on Sunday Oct. 3rd, 1875 by Young Keebler Esq.





At Loudon, VA October 7th,1875-Mr. W. O. WIGGINS of Cleveland to Miss JENNIE WILLIAMS of the former place. William and his young bride arrived here last Saturday morning.



Mr. JOHN G. MAYFIELD, brother of P.B. MAYFIELD of this place, died in Polk county last Friday. Aged about 50 years.


Rev. M.H.B. BURKET, is lying dangerously ill at his home in this county.



At the home of the brides father at Charleston, Tenn. on October 5th,1875 Mr. FRANK HUTCHESON of Georgetown, to Miss ANNIE E. CARTER, of the former place. We wish Frank and his young wife

a long happy life.



 Near Georgetown, on the 6th- Mr. JOHN WILLIAMSON, to Miss MARGARET FRANCISCO. [October,1875]



JUDGE R.J.McKINNEY died at his home in Knoxville last Saturday. He was at one time a Supreme Judge of the state.



At the Knoxville Fair, Mrs. CARRIE LEA HAYS' baby took $35.00 worth of premiums.





NOAH DANIELS, an engineer on the E T VA. & Ga. R.R, died very suddenly at Knoxville last week.



Mr. MARION BARNETT died the 16th [October 1875]instant near Brittsville after an illness of some two weeks at the age of eighteen. Mr. BARNETT was a nice young man just in the bloom

of youth and leaves a father, mother, four brothers, and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.


The little child of Mr. W.H. CURRY, that was badly burned a few weeks ago, died last Thursday from the effect of the burn. It was only about five months old.


It is reported in town Monday that Rev. M.H.B. BURKET would probably not live through the night. However, we are glad to learn at this writing (Tuesday evening) that he is much better, and that there are some hopes of his recovery.




Awarded at the Fifth Annual Fair of Bradley County Agricultural and Mechanical Association, held at Cleveland, Tenn, October 12,13,14 and 15,1875:


             BLOODED STOCK.

Best aged stallion, L.L. CALLAWAY  $20

  "   3 yr  "       L L CALLOWAY   $10

  "  filly 2 yrs old JOS TUCKER    $5

2nd best            L L CALLOWAY   diploma


Best brood mare colt by side, W CATE  $15

2nd best                      DAVID McCROSKEY  diploma


Best spring colt        WM. CATE   $5

2nd best                JOS TUCKER  D



             NATIVE STOCK

Best aged stallion    PRYOR LEA       $20

2nd best              JOHN G CARTER    D


Best 3 yrs old stallion     D DUNN Sr.   $10

Best broodmare colt by side  J. CHESTNUT $15

2nd best                     THOS. BRYANT D


Best 3 year old filly      N PADGET     $10

2nd                        S S HOWARD    D

Best spring colt           JOHN CHESTNUT    $5

Best 2 year old filly      JNO F LARRISON   $5


Best broodmare colt by side  J CHESTNUT   $15

2 nd best                    STEPHEN THATCH  D


Best span horse          P M CRAIGMILES    $10

2nd best                 W M CATE Jr.        D


Best saddle horse        L L CALLAWAY      $10

2 nd best                HUGH McCLARY        D


Best 2 yr old stallion    N W HAYS          $5


              JACKS AND MULES


Best imported jack        JOHN G CARTER      $15

  " native jack           THOS. C McCARTY    $15

  " native 3yrs old jack  M V JONES          $10

  " native 2yrs old jack  GID WILLIAMS       $5

2nd best                  GUS CATE            D


Best jennett              JOHN G CARTER      $10

Best pair of mules        J H CRAIGMILES     $10

2nd best (mules)          E F & R E JOHNSON   D

Best mules any age        W A DENTON          $5

2 nd best                 J R TUCKER          D


Best 2 yr old mule        W M SCARBOROUGH    $5

Best 1 yr old mule        THOS BRYANT        $5

2nd best                 GEO TUCKER           D


Best mule colt            WILLIE KIRBY        $5

2 nd best                 WM. BLAIR           D





Best Ayershire bull 3 yr old       P LEA      $10

Best short horn cow 3 yr old       W CATE     $10

Best short horn cow 3 yr old       W CATE     $5

Best short horn bull 1 yr old      W CATE     $5

Best short calf                    W CATE     $5

Best herd                          W CATE     $10



                  MIXED BREED


Best heifer 2 yr old         JNO J HANNAH      $5

Best heifer 1 yr old         PRYOR LEA         $5

Best sucking calf            PRYOR LEA         $5

Best 1 yr old bull           YOUNG DAVIDSON    $5

Best 2 yr old bull           C APPERSON        $5





Best buck sheep              W R TREWHITT      $6

Best boar (mixed)            JOSEPH TUCKER     $5

Best sow and pigs            JOSEPH TUCKER     $5

Best Chester sow            HENRY SIBERMAN     $5

Best lamb                   HENRY SIBERMAN     $5

Best pair of turkeys          WM CATE          $5

Best pair geese            Mrs. JOS E DYKE     $2

2nd best                   Mrs. ISHAM VEST      D

Best pair ducks             PRYOR LEA          $2

Best display fowls          PRYOR LEA          $5

Best display chickens       A E BLUNT          $3

2nd best                    JOHN GOODNER        D



Best acre of Wheat          A E BLUNT           $20

Best 1/2 bu Irish potatoes  J H RUCKER          $1

Best 1/2 bu sweet potatoes  G HUMPHREYS         $1

Best 1/2 bu cornfield peas  J A BEAN            $2

Best 1/2 bu white corn      J E DYKE            $2

2nd best                    S P DENTON           D

Best yellow corn            G B CATE             $2

Best sack flour             J McREYNOLDS        $2

     green peaches          W M  CATE           $1

     1/2 doz beets          L H REEDER          $1

     1/2 bu turnips         WOODSON DAVIS       $1

     1/2 doz cabbage        W M CATE            $1

     1/2 doz carrots        T W MINNIS          $1

      squashes              Mrs. E SHUGART       D

     1/2 bu onions          Mrs. JOE E DYKE     $1

     5 pounds wool          W R TREWHITT         $2

     pickles                Mrs. JO HENDERSON    $1

     soap                   Mrs. MARY SPRIGGS    $1

     cheese              Miss LUTITIA HENDERSON  $2

     butter                 Mrs. G C NEWELL      $2

     lard                   Mrs. BEN ROBERTSON   $2

     cured ham              P M CRAIGMILES       $2

     boiled ham          Miss FANNIE TUCKER      $2

     loaf wheat bread    Miss E J HENDERSON      $1       

     loaf corn bread     Mrs. ISHAM VEST         $1

     biscuits            Mrs. BEN ROBERTSON      $1

     pound cake          Mrs. P H WALKER         $1

     vinegar                 A E BLUNT           $1

     sorghum                 M T STILL           $1

     grape winw              Mrs. T L CATE       $1

     blackberry wine         Mrs. T L CATE       $1

     canned peaches          Mrs. J A JONES      $1

            cherries         Mrs. W H CURRY      $1

            blk'berries      Mrs. J H REYNOLDS   $1

            quinces          Mrs. J A JONES      $1

     applejelly              Mrs. R McNELLEY     $1

     peachjelly              Miss ALICE PICKENS  $1

     strawberry jelly     Miss MOLLY MONTGOMERY  $1

     blackberry jelly         Mrs. R McNELLEY    $1

     quince jelly            Mrs. J W THOMAS     $1

     plum jelly              Mrs.A M BONHAM      $1

     grape jelly             Mrs. TA CATE        $1

     muscadine jelly         Mrs TA CATE         $1

display jellies and preserves Mrs. WM. MANNIS    $2

1/2 bu dried peaches         Mrs. ISHAM VEST     $1

apple preserves              Mrs. TA CATE        $1

peach preserves              Mrs. J H REYNOLDS   $1

quince preserves             Mrs. J W THOMAS     $1

pear preserves               Mrs. J A JONES      $1

plum preserves               Mrs. A M BONHAM     $1

muscadine preserves          Mrs. J A JONES      $1

canned tomatoes              Mrs. J H REYNOLDS   $1


Best basket flowers        Mrs. FLORENCE BAKER   $2

     pyrimid bouquet       Mrs. A E BLUNT        $1

     flat bouquet          Miss MATTIE COULTER   $1

     vase of flowers       Miss. FLORENCE BAKER  $1

     pot plant             Mrs. A E BLUNT        $1       

Best quilt cotton patch work Mrs. Wm. BLAIR     $2

           worsted         Mrs. J W RAMSEY       $2

     quilt log cabin       Mrs. WHITMAN          $2

     quilt white           Miss EMMA BELL         $2

     blanket home made     Mrs. L H REEDER        $2

     counterpane home made Mrs. WM. CATE          $2

     coverlet home made     Mrs.D D SMITH         $2

     hose woolen           Mrs. L J HANNAH        $1

     hose cotton           Mrs. C STANDIFER        $1

     hose half woolen      Mrs. C GWINN           $1

Best carpet rag            Mrs. CHARLOTTE PEAK    $2

     carpet hair           Mrs. J C COCHREHAN     $1

     hearth rug woolen     Mrs. J E DYKE          $1

     hearth rug turfted    Miss KATE SHUGART      $1

Best jeans mixed           Mrs. C STANDIFER       $2

     jeans brown           Mrs. WM. BLAIR         $1

     linsey                Mrs. CHARLOTTE PEAK     $2

     fly brush                   J W THOMAS       $1

     braiding cotton       Mrs. A B MINTON        $1

     fancy lamp matts      Mrs. L V NIXON         $1

Best set table matts        Mrs. J T DeARMOUND    $1

         toilet matts      Mrs. D V NIXON         $1

     suit mens clothes         W. HARTDEGEN        D

          boys             Miss MANICIE WITCHER    $3

     girls calico dress    Mrs. J M CROW           $3

     tidy crochet work     Miss LIZZIE LEE         $1

     worsted crochet work  Miss MAGGIE CALLAWAY    $1

     head work             Miss VALLIE SIMMONS     $1

     tatting               Miss F E HANNAH         $1

     embroidery silk       Miss M BARD             $1

                worsted    Mrs. R F SLOAN           $1

                cotton     Miss J WATKINS          $1

Best wax flowers           Miss SALLIE MILLER       $1

     crystalized grasses    Miss M CRAIGMILES        $1

Best linnen suit          Mrs. D M NELSON           $3

     white apron          Miss M CRAIGMILES         $1

     cotton matress       PAUL KAMERER               $2

Best horse collar TENN made  W O WHITE & CO.        $1

     buggy harness        JAS H REYNOLDS            $5

     riding bridle        JAS H REYNOLDS            $2

     man's saddle         GEO W MAYO                $2

     calf skin            M JULIAN                  $2

     upper leather        M JULIAN                  $2

Best cooking stove        HAWKINS BUTT & CO.         D

     display tinware      W W WOOD & CO             $2

     1/2 doz brooms TENN made  D M McREYNOLDS       $1

     smutter & cockle seperator O G VAUNDERHOOK & CO. D

     corn sheller,Collier       SLOAN & CO.          D

     straw cutter               SLOAN & CO.          D

     2 horse wagon        GEO WIGGINS               $5

     2 horse plow (chilled pat) CATE & WALKER AGTS.  D

     double shovel plow   W S ALEXANDER             $2

     plow stock           W S ALEXANDER             $2

     top buggy TENN made  FECHNER BROS              $10

     no-top buggy         FECHNER BROS              $5

     Omnibus              GEO WIGGINS & SON          D

     set cottage chairs   PAUL KAMERER              $2

     display of chin,glass & silverware GMD HEARD    D

     sofa                 PAUL KRAMERER             $2

     bedstead             JOHN P HACKER             $2

     pencile drawing     Miss MAGGIE BARD           $2

     crayon              Mrs. A E BLUNT             $2

     ornamental painting  Miss VESTA KELLEY         $2

     job printing        WHIG & CHRONICLE            D

     photography         T D SNEED                  $2


                SPEED RING


Best trotting       T L CATE       $15

Fastest 2 yrs old   L L CALLAWAY   $50

Fastest 3 yr old    L L CALLOWAY   $75

Fastest all ages    L L CALLAWAY   $150