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JULY 14,1876

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OCTOBER 14,1875
FEBRUARY 18,1876
APRIL 28,1876
JULY 14,1876
OCTOBER 6,1876
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March 29, 1877
June 21,1877
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November 1,1879




July 5 - Miss MARY BEAN daughter of HAZARD BEAN of this County.


July 6 - Mrs. SARAH HINKLE, wife of JOS. HINKLE of this county.


July 9 - Mr. K C SEABOURN, a well known and highly respected citizen of this county.


July 9 - A young daughter of Mr. JOHN McGRIFF - aged about 8 years.


Mr. W B REYNOLDS, President of the Cleveland National Bank resigned the first of this month. Capt. J E RAHT is the Vice President.





Miss MARTHA L. COWAN, of consumption, on Tuesday, July 13,[1876] aged twenty years, four months and thirteen days. She was a daughter of the late D C COWAN Esq. of this county.



July 12 - Miss ANNIVA SAMPLES, daughter of the late W. B. SAMPLES, of this city.



Mrs. ELIZABETH LEA, at the age of 63 years, on Monday, July 17, 1876. She was born in Salem , VA, April 8,1813. Mrs. Lea's whole life was a brave Christian conflict with wrong and woe.

She had a heart gentle as mercy, and charity as open as light to every appeal of suffering and, want. Truly had the fell Archer a shinning mark. The church has lost a pillar, the little ones, a Christian instructress, and the orphans a mother. Mrs. Lea made home the abode of purity, of noble sentiment, of loving kindness. Her gentle step was heard in the chamber of sickness, the kind pressure of her hand was felt on the brow of pain, the poor and friendless received from her spiritual counsel

and temporal relief. The little ones in Sabbath School were pointed by her to Jesus. The church and its ministry, she sustained, and was ever ready to aid in the advancement of the Master's Kingdom. The death of the good is our strongest moral assurance of the resurrection. The clam departure of the Spirit, from its earthly tenement, anointed and cleansed by the blood

of Christ, is more solemn and awe inspiring, but not less beautiful than childhood.(lots more on sermon)


Our friends and neighbors will please accept out thanks for the kind attention paid our mother during her illness. GEO LEA LIZZIE LEA.




Mr. W M SEAHORN, the efficient postmaster at Athens, died on Friday night last. Mr. Sehorn had the reputation of being one of the most accommodating postmasters in the state. No one will leave more friends to mourn his loss than Mr. SEHORN.


JO O'NEIL was elected and sworn in as Lieutenant of Police. He's a "Bloody Irishman" - Look out boys.


More honor Betsy - JOHN RODGERS declared the ugliest boy in town by a "hoss".





For several years now our town has been subject to a great nuisance, in the way of men and boys getting drunk and shooting pistols after night. On Saturday night last about 2 o'clock some party discharged a pistol in front of J T CATE's livery stable. the ball lodging in the railing of a bed in Mrs. WOOD's house just across the street. Mr. JOHN WHITMAN was in the bed at the time, and had the shot went a foot higher WHITMAN would have been killed. This thing has gone on about long enough, and it is time the authorities were putting a stop to it in some way. Let the Mayor offer a reward of twenty five dollars, and bind them over to the peace; then the thing will stop.



At the residence of the brides father, four miles from Athens on July 20th[1876] Mr. M A JOHN, of this city, to Miss SALLIE BYINGTON.


Mr. JOHN SMALLIN, who had his leg cut off on the 4th of this month, was removed to his home this week. He is improving very fast.



Mrs. COOPER, wife of BENNETT COOPER, of this county, on July 22nd[1876] Age about 80.


LAURA - infant daughter of A S HOFFMAN, of this city, at the age of thirteen months, on July 24th. [1876]






On the 29th of last month, Mr. JOHN NEWTON of this city. We didn’t learn his age. [July 29,1876]


Our young friend, JAMES M COWAN, has bought the stock of family groceries from McREYNOLDS Bros. in the Ocoee corner.





The entire stock of goods in the store of G D OVAITT Dec'd will be sold at auction , August 19th commencing at 9 o'clock.


Mr. P M CRAIGMILES, of this city, is dangerously ill at White Cliff Springs, from throat disease.



Mr. A H WILSON, aged about 80years died in this county on the third of this month[August 3,1876] He was one of the oldest settlers of Bradley county.


Hon. W M BRADFORD is elected over Hon. D C TREWHITT by a majority of 300.


In Knox county REEDER, Republican, was elected Sheriff by 400. ANDERSON, Democrat, was elected Trustee. Our Officers, Sheriff HAYS and Trustee WHITE, are two as clever men as there is in the county, and will make good officers.


Our young friend E E CLINGAN, was elected Sheriff of James county. He is the old one, and gives entire satisfaction.


Polk county - Mr. J E TAYLOR writes us that BRADFORD's official majority in Polk county is 374, and that BROCK (Dem) is Sheriff, and SMITH (Dem.) is Trustee. The county court is equally divided.


The two happiest men in this district are JOHN PETER CAMPBELL and JAMES ANDREW LAWSON - both constables.


Capt. JOHN W SMITH was elected Trustee of James county. Mr. SMITH is one of the best men in the county, and will make as good an officer as anybody. He is well qualified and has good

character for honesty.


Our old friend S S BARRETT has been re-elected Justice of the Peace in Charleston district. WILLIAM BARRETT is the constable.






At Athens on August 16 [1876], by Rev. J A HYDEN, Mr. JOSEPH LUSK to Miss FLORENCE CARTER, both of this city.



Elder I R CHESTNUTT, formerly of McMinn county, died at Gainesville, Texas, recently. He was a native of McMinn county, and supported an excellent character.



A colored woman named RACHEL COLLINS, was sentenced to five years in the penitentiary recently by Jefferson county circuit court, for infanticide.



The Hon. JAMES H THOMAS, of Columbia, died at the residence of his son, A S THOMAS, in Fayettville, August 4,[1876] He was in Congress in 1846-48-59, and served in the Provisional Congress of the Confederacy. He was a member of the Episcopal Church.





At Ellijay, Ga. August 16,[1876], Mrs. SUSAN NOBLE, mother of Mrs. GEO. WIGGINS of this place and Mr. J L NOBLE and Miss JULIA E NOBLE of Ellijay. A life in conformity to the true principles of true Christianity is thus ended. The deceased was about 72 years of age.



Rev. ASA STAMPER, 5 miles east of Cleveland on August 18,[1876] aged about 77 years.



In Cleveland, Sunday, August 20[1876] - JOSEPH K DAVIS, Esq., born in Greene county, Tenn. October 26, 1808, being nearly 68 years of age. The deceased has been an honored citizen of

this county for 25 years, and has served the people as justice of the peace and mayor of our city. He was buried Monday evening at 4 o'clock by the Masonic fraternity of which he was a member, Rev. Mr. GRAY of St. Luke's Church officiating.


Mr. P M CRAIGMILES was removed from White Cliff Springs to his home on Thursday evening last. He is now improving.


A negro boy aged nineteen, was found foully murdered at McMinnville on the 14th inst. by an unknown party. The event caused great excitement.


ISHAM G HARRIS has backed out of traces and stepped down and out of - electoral honors. Too much record we conclude.


A child named JOHNSON, residing in Robertson county, while holding a knife in her hand a day or two ago, fell upon the blade which penetrated her throat and killed her.


Hon. W C WHITTORNE of Seventh Congressional District has been re-nominated against his wish by Democratic constituents.


WILEY McCLISH, an elderly gentleman was murdered and his body horribly muliated by two negros near Dover, in Stewart county.

His head was severed and carried in one direction and his body in another. The object was robbery but the muderers got only ten cents. The two negroes were arrested.