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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

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Pack, Henry to Nancy McKeny June 6,1858

Pack, Noah to Sarah Grogg August 30,1857

Painter, Absalom D to Sarah C Stanfield October 17,1861

Painter, Jackson to Barsheba Memic? August 26,1858

Painter, Ozy to Mary Painter December 20,1860

Panglo, James A to Mary Orasby September 1,1859

Park, David F to Martha E Whole November 24,1861

Parman, Daniel N to Lenah Francis Wagner March 21,1861

Parrott, George to Mary E. Mitchell September 24,1857

Parry, Robert W to Eliza Wilhite June 26,1856

Partin, John B to Martha Mager August 9,1861

Patterson, Gilbert F to Martha Dobbins December 26,1859

Payne, James O. to Lousia Fowler August 22,1858

Payne, Joseph L. to Martha Johnson January 4,1859

Payne, William to Syrena Neilson January 4,1857

Pear--, Andrew to Minerva Brandon December 8,1857

Pearce, John E. to Sarah M. Keeney December 16,1858

Pearce, William E. to Luretta Jane Myers January no date, 1858 (License Jan. 18,1858)

Pearson, Wm to Lucinda Morrison June 4,1862

Penley, Andrew to Jane Estep January 11,1856

Perkins, Julius to Amelia Vaughn February 13,1858

Peters, Samuel to Mary Jane Chedister July 10,1862

Petit, Benjamin to Mary A. Dean August 18,1857

Phellips, Andrew J. to Susannah Tadlock January 23,1856

Phillips, Franklin to Martha Conley March 8,1859

Phillips, Gabriel to Harriet Hunter January 7,1856

Phillips, Haney to Margaret Ann Smith April 10,1856

Phillips, John to Sarah Cathrin Fencher "NR" (License April 10,1862)

Phillips, John Jr. to Mary White August 10,1856

Phillips, Martin to Elizabeth A Hunter "NR" (License Jan.2,1857)

Phillips, Noah J to Ellen Mullinmix October 27,1860

Phillips, Thomas to Eliza E Miller February 14,1861

Pickens, John A. to Mary Patterson June 13,1858

Pickering, Claten R to Elizabeth Rector September 21,1865

Pickering, Enas to Annie M. BArger September 9,1856

Pickering, Enos to Sarah Drummons September 19,1858

Pickering, John to Mary Jane Pierce August 24,1865

Pickering, Nathaniel to Betty Monteith February 19,1860

Pierce, John to Elizabeth Jane Logan December 14,1859

Pierce, William to Mahala A Jane December 30,1858

Pitts, Calaway E. to Hele- Jane Acuff December 26,1856

Poesley, Andrew to Mary Reynolds January 27,1856

Porter, Alozo D. to Angeline Gosnell September 15,1858

Porter, David to NAncy Ann Chambers June 14,1862

Price, Richardson to Anna Everhart September 14,1856

Price, S H to Amanda C Wagner December 27,1862

Price, W. H. to Mary E. Glover September 18,1856

Prother, Ellindgo to Mary Jane Thompson May 17,1861

Prsley, John to Lottie Wolavin November 10,1861

Pupell, Thomas to Sarah Cannon free persons of color April 11,1861

Quinton, John to Ibby Caroline Phips October 10,1861

Quinton, William McDuff to Cathrin Lousia Bowles January 6,1859

Quinton, Wm. Mc D to Nancy A Carter January 10,1861

Quiton, Wm. H to Mary Adaline Bowles January 18,1860

Rader, Casper to Nancy Davis January 4,1857

Rader, Comehu to Sarah Crosby February 16,1860

Rader, JAcob E. to Mary Woods January 3,1857

Rader, John to Anna Cobble October 28,1856

Rader, John A. to Melinda E Parman February 26,1857

Rader, Lweis F to Sarah M Jackson September 22,1859

Rader, Madison to Emily Myers January 19,1860

Rader, William to Nancy E RAder July 12,1860

Ragsdale, Peter to Phebe Isabella Crozeer September 1,1861

Ramsey, William R. to Loinda C. Doak August 8,1856

Ramsey, Wm. to Julia C Broyles January 8,1857

Rankin, Charles G to Louise Rankin December 17,1857

Rankin, Henry to Mary M. Lewis August 17,1858

Rector, Benj. D to Hannah S Jackson October 5,1861

Rector, James H to Polly Ann Jackson April 16,1862

Rector, V B to Sarah Ruth Gray July 9,1857

Redenhour, George to Dorcias Reynolds July 5,1857

Reed, Harmon W to Margaret Ann McFern October 13,1859

Reed, John A. to Attamina Britton September 25,1856

Reed, Oven to Lydia Gowers December 18,1859

Reed, Robert to Thursey Justice March 15,1860

Reed, Soloman to Sarah Haun October 26,1856

Reese, Alfred to Elizabeth Phipps December 4,1856

Reese, Isaac A to Harnit Cook December 7,1860

Reeve, George M. to Selina Elizabeth Broyles February 24,1856

Reidd, Irby H to Angelina Temple January 1,1862

Remer, Andrew to Mary M Bower July 1,1860

Remer, John to Malinda Jane Fugatt July 17,1859

Remmer, David to Susan Nease August 22,1861

Remor?, Milton to Mariah L Miller February 1,1859

Renner, Noah to Levina Renner October 9,1856

Revis, Thomas to Elizabeth Ann Blackstocks October 1,1858

Reynolds, Alfred to Lucinda Jane Ma--- ( ink spot) "NR" (License April 16,1858)

Reynolds, J T to Emma Cozart August 7, 1861

Reynolds, Jacob to Evaline Key February 31,1862

Reynolds, John to Elizabeth Woolaves December 30,1858

Reynolds, Joseph to Lousia M. Lowry December 20,1857

Rhea, Alfred F to Rebecca Loyd November 10,1859

Rhea, James J. to Elen Fitzpatrick May 13,1858

Rich, Sylvanes to Cathrin Mallingaw March 4,1860

Richards, John to Emaline Crawford October 21,1858

Richison, Julius to Sarah Anderson February 10,1857

Ricken, Fredrich to Nancy Ann Taylor November 13,1859

Ricker Daniel to Eliza Keller September 29,1865

Ricker, Samuel L to Jannetta Hilyard June 8,1862

Rickor, Joseph P to Sarah Woods May 19,1859

Ripley Lindsay F to Mary A March March 25,1858

Ripley, Elbert S to MArgaret Ann Egkin April 11,1860

Robbins, John W to Delithea Grie-w August 5,1861

Roberts James A. to Martha Lashley January 24,1856

Roberts, David to Susan Ann Morgan November 16,1859

Roberts, George to Sarah Belt July 31,1856 (free man & woman of color)

Roberts, Wm. to Timanda M Lamon July 20,1857

Robin(cis), James to Ellen Temple June 7,1860

Robinson, Allen G to Laura J Leming August 21,1861

Rodenhour, James to Mary Forshea September 2,1860

Rodenhour, John to Sarah Moore May 13,1859

Rodgers, F M to Sarah M Rudder October 5,1862

Rodgers, James to Eleanor Phillips September 12,1861

Rofs, David R. to Martha Jane Stonechipher January 13,1858

Rofs, John A to Harnet L Gauntt August 2,1859

Rofs, William to Mary Horn September 18,1858

Rollins, James M to Martha Dunham August 2,1861

Rollins, Seth to Lousia Houldah Hensley August 14,1856

Rose, James H. to Elizabeth A. Bull- n September 30,1856

Ross, James to Margaret Weems October 12,1862

Royer, David to Sallie Rumbaugh August 24,1865

Ruble George D to Nancy Jane Harmon September 7,1865

Ruble, John W to Mary Hughes October 13,1859

Rudder, Samuel to Nancy Fry February 10,1861

Runker, David W. to MArgaret E. Wilson December 1,1858

Rupell, Buford to Barbara Bassenger April 26,1857

Rupell, David W. to Emaline Dunwoody March 17,1858

Rupell, Hezakiah to Jane Sh- - fey March 25,1858

Rupell, James to Elizabeth Wilhoite May 31,1857

Rupell, John to Margant Borden February 25,1869

Rupell, Robert to Martha Bean January 16,1858 (free man & woman of color)

Rupell, Samuel T to Martha E Montgomery July 25,1861

Rush, Henry S. to Nancy C. Weems March 10,1858

Rush, Jepe to Artiminea Price February 28,1858

Russell, John to Alfeha Russell May 28,1858

Russell, Lewis L. to Sarah Wyatt August 14,1856

Russell, Robert S. to Laura Cochran July 10,1856

Ruth, Joseph B. to Martha B. Self March 4,1858

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages