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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

GROOM M thru O record

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Madani, Rice to Mary Nichols February 5,1857

Mager, Robert to Elizabeth Smith November 18,1862 (says 1862 for m: date returned May 1862, possibably m:1861)

Malan-y, John to Nancy Jones June 25,1860

Maleno William J to Minirva Carter September 24,1865

Maley, Harvey to Margaret M. Hays October 13,1858

Mallicote, Geo. A to S C Herer-ters March 7,1861

Malone to Elizabeth Brown November 10,1856

Malone, Harvey to Elizabeth Holland January 28,1861

Malone, Henry to Eliza Mitchell July 5,1860

Malone, John to Mary E. Webb January 13,1859

Malone, John to Susan Linebargh June 4,1859

Malone, Joseph to Hulda Duggan January2,1859

Malone, Thomas to Ama Woody August 9,1860

Malone, Thos. B to Nancy C Jeffers September 2,1860

Malone, William to Cathrin Jeffers September 26,1858

Maloy, Alexander to Mary E. Harrison September 26,1856

Manes, Austin to Mary Isabella McCielp-- Returned Jan. 1890 (License Dec. 25,1860) No endorsedment

Manes, Thomsa to Maranda Stames August 28,1861

Manes, Wm. to Elizabeth McMillon January 1,1861

Mardy, Elbert to Mary McMillan May 18,1859

Marrow, William to Eliza Low August 27,1859

Marsh, Chas. H to Eliza J. Lane October 15,1861

Marsh, Wm. C to Melisia C Oliphant September 19,1861

Marshall, Alfred to Polly Borun (Brown) August 19,1860

Marshall, Benj. L to Martha M Reed "NR" (License Oct. 22,1860)

Marshall, John to Emaline M Dunbar July 4,1861

Marshall, John to Melinda Wyatt April 24, 1856

Marshall, Robert to Debora Robertson February 9,1860

Marshall, Sam. to Elizabeth Grim September 24,1857

Marsholl, Patrick to Bridget Sharmahan November 25,1862

Martin William N to Frances H Swatzel "NR" (License Dec. 9,1859)

Martin, David to Elizabeth Tucker February 19,1862

Martin, William N to Frances H Swatzel December 9,1859 (second entry)

Martin, Wm. L to E Powell April 2,1860

Masley, Wm to Nicie Hensley February 7,1861

Masnor, James H to Lydia E Easterly MAy 16,1861

Mason, James M. to Elizabeth McDonald September 11,1856

Mason, Martin V B to Sarah MCDonald August 10,1861

Mason, Martin V. to Rebecca Johnson "NR" (License May 7,1858)

Masoner, Andrew to Mary Jane Scruggs August 14,1862

Masshole John D to Mary E Johnson August 31,1865

Mathews, Henry C. to Susan Mitchell May 30,1857

Mathis, Alexr. to Mary Dodd October 2,1861

Maticks, Thomas to Fran Jones October 23,1858

Matlock, George to Mary Jane Stroud September 18,1862

Matson, David to Ruth J. Walker May 24,1857

Mattlock, Elbert S to Emaline Caly January 4,1862

Mattsbarger, John to MAry Ann McDonald August 23,1857

Mayfield, Charles to Lucinda E. McLuse December no date given,1856 (license Dec25,1856)

Mayfield, J L to Maverva Pinkton August 6,1859

Mc Amis, John to Polly Smiley November 11,1858

Mc M- - - ry, James to Elizabeth McKamey August 5,1858

Mc'Adams, John C to Sarah JAne Mahoney July 13,1856

McAmis, Ephriam D to Malinda Bailey June 28,1856

McAmis, Hugh to Nancy Britton September 29,1857

McAmis, Isaac to Rhoda Shanks February 17,1858

McAmis, William to Polly Gass January 26,1860

McCalib, Jas. T C to Sarah Jane Babb "N R " (License May 26,1856)

McCallough, Wm. to Sarah Adaline Yarber January 23,1857

McCany, Walker to Mary Hall February 28,1856

McClare, John F M to MAry Mallicks January 6,1862

McConley, John to Mary E Reynolds December 15,1860

McCord, Wm. B to Harriet Marsh May 13,1857

McCoy, James W. to Charlotte Lovett December 31,1857

McCurray, Alez C to Mary Jane McAmis October 10,1858

McCurry to Elizabeth Dukes March 8,1856

McCurry, Joseph F A to Citta- C Carter May 9,1861

McCurry, Joshua to Martha Ann Miller December 28,1858

McDonald, Nathan to Mary Watts May 10,1856

McDonald, Wm. M to Angeline English December 6,1857

Mcericker (M-encker), G B to Elizabeth Blake August 27,1862

McFarland, Oliver to Cathrine Myers October 28,1861

McFarland, Robert to Margaret Jane Baker May 17,1859

McGee, Bryant to Nancy Marshall November 27,1859

McGee, John to Matilda J Dickinson September 5,1861

McGee, William to Mary Ann Nelson November 30,1862

McGeo, Andrew to Margaret M. Marshall March 19,1857

McGongal Wm. to Emalin Fair September 3,1865

McGriffin, Jonathan R. to Ellen J. Self September 7,1856

McKamey, Robert to Cathrin Hott August 30,1857

McKamy, Marshall to Nancy M Kizer July 17,1859

McKee, Robert M. to Sarah T Powell September

McKeehan, Wm. to Mary Ann Rakin December 16,1858

McKenney, Saml. to Frances E Nielsas November 12,1862

McKinsor, Lewis to Cathrine A Bible October 13,1858

McMackin, James to Elizabeth Harrison August 23,1857

McMurtry, Wm P to Diannah Boyd July 23,1859

McNeese, Henry to Mary E. Fraizer September 7,1856

McNeese, John C to Dianah C Murphy July 25,1861

McTrobaugh, James to Sarah Elizabeth Wisecanor October 13,1859

McTurf, Nathainel to Barbara Ann Cobble March 7,1861

Mefford, Micajah to Elizabeth Ann Rader "NR" (License November 22,1861)

Mercer, Joseph F to Sarah Caroline Sem-sig February 6,1862

Mettsbarger, John to Isabell Beals January 27,1858

Meyers, Peter to Martha Simpson October 30,1856

Milburn, William to Sarah Ann Dreamer August 19,1861

Miller, Hiller, Hinton Thos M to Malinda P- - - een ? October 5,1865

Miller, Jacob to Carolin Remer June 14,1860

Miller, Jacob to Caroline Ricker November 25,1860

Miller, John to Eliza Casey June 26,1858

Miller, Julius F to Nancy C Miller September 6,1859

Millers, Adam to Elizabeth Jane Casey November 4,1857

Millers, VanBuren to Lousia Carolin Phillips March 5,1859

Milligan, Joseph to Rebecca McDonald November 18,1857

Mills, Jacob to Margaret Chance August 22,1858

Mills,Wm. Haywood to Harriet C. Williams "NR " (License Feb. 23,1858)

Mircer, E F to Charlota Hull October 31,1861

Mitchell, Alfred to Adelide Silver (?) Sol- er (?) August 24,1865

Mitchell, Arden to Vina Roberts February 21,1861

Mitchell, Evans S to Kaluish (Ketty) H Pickering October 19,1862

Mitchell, James C to Sallie A Kidwell December 21,1862

Moffitt, John T. to Sarah C McDonald December 22,1862

Money, Layfayett to Martha Hale November 9,1861

Moneyhaus, Joseph to Mary Ann Criom February 7,1858

Montgomery, Thos. Wm to Harnet L Walker December 6,1859

Moody, H M to Barbara Kin-stheson November 19,1861

Moon, Melvin to Minah Hott December 12,1862

Moonehaus, Joseph to Eleanor Wills "NR" (License Nov. 24,1857)

Moore, Alexander to Nancy Dobbins December 7,1856

Moore, E N to Susan Case August 24,1862

Moore, James F to Temepee Brown October 8,1860

Moore, John to Margaret Brown February 3,1859

Moore, Joseph to Clarissa Carter February 12,1862

Moore, Yancy to Jane Walker "NR" (License June 18,1862)

Moose, Alfred to Susan Miller February 9,1857

More, William to Isabell Morton December 25,1858

Morehead, Andrew to Margaret S T Scott May 20,1858

Morelock, Nathan to Mary M Prutt January 3,1860

Morgan, James K to Nancy Helen April 23,1861

Morgan, Samuel to Ann Elizabeth Knowls December 14,1859

Morgan, Wm A to Martha Hamell (null?) August 15,1860

Morinson, Lenior to Mary Barham August 11,1861

Morris, Joshua to Martha C. Haren February 6, 1856

Morrison, James to Sarah Anderson August 4,1860

Morson(?), Archibald C. to Eliza King September 12,1856

Mrogan, Morris to Mary E. Lofollett January 15,1857

Mroway, Thomas to Jane Bayless "NR" (License Aug. 18,1858)

Muncher, G B to May Cathrin Ward February 10,1859

Murphey, James to Mary Babb August 1,1859

Murphy, Thos. J to Mary C Low May 29,1856

Murrell, Edwin T. to Drucilla Abrose February 18,1858

Myers, Franklin to Mary A Kenney December 8,1857

Myers, Jacob to Clarisa N. Hardin April 7,1859

Myers, John to Anna Willoughby October 28,1856

Myers, Reynolds to Sarah Margaret Self December 15,1861

Myers, Ruben to Cathrin Melinda Boiles February 16,1862

Mysinger, Geo. W to Mary Jane Meller February 12,1860

Mysinger, George to Martha Jane Miller January 4,1857

Neas, Ambrose to Dolly Ann Ottinger August 28,1856

Neas, Jonas to Lavina Neas September 12,1857

Nease, Adam to Cathrine Linebarger October 26,1856

Nease, George to Mary E. Lauderdale April 6,1856

Nease, George to Sarah Remers November 22,1857

Nease, John to Regena Remer February 9,1860

Nease, John T to Cathrin Withle November 20,1859

Nease, Paul to Nancy Hale April 30,1862

Neele, John to Martha Jane Fashea September 8,1861

Neele, William to Susan Rader February 17,1856

Neese, Johnathan to Martha Jane Harmon November 15,1859

Neilson, James S. to Martha E Baker December 1,1858

Neilson, William to Harriett Jane Hale February 1,1859

Nelson, David to Synthia McCoy June 23,1862

Nelson, Harry F to Nancy Reynolds November 24,1859

Nelson, Hugh to Sarah Jane Prath September 5,1861

Nelson, John to Sarah Teague March 21,1858

Newman, John to Margaret Whit--- July 9,1861

Nichols, Charles T. to Manah Jane Yates January 10,1856

Nichols, Wm. B. to Lydia Ellis December 4,1856

Noel, Almegro to MArgaret Allen September 22,1859

Oakley, Wm to Margaret M Davis November 2,1862

Odell, James M. to Nancy L. Jones April 17,1859

Olen, John C to May Williams to February 1,1859

Olephant, D R to Margaret Robinson January 23,1861

Olinger, Jepe to Mary C. Armstrong September 17,1856

Oliver James R. to Mahala Dean January 9, 1856

Orum, Michael to Leethey Elder June 30,1859

Osbourne, Valentin to Barbara Jane Dyon June 16,1861

Ottinger , Lewis B to Mary Ann Rader November 25,1859

Ottinger, Abraham to Nancy Saul March 13,1862

Ottinger, George to MArtha Love January 2,1862

Ottinger, Jacob to Manerva Robinson February 24, 1856

Ottinger, William to Dorthy Ann Love April 1,1858

Owens, Thomas to Susan Glascock to April 25,1861

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages