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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

GROOM G thru I record

GROOM A thru C record
GROOM D thru F record
GROOM G thru I record
GROOM J thur L record
GROOM M thru O record
GROOM P thru R record
GROOM S thru U record
GROOM V thru Z record

Gable, M D to M E J Walker December 4, 1861

Gable, Thos. S. to Cathrine N Stephens June 1,1859

Gaby, Martin to Sarah Cooter January 29,1857

Galbreath, Lee to Nancy Galbreath August 12,1856

Gallaher, Charles M. to Mary L. Foite June 7,1858

Gallbreath,D M to Mary Jewell June 6,1860

Gammons, Charles B. to Eliza Hale February 22,1857

Gardiner, Alfred to Martha Myers February 25,1856 ( note:copy to Sept.5,1868)

Gaslin, Tilghman to Sarah Fondrew July 25,1861

Gass, David R to Mary Jane Rufsell January 28,1857

Gass, George to MArtha Wright December 31,1857

Gass, George B. to Martha A. King March 28,1858

Gass, J G to Phebe A Johnson June 14,1860

Gass, James to Elizabeth Thompson March 27,1862

Gass, James A. to Jane Hardin "NR" (License April 9,1857)

Gass, John to Amila Rader January 28,1857

Gass, John to Clarissa Hardin November 4,1856

Gass, Joseph to Nancy Lan March 31,1861

Gass, William to Larera A Gass December 15,1861

Gauntt, John F. Margaret J. White (Returned Jan. 6,1857 NO endorsement)

George, Wm W to Elizabeth Lovett December 8,1859

German, Anderson to Mary Prsley October 2,1859

Gibson, Calvin to Rupell Martha A March 16,1858

Gibson, Charles to Sarah E. Ketten September 19,1857

Gibson, Thomas to Patrica Mills May 18,1858

Gillespie Harvey to Rachel Ann Jarm- us (?) September 15,1865

Godfrey, Wm. A to Lizzie Maloney November 2,1862

Golden, Samuel to Mary Jane Hope April 26,1858

Good, Lewis to Lousia Kite January 25,1860

Good, Thomas to Elizabeth Crew September 28,1858

Gooden, Mathew to Nancy Morrisson April 30,1857

Graham, Abraham to Lavina Wyans November 27,1856

Graham, Emanul to Sarah Winkle June 6,1859

Graham, George to Eliza Ann Dickson March 3,1859

Graham, George J to MArgaret M Brown January 31,1860

Graham, James to Margaret Reynolds January 29,1859

Graham, William to Sarah Carolin Johnson February 27,1859

Gray Lsaac B to Mary Weems October 8,1865

Gray, James F. to Adalade Taylor November 10,1857

Green, Joshua to Elizabeth Ann Thomas September 11,1862

Greene, John W to Amelia C Grum July 6,1859

Greenlee, John to JAne Mornson August 1,1859

Greenler, Ladson D to Harnet N Gass July 3,1859

Gregg, John H to Cathrine A J Walker December 20,1860

Gregory, Benj. F to Cathrin Susong October 7,1858

Gregory, Lorenza D to Eliza Jane Bird September 1,1859

Gregory, Richard to Lucinda Cafe July 29,1858

Gribbs, William to Hannah E Williams "NR" (License May 11,1861)

Grohurn, Ehakin to Sarah Bascler December 15,1861

Grubbs, Andrew to Mary Ann Dodd "NR" (License March 5,1862)

Grubbs, William to Mary Lousia Collene June 15,1861

Grunton, Alex D to Cathrin L. Phillips October 31,1858

Hackney to Hannah E Rankin April 21,1860

Hair, James to Emaline Keller October 27,1856

Hale, Alen D. to Angeline S Temple "NR" (License May 10,1858)

Hale, Bird B. to Margaret M. Scruggs January 27,1858

Hale, Enoch to Mary Jane Timmons December 8,1859

Hale, James C to MArgaret Bartles March 19,1857

Hale, James E to Delsemoth Chaise January 6,1859

Hale, John B. to Eliza F. King September 30,1856

Hale, Killass to Cathrine Lawson October 6,1861

Hale, Wm. A to Diam-- M. Crawford October 28,1857

Haley, Daniel to Manerva Riesn February 7,1858

Hall Robert to Betty Brown December 17 , 1865

Hall, Alexander to Minerva Jane Shelton August 13, 1858

Hall, Alexander J. to Piarce Member J. July 13,1856

Hall, William to Nancy Like December 25,1860

Hamell, Alexr. to Lurinna Halloway October 21,1857

Hamet, Isaac to Nancy Page October 29,1859

Hammer, John D to Matilda Edwards August 25,1859

Hamon, Isaac B to Martha M Mercer July 3,1862

Hamon, Jasiah to Sarah Wools-y September 10,1857

Hampton, Jas. A. to Mary A. Harmon September 25,1856

Hamson, Benj. W (M) to Cathrine E. Conwill August 7,1856

HAncock, John W. to Mary Jane Boling August 14,1862

Haney, Charles to Eliza Caroline Ricker September 28,1858

Haney, James Harvy to Rachel Crum October 12,1858

Hankins, Henry M. to Mary Ann Gass November 16,1857

Hann (Haun), Jacob to Sarah Strand March 14,1861

Hannah, John W. to Caroline Marsh September 30,1862

Hannon, Alexr. W to Fetina Jane Carter March 3,1861

Hannon, Henry to Lousia Steelman January 12,1860

Hannon, Slolman to Hannah Loisia Hick June 18,1861

Hannon, Wm. R to Emaline Baughard August 12, 1856

Hannson, Stephen B to Mathilda E Fannion November 20,1859

Hansel, Ruben H to Martha Hollaway August 24,1859

Hanson, JAmes to Mary Ann Hughes March 10,1858

Hardin, John to Melinda Kidwell July 4,1861

Hardin, Kelly to Elizabeth Duncan March 22,1857

Harin, Jehu R to Cathrin M Harmon September 28,1865

Harm, James H. to Melinda McDonald March 10,1858

Harm, Wm. C to Francis S Campbell January 2,1859

Harmon, A J to Hester J Wells January 8,1857

Harmon, A J to Margaret Isabell Phillips June 3,1858

Harmon, C A to Mary E. Wells April 23,1861

Harmon, Isaac to Sebrina Simpson August 22, 1858

Harris- - , Caleb to Mary Farnsworth May 29,1860

Harris, Robert P to Mary Jones May 22,1862

Harris, Wm M to Hyla Couch July 9,1860

Harrison, Henry to Catharin Melligan December 18,1861

Harrison, Samuel to Elizabeth Henry January 12,1858

Harrison, Wm. J to Tempy Woods February 23,1862

Harrold, Benj. D to Amelia Brown November 11,1858

Harrold, Benjamine D. to Amanda Jane Harrold February 11,1857

Harry, John S. to Eve Ann Cuern (?) August 3,1856

Hartman, Enoch to Telitha Hannon October 30,1856

Hartman, John W. to Martha M. Cramer August 11,1856

Hattey, Sherwood W to Sally Clarke October 24,1859

Hauhloger, Zechariah to Margaret E Hetter February14,1861

Haun, John to Nancy Kesterman April 22,1860

Haun, L M to Martha E Harmon December 23,1858

Hawk, John to Susan E Garmmers November 28,1861

Hawkins, Jacob to Rebecca Babb February 20, 1858 (9) (License Nov. 25,1858)

Hawkins, James to Rebecca Kenny September 23,1858

Hawkins, Phillip to Virginia F Page January 20,1859

Hawkins, Samuel S. to Carolin Yeakley January 16,1858

Hawkins, Wm to Martha J Strong September 11,1865

Haworth, James J. to Martha E. Bird August 7,1856

Hayler, Robert to Lucinda Meyers December 25,1856

Hays, Isaac to Nancy Rudder February 21,1860

Hays, John to Elizabeth Jane Franker April 29,1861

Hays, Nathan to Catharine McMackin September 7,1856

Hays, Nathaniel to Lydia Baxter September 25,1862

Hays, Robert to Margaret T M'Mackie October 30,1860

Heath, Greem(?) to Sarah Lowry August 1,1860

Hedgfreth, Edwill T. to Elizabeth Mangram June 20,1857

Henderson, Robert to Anna Remer January 1,1860

Hendry, Edward R to Hannah J Carter January 22,1860

Hendry, Thorton to Mary Harrison December 30,1858

Henry, James to Elizabeth A. Dunlap No date (License June 7,1858)

Henry, James to Sarah Ellis March 6,1857

Henry, John J to Elizabeth Morrow December 27,1859

Hensher, William to Nancy McFarland February 7,1858

Hensley, Amos to Eliza Abegail Fann July 26,1857

Hensley, George to Martha A. Hair June 14,1856

Hensley, John to Miran Fincher "NR" (License December 30,1861)

Hensley, Mathias to Lousia Jane Hamilton July 20,1856

Hensley, Rachel Adeline Wine August 4,1859

Herise, Wm. to Sarah Lonas July 18,1857

Hestillar, John to Polly Ann Myers September 25,1862

Hickman, Frederick to Martha L. Greenbrier March 12,1857

Hickson (Hixson), James to Mary Burgner November 6,1856

Hickson, Jacob A. to Evalin Johnson January 29,1859

Hill, John to Madalena T Butt "NR" (License Jan. 20.1860)

Hiller, Hinton, Miller Thos M to Malinda C P- - - een ? October 5,1865

Hinkle, John to Nancy Ann Beasley December 23,1859

Hinton, Hiller, Miller Thos M to Malinda P - - - ee n? October 5,1865

Hise, Henry to Jane Burket July 14,1861

Hise, John to Elizabeth Ricken October 20,1871

Hofs, Henry to Rachel Malone September 18,1858

Holder, James to Sarah Jane Painter September 20,1862

Holder, Johnson to Nancy Jones November 2,1857

Holder, Mabury to Elizabeth Muncher July 25,1862

Holder, Wm. to Sylena Earles April 30,1857

Holiday, Ward to Eliza Simpson October 18,1858

Hollinger, George to Loretta A Dobson February 21,1860

Honcher, James K to Martha Jane Rankin August 7,1861

Hope, Adam to Martha Jane Housley April 4,1857

Hope, John to Martha Caroline Bible November 9,1861

Hope, John K to Mary Smith December 26,1859

Hott, Bradley to Hannah Nease August 23,1857

Hott, Jonas to MArgaret Seaton May 7,1857

Hott, Jonas to Mary Ann Hale July 13,1858

Hott, William to Mary Johnson February 3,1861

House, John P to Martha Ann Myers August 3,1862

Houston, Wm. to Lydia Rollins October 12,1856

Howell, Wm. to Cathrine Lasl--- February 6,1862

Hoyal, James O to Sallie Proffitt September 3,1861

Hucks John N to Eliza Sur - - g September 12,1865

Hucks, Anzi to Polly Johnson June 30,1859

Hucks, William to Margaret White December 30,1858

Huff, Andrew J to Elizabeth Debruk August 24,1862

Huff, Wm. A to Mary Ann Ottinger August 28,1859

Hull, John M. to Elizabeth A. McDonald February 16,1858

Hull, Samuel H to Jane Anderson March 27,1862

Humboro, Adam P. to Mary White February 24,1858

Humphreys, John H to Ludia Margaret A Armstrong December 6,1860

Hunt, John to Leah White January 10,1860

Hunt, Washinton S. to Mariah Jane Ch- diters October --, 1857 (License Oct. 27,1857)

Hunt, William C. to Mary Jane Bible March 18,1857

Hutten, James A to Delilia Huff August 6,1861

Hybarger, John to Margaret A. Brown (note says Bowers) December 11,1856

Hybarger, Wm M to Margaret Jones January 26,1860

Hyden, John M. to Susannah McNeese August 3,1858

Ingle, Heny to Malinda Clean June 7,1860

Ingle, J M to Nancy C Day November 25,1860

Ingle, William to Casander McLain MArch 13,1862

Ingle, William to Elizabeth Selon(e) June 7,1860

Ingman John D to Eliza Jane Embree September 21,1865

Isley, James Q to Emily Walker November 23,1862

Isley, Martin to Manerva Pinkerton January 27, 1856

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages