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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

GROOM V thru Z record

GROOM A thru C record
GROOM D thru F record
GROOM G thru I record
GROOM J thur L record
GROOM M thru O record
GROOM P thru R record
GROOM S thru U record
GROOM V thru Z record

Vance, David G. to Cathrin Droke November 17,1859

Vance, James H to Mary E Fleming September 17,1861

Vance, Marion B to MArtha Rader November 17,1859

Vance, Wm. K. to Loo C Welron "N R " (License May 22,1856)

Vanco, Patrick H to Rebecca Remmo July 19,1860

Varner, G W to Sarah E Roberts "NR" (License Feb. 8,1859)

Varner, William to Sarah Roley March 27,1862

Vayghan, Joseph E to Mary E. Haun October 10,1860

Virage James J to Harriet Armenta Reed September 21,1865

Waddle, Augustin to Mary Ann Harrison September 1,1859

Waddle, Jonathan to Lydia McCoy July 8,1858

Waddle, Martin to Sarah Ann Grant August 20,1857

Wagner, John to Emily Brown June 12,1860

Wagner, Joshia to Elizabeth Panman December 29,1859

Wagoner, Elijah to Cathrin E Par- - - ese December 20,1860

Waits, Jacob to Elizabeth Beals April 3,1858

Waits, James to Rachel Cunningham March 8,1857

Walker, D A to Mary A Keebler October 14,1862

Walker, Enoch to Eliza Jane Brabson December 7,1859

Walker, John G to Dianah Mohulde English July 7,1861

Walker, Richard to Carharin Willet (no date) (License June 10,1857)

Walker, Samuel to Susannah L White September 2, 1858

Walker, Thomas to Cynthea J Veactman February 21,1860

Wallace, Benj. F to Martha M. McGee April 11,1858

Wallace, James A. to Penelope Sharpe August 7,1859

Wallace, John to Elizabeth A. MArtin December 31,1857

Wallace, Jonathan to Tetitha Scott June 10,1856

Wallace, S M to Martha C. Haynes September 6,1856

Wamp(f?)sler, Elizabeth Alshie September 25,1862

Ward, James to Barbara Remor May 12,1862

Ward, James to Mary Mayfield July 30,1857

Ward, Sampson to Rosannah Siles March 26,1856

Wattenbarger, Daniel A to Mahalia Jane Bradley September 6,1859

Wattenbarger, Jacob to Martha Brown December 16,1859

Watter, George W to Rebecca Ann Kutersa (?) October 21,1862

Webb, Henry to Polly Ann Brown December 15,1861

Webster, James O to Melinda Mays December 26,1858

Webster, John to Elizabeth Ann McGee November 14,1859

Weece Weice? Thigh A to Margaret C Reed October 3,1865 NR

Weeks, Deny to Mahala Clontz December 2,1857

Weemer, Edwin to Cathrin Horney January 6,1859

Weems, Elijah K to Ama Strong July 12,1860

Weems, George to Margaret Ann Rofs "NR" (License Nov. 26,1860)

Weems, John G to Mary J F Williams May 17,1856

Weems, John W. to Jane Justice September 23,1857

Weems, Thomas N. (B) to Elizabeth Stames September 7,1856

Welch, J T to Martha A Long December 14,1860

Welliz, Alford to Lydia M Luerz ? November 7,1862

Wells, George O to C L Amantrout-y November 8,1860

Wells, Hugh to Hale, Lucinda May 22,1858 (free persons of color)

Wells, Wm. W. to Amanda Case August 14,1856

West, Richard H. to Mary Ann Lane May 5,1857

Westmoreland, James to Lucinda Robbins February 1,1859

Wheeler, David to Jane Hays September 17,1861

Wheeler, Riley to Rebecca Garrett August 5,1856

White, Archibald to Margaret M Malone February 6,1860

White, David to Mahala Cruddick NR (Licenses August 9,1862)

White, Eli K to Mary Jane Ricker February 10,1861

White, Isaac to Mary White August 30,1860

White, James A to Melinda Jones October 1,1859

White, James M to RAchell Campbell June 8,1862

White, John to Abigail Sena White January 16,1862

White, John to Elizabeth White JAnuary 3,1861

White, John to Sarah Sexton November 25,1860

White, John to Mary Catharin Basten April 1,1856

White, Joseph to Catharine Price April 5,1857

White, Noah to Sarah Walover November 4,1856

White, Phar-ah to Nancy Greene March 11,1859

White, Samul. to Susan Ashley June 5,1860

White, Thomas F. to Nancy Ann Brown January 15,1857

White, William John to Elizabeth Carlson April 24,1859

Whiteaker, Alexander to Rebecca Kennard November 27,1860 (License Dec. 7,1860)

Whitmore, James to Eliza Collins NR (License September 9,1862)

Whittekers, Richard W to Elizabeth Jane Hulse November 27,1859

Whittenkeler, Stephen to Penelope A Staton April 17,1859

Wilcose, J C to Melinda Phillip March 29,1860

Wilhoite, John P to Elizabeth Hanson July 14,1859

Wilhoite, Samuel L to Nancy Emaline Crem December 8,1861

Wilhoite, W M to Sarah Ann Elleson August 20,1859

Wilkinson to Mary Owers May 12,1861

Willhoite, Simon to Margaret Lemmones September 22,1857

William Calum to Mary Faster (?) Fastor September 11 taken out NR

William, Benj. to Ruth Farmer October 15,1861

William, P J to Tempy Brown February 19,1860

Williams, James A. to Susannah McStuart January 30,1856

Williams, Joseph to Lucie M Rumberg October 24,1861

Williamson, Isom A. to Matilda Johnson September 17,1857

Williamson, Jason W. to Amanda Cutcher October 8,1857

Willm-tho, Berryls to Susan Phillips January 26,1858

Wills, Warren S. to Emily Burgan August 26,1858

Wilsen Peter to Ailcy Reed September 13 1865 taken out NR

Wilson, John to Susan Blackly April 7,1859

Wilson, Lawrence to Elizabeth Brumley January 2,1858

Wines Peter to Nancy Graham May 5,1856

Winkel, William to Susannah Jones April 13,1858

Winkle John to Sarah Camella McDbruk September 15,1865

Winkle, William to Nancy Mor(i)nson December 6,1860

Wolaver, John to Mary Ann Susaong June 29,1859

Woods, Andrew J. to Emaline Marshall October 30,1859

Woods, Jepe to Temperance Graham February 5,1856

Woods, William to Eliza Phillips January 21,1862

Woods, Wm. to Sarah McCollin "NR" (License October 29.1861)

Wool- - rin, Philip to Ruth White July 28,1857

Woolaves, James E. to Isabell Jane Bormeg July 14,1857

Wright, George to Lenette Jane Ellis October 2,1862

Wright, John to Mary Aikin September 19,1862

Wright, Marion to Laura Frinkar December 24,1862

Wright, Obaniah M to Nancy Ann Ellis November 10,1858

Wright, Robert D to Elizabeth Snow April 23,1861

Wright, Wm. J to Sarah Brubaker April 14,1861

Wykle, George W to Mary Rudder September 23,1862

Wykle, James D to Mary E Brandon June 11,1858

Wykle, Marshall L. to Sarah Ann Smith May 7,1857

Yackley, George W. to Elizabeth Cooters December 10,1857

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages