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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

GROOM J thur L record

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Jack, John to Sophia Mooneyhaus February 26,1859

Jackson, George to Cathrine Easterly September 25,1861

Jackson, James H to Margaret Hale August 25,1862

Jackson, James W. to Nancy Rofs March 10,1858

Jackson, William to Casander Britt February 27,1862

Jane, Henry to Susannah Carmon January 18,1862

Jarnegan, James to Elizabeth Sisk April 20,1861

Jeanes, Abraham to Martha Jane Waddls February 25,1858

Jeanes, John to Sarah Jane Waddle August 1,1858

Jeans, Wm. J to Cathrin Farmer July 23,1857

Jeffers, James M to Sebrina Mills January 18,1858

Jeffers, Wm. to Jane McNeese October 9,1862

Jeming, Elijah to Cathrin Bowman November 11,1858

Jestis, James to Hannah E. Mercer November 6,1856

Jeurll, David R to Margaret Marsh October 15,1862

Johnsen, George to Sarah Johnson October 5,1865

Johnson, Allen T to Martha Leemons September 10,1859

Johnson, Daivd C. to Levina S Bowers January 27,1859

Johnson, Edden to Mary Adelina Barger September 9,1856

Johnson, James to Eliza Dyke April 16,1861

Johnson, John to Catharin Jones May 30,1857

Johnson, John to Sarah Jane Hall February 5,1857

Johnson, John T to Caroline Farmer September 28,1862

Johnson, Nathan B. to Mary Jane Meek November 12,1858

Johnson, Noel to Sarah Ricker April 28,1859

Johnson, Solomen J. to Elizabeth Smelson November 6,1856

Johnson, William to Catharine Falls April 30,1857

Johnson, Wilson B to Sarah M Price January 5,1860

Johnson, Wm. L to MArtha Dryman January 20,1861

Jones Elliott to Amanda G cllipco (?) September 15 1865 taken out NR

Jones John to Francy (?) Jones September 11,1865

Jones Joseph to Peggy Ann Forsher March 18,1857

Jones, Ambrose to Mary Matthews "NR" (License May 17,1858)

Jones, Asbury to Matilda Ann Rector October 12,1862

Jones, Bales to JAne Ottinger November 25,1858

Jones, Bales to Melinda Soyles "NR" (License Aug. 30,1858)

Jones, George to Mary Ann Roberts October 20,1861

Jones, George W. to Rebecca Stames February 23,1858

Jones, Isaac A. to Angelina Low December 14,1856

Jones, Jermiah to Edna Jane Morrison December 28,1858

Jones, Joel L to Eliza Jane Bell March 18,1857

Jones, John to Margaret J. Broderick February no date,1858 (License Feb. 5,1858)

Jones, John C. to Sarah Jane Brook December 30,1858

Jones, Jonas to Mary J. Wright January 1,1856

Jones, Levi J to Mariah C O- - - -lser October 17,1861

Jones, Lina- S to Polly Strong June 19,1862

Jones, Martin to Margaret Mornsan May 27,1860

Jones, Thomas to Elizabeth Ann Harrison December 11,1860

Jones, Tumer to Elizabeth J Strong "NR" (License Jan. 17,1860)

Jones, William to Elizabeth Reynolds February 14,1856

Jones, William to Rebecca Morrison April 13,1856

Jones, Wm. to Nancy England September 24,1857

Justic, Wm. Crawford to Sarah Lonas February 17,1859

Justice, Alfred to Mantla A Overholsen June 13,1861

Justice, Isaac to Nancy C. Johnson February 5,1857

Justice, John to Eda Adline Land January 18,1859

Justis, Joseph E. to Polly Ann Malone February 1,1857

Justis, Wm. to Margaret H. Johnson September 4,1856

Kammey, James to Elizabeth Brotherton December 18,1857

Keene, William A to Rachel White December 16,1858

Keene, Wm. A to Dramah Brandon July 27,1857

Keezell, Rufus to Rhohany Cobble October 19,1856

Keith, James A. to Margaret A. Jones January 8,1856

Keller, George W. to Elizabeth Weller April 10,1856

Keller, Samuel J to Sarah M. Myers February 26,1857

Kelley, John F to Eliza Jane Heny December 26,1860

Kelly, J M to M J Millers May 21,1857

Kelly, James H. to Margaret E. Stephens August 13,1858

Kelly, Royan to Jane McC- -y September 12,1857

Kennedy, David Jr. to Martha E. McCord January 29,1857

Kennedy, M L to Francis McConkel March 4,1856

Kennedy, Thos. H to Mary McGaughey April 30,1857

Kenner, George to Maryant Wilhite August 28,1856

Kenner, John to Lydia Bowers September 7,1856

Kenney, George E. to Mary P. Weems October 2,1856

Kenney, Harvey to Nancy E Gass November 10,1861

Kenney, Wm. J to Nancy C Price October 6,1859

Kernel, Thos. B to Elizabeth A McDonald March 21,1861

Kesley, Wm H to Melina Johnson February 21,1861

Ketton, John L. to Lavina E Hanson January 27,1859

Key Thigh to Eliza Graham September 3,1865

Keys, George W. to Rebecca Johnson July 6,1856

Kezting, Ruben to Nancy Rupell March 12, 1857

Kidwell, William to Sarah M Porter "NR" (License Nov. 19,1859)

Kidwell, Wm. A to MAry Ann Rofs April 19,1860

Kildee, John to Mahalah Mc - us May 8,1858

Kilgore, James M to Sarah Jane Davis June 1,1858

King, John N to Margaret A Martin May 5,1859

King, Rupell to Margaret Jarman August 30,1861

King, William E. to Elizabeth Haney March 18,1856

Kinier, Francis M. to Sarah Jane Wampler March 6,1857

Kircher, Jacob to Mary Jane Mason November 12,1856

Kirk, Abram to Phebe E. Black October 23,1856

Kirk, Caswell N. to Mary E. Dyer January 15,1857

Kirk, George W to Louise Jones February 28,1860

Kirk, James to Lousia Reeves July 29,1857 (have affidavid was returned on Dec.16,1897)

Kirk, Wm. C to Sarah Ann Dyer January 1,1857

Knight, Greenville to Rebecca Bradley September 17,1857

Knight, John to Margaret Lee September 30,1861

Knight, Washington to Rachel Collett December 31,1856

Lackand, Allen to Polly Loyd November 20,1856

Lackey, Joseph L. to Phebe Dickson January 24,1858

Lafoletto, Jermiah to Mary M Bird October 19,1859

Lafolliett, Andrew J to MAry Elizabeth Rickler January 5,1862

Lain, John H M to Keyla White MArch 26,1857

Lamb, John W to Mary Emaline Crum October 16,1859

Lamb, N S to Nancy S E Davis March 2,1858

Lamb, Oliver to Melinda Wills May 4 1856

Lamb, Thomas J to Necy Jane Crum September 1,1859

Lamb, William to Susan Click August 8,1858

Lamb, Wm. A to Eliza Hickson October 12,1856

Lammons, Washington A. to Harriett Graham December 20,1858

Lamons, Alexander to Susan Johnson May 12,1859

Lamons, John F. to Sarah Sexton April 1,1858

Lamons, Wesley to Milday Crem February 3,1861

Lamper, Michael to M J Chanler March 20,1860

Lane, Alexr. A to Temper R Alexander May 12,1859

Lane, Isaac to Orlena Rader January 19,1860

LAne, Samuel to Nancy Jane Rush April 6,1862

Lane, Vamuel to Sarah Hattsy June 9,1859

Latteral, Jepe V to Sarah (V?) E Nease September 28,1865

Lauderdale, H T to Susan Anders January 20,1858

Lauderdale, James to MArtha Ottinger Sugust 26,1862

Lauderdale, John M. to Eliza Cochran March 25,1857

Laws, Larkin to Matilda E Olor August 15.1862

Lawson, George to Hannah Elizabeth Laughters July 29,1858

Leming, Wm. A to Isabell Broyles December 10,1857

Lenebaugh, Jacob to Rebecca Jane Maloney February 18,1861

Leonard, Andrew to Elizabeth Smith April 28,1861

Lettrell, Robert E. to Phebe M. Murtn (4 Martin?) October 21,1858

Lichteller, David H to Sallie E Fisher February 28,1860

Liforce, Samuel to Evaline Lonas February 11, 1856

Linchbarger, Charles to Leander Bower July 26,1860

Linebaugh, Jacob to Adalin Knight June 18,1862

Linebaugh, Joshua to Sarah Weems November 15,1857

Liniberger, Jacob to Susan Remer September 8,1861

Lintz, Jacob to Julia Ann Gordon April 6,1862

Lintz, Willard to Margaret Paman May 18,1858

Lister, Valentin to Margaret Wolhaver January 29,1859

Lonas Abraham to Mary Bughard July 6,1859

Lony, James to Ellen Gregory January 3,1856

Looney, William to Mary Emaline Jones October 22,1857

Love, Luther M. to Bertha E. Lovett August 13,1857

Love, Thomas to MAry Evans February 6,1862

Love, William to Elizabeth Odam May 15,1857

Low, Andw. J to Martha Ann HAll April 5,1859

Low, John R. to Sarah C Botton October 9,1859

Low, Wm. A to Polly Ann Darger April 18,1861

Lowry, James to Elizabeth K. Cargls? June 28,1856

Lowry, Pinckny L. to Emaline Kinser June 19,1856

Lowry, Thomas to Mary Stokes March 31,1858

Lowry, William to Nancy Jane Neilson February 3,1857

Loyd, Thomas to Nancy Ann Loyd August 2,1860

Lui, Wm K to Sallie H Roberson August 7,1861

Lusler, Wm. C to Minerva C Kinser January 7,1861

Luster, Thomas to Rachel M Babb November 1,1860

Luster, Thomas to Sarah M Knight May 3,1859

Lusters, Thomas to Nancy L. McLain January 24,1858

Lynch, Henderson to Sarah Miller July 31,1857

Lynch, William to Sarah Jane Rader July 26,1857

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages