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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

GROOM S thru U record

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Sanders Giles to Mina Carter colored September 13,1865

Sarenders, Wm to Hyla J Self June 28,1860

Satterfield, James M. to Sallie A. Jackson February 10,1858

Saunders, James to Sarah Woods November 21,1856

Saunders, John H to Margaret Davis September 18,1860

Saylor, John R to Margant Ann Hendry May 3,1862

Scott, James C to Sarah Reed April 21,1861

Scott, Robert to Melvina Rofsly "NR" (License Jun. 21,1859)

Scrudguitin, John to Sarah Key October 14,1857

Sea, Madison to Susan Rupell August 21,1856

Sea, Presley to Susan Susong January 17,1858

Sea, Richard R to Malinda Brown December No dates (License Dec. 5,1859)

Sea, Wm. to Matilda Ellison October 14,1861

Seahorn, Rob to M A Blackburn "NR" (License April 27,1857)

Seaton, Barton to Martha Jane Welle-- February 17,1858

Seaton, William T. to Sarah E. Davis May 2,1858

Seivers, Azranch to Canzrida Harms (free people of color) May 28,1859

Self, Thomas B to Nancy Myers February 19,1860

Self, Wm. F to Eliza Davis January 12,1862

Senten? , Wm. to Mary Jane Carmen April 10,1862

Severs, A R to Melinda Jordan June 16,1858

Sexton, George W to Cathrin M Mysinger January 22,1860

Sexton, P A W to Melinda Cutshall July 13,1856

Shaffery, Augustus to Lousia Henry March 10,1857

Shanks, George M D to Susannah Hardin March 6,1862

Shanks, James to Margaret Hays March 1,1856

Shanks, John to Jane Rodgers September 1,1857

Sheffield, William to Nancy Ann Carelson May 15,1862

Sheppard, George W. to Susan M. Lowry December 15,1857

Short, James to Rebecca Steelman January 20,1861 (transposed)

Sisk, Daniel C to Martha Mariel Dodd January 26,1858

Sizemore, William to Margaret Dunsmore September 8,1858

Smelcer, Henry to Lucinda Manih Jones June 30,1861

Smelser Henry A to Mary Jane Hicks August 31,1865

Smelser, Harreson to Cathrine E Brown December 2,1860

Smelser, Jonathan to Cathrin Fowler August 29,1858

Smelson, Isaac to Elizabeth Herff January 5,1862

Smith, Alexander to Margaret Thompson September 26,1858

Smith, Ambrose to Margaret Manuel August 11,1862 (Free persons of color)

Smith, Daniel to Julie Dunwoody October 4,1859

Smith, Harvey to Sarah A. Hatton May 28,1857

Smith, Henry to Susan Neele June 8,1858

Smith, Henry B to Cathrin Bowers April 28,1859

Smith, Jacob to Nancy Bennett February 17,1858

Smith, James D to Margaret Jane Henry January 7,1862

Smith, James of Janus to Margaret Glaf March 22,1859

Smith, John to Sarah Jane Thompson September 1,1861

Smith, Joseph to Jane Taylor "NR" (Licensen Oct. 17,1860)

Smith, Martin to Mary (A.E.) Notson September 2,1856

Smith, Nathan B to Nancy E Baham December 31,1862

Smith, Peter to Margaret Jones March 1,1860

Smith, Samuel to Cathrin Smith September 16,1860

Smith, Samuel to Jane Bennett September 25,1860

Smith, Tremer to Margaret Mathews September 14,1856

Smith, William to Nancy M. Johnson (Returned Blank Endorsed by Justice Peace ) (License Sept. 11,1858)

Smith, William to Nancy Smith June 1,1857

Smith, Wm. M to Nancy M Johnson November 16,1862

Smith, Young B to Elizabeth Smith December 7,1860

Snapp, Samuel E. to Caroline M. Broyles May 29,1856

Snider, J B to Eda Owens May 24,1861

So- - dgington, Alexander to Elizabeth Prsley December no date, 1857 (License Dec. 28,1857)

Southerland, Thomas to Martha Sisck January 7,1857

Southerland, Wm. L. to Elizabeth Harmon June 22, 1856

Spencer, Edmund (Edward) to Martha Cramer February 15,1856

Spencer, William to Elizabeth Foster April 3,1858

Sprowl, Hugh S to Sarah Smith March 14,1860

Squires, John to Susannah Rustin December 6,1857

Stanberry to Mary Ann Plumbell February 10,1857

Stanberry, Henry to Polly Pricilla Waits January 15,1859

Stanberry, John W to Elizabeth Courtney September 6,1859

Starnes, Elias to Rachel Loura McConnell January 1,1860

Starnes, George W to Nancy Ann Smiley October 10,1861

Steelman, Charles to Nancy E. Wear September 6,1858

Steelman, Henry to Elizabeth Brooks January 31,1861

Stephens, John to Mary Jane Jackson September 9,1858

Stevens, John N to Laura Maloney November 2,1862

Stewart, Virgil to Mary Ann Hope May 12,1857

Stockbridge, Ebenezer to Mary C Evans March 31,1857

Stokes, Samuel to Martha Telitha Deery February 10,1856

Stokes, Thomas to Cintha Jane Collett March 23,1861

Stokes, William to Mary Ann Cox April 24,1862

Stovar, Wm A to Penelope A love November 18,1862

Stradley, A J to Nancy Ann Carden August 14,1860

Strain, Wm. S to Eliza A Miller December 23,1862

Strong, Hiram F to JAne Jones December 19,1861

Stuart, James to Swan Hivre September 30,1860

Stuart, Virgil A to Maria Jane Lister December 1,1861

Susong, Alfred to Cathrin Fincher May 26,1861

Susong, Alfred to Elizabeth Wykle August no date, 1858 (License Aug. 4,1858)

Susong, Andrew to Nancy Sea February 14,1858

Swatzell, Joseph to Eliza Ragin August 4,1859

Swatzell, William to Mary E. Rite July 18,1857

Swotzello, Michael to Sarah Elizabeth Wolves July 21,1861

Tadlock, John to Mary Hays January 22,1856

Taylor, Casson to Mary E. J Dewitt November 13,1856

Taylor, James A. to Carolin Rader January 25,1859

Taylor, John C to Sarah Ann Wilson August 4,1857

Taylor, Samuel R. to Sarah E. Tullock August 30,1857

Teague, Wallace to Rebecca Cutshall June 10,1858

Tellock, Smith B to Elizabeth Casted August 8,1860

Templers Layfayett W to Clemintine T Headrick August 27,1865

Thomas Archibald to Ruth Ann Jones December 5,1858

Thomas, B F to Cathrine Muncher December 24,1861

Thomas, Gardner to Catharine Dotson September 14,1856

Thomason, Hail to Nancy Mont - ith June 13,1858

Thomason, John to Mary Hays March 30,1856

Thomason, Thomas to Lucinda Bell "NR" (License Sept. 18,1856)

Thompson, Absolom Jr. to Margaret Weems October 13,1861

Thompson, Alexander to Nancy Ann McNeese(r) November 25,1860

Thompson, Bartley to Patsey Ol - - - Hardin December 4,1856

Thompson, Enas to Sarah Carlson November 6,1859

Thompson, Thomas to Hannah Wheeler November 17,1860

Thompson, Wm. M to Eliza Smith January 10,1861

Thornburgh, Wm. A. to Nancy C. Rush November 3,1857

Tilson, Benj. F to Elizabeth J Johnson August 1,1859

Timmons, Alfred to Mary Cathrin Easterly April 17,1859

Tjetty, Daniel K. to Margaret Smith August 26,1858

Tnencell, John D. to Mary Ann Boarden, December 29,1858

Todd Wm. to Clarinda Trudy Person of color October 18,1865

Toliver, Larkin to Belinda English November 4,1858

Traker, William to Esther E Dinwiddie May 19,1859

Trammel, Merida to Susan Fillers February 3,1859

Trim, James to Nancy Ann Britton September 18,1858

Trim, Lewis C to Harriete E Mitchell December 10,1861

Triviett, John E. to Melissa E. Ripley February 12, 1856

Trobaugh, George A. to Syerna Jane Brown August 4,1856

Trobaugh, Henry F. to Barbara Baughard December 9,1856

Trosell, Granville to Mary Hise JAnuary 2,1862

Tucker, John Ira to Margaret E Ranker January 2,1859

Tucker, Malcom M to Lucretia Hartman April 14,1861

Tucker, Malcom M. to Nancy A Goldbreaths " N R" ( License April 15,1856)

Tucker, NAthan H to Ann Haymaker March 23 1856

Tunnel, James to Sally Ann Bruner November 11,1858

Underwood, John to Martha Filler NR (License September 20,1862)

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages