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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

GROOM D thru F record

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GROOM D thru F record
GROOM G thru I record
GROOM J thur L record
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Damel, John L M to Margaret M Miller December 24,1861

Davault, Valentin to Edna A. HAnnah November 17,1857

Davis, Charles to Elizabeth White August 7,1861

Davis, James to Mary Ann Pett January 31,1858

Davis, James to Rachel Deanston July 10,1860

Davis, John to Nancy A Seaton May 15,1859

Davis, John H to Sarah E McCurry (alis S E Rumels) May 31,1860

Davis, John M to Sarah Jane Dodd December 19,1860 (transposed)

Davis, Joseph to Eliza J. Chapman June 15,1856

Davis, Wm to Sarah Ellison February 22, 1859

Davis, Wm. to Sarah B Rhea May 15,1860

Davis, Wm. to Lousia Hicks July 24,1856

Day, Felue(?) to Elenor Davids August 31,1862

Day, Henry to Lucinda (W/H)illenghty July 7,1860

Day, James to Martha Myers September 20,1856

Day, Riley to Margaret E Earles December 19,1858

Day, Thos. to Sarah Smith October 30,1858

Day, William to Mariah Couch November 3,1856

Day, William to Mary Jane Craft February 19,1856

Dearsteno, John to Sarah Hybarger "NR" (License Jan. 22,1859)

Dearston , Jacob to Mary Hester J Wittenburg February 2,1860

Dearstone, John to Nancy Jane Jackson December 12,1861

Deatherage, Alexander to Melvina Loyd January 7,1857

Debush, Joel to Martha E Collins May 25,1861

Debusk, Shadrick M. to Martha Andrews April 9,1857

Demott , David to Emaline Carder September 16,1858

Deriberry, James to Elizabeth Hench January 28,1859

Devoti, Anthony to MAry Ricker October 28,1860

Dickson, Charles to Mary Jane Silas January 27,1859

Dickson, William to Mary Jane Jones February 28,1860

Dinsmon, Wm. K to Lousia George October 27,1859

Dinsmore, Thomas D. to Penelope Kennedy April 21,1858

Dinsmore, Wm. K to Lizzie Moon October 12,1862

Dinwiddie, Jacob W to Martha Melinda Franker January 20,1862

Doak, Saml. N. to Sarah F. Doak August 11,1857

Dobson, Thomas S. to Hannah Morrow April 2,1857

Dodd, John A. to Elizabeth Thompson February 27,1858

Dolson, James Ruben to Mary Jane Lewis February 21,1859

Dotson, Jacob H to Elizabeth J Reese January 9,1861

Dotson, Samuel to Martha Amanda R- - cer February 5,1860

Drain, John to Emma Daris October 25,1862

Dryman, Mevida to Margaret Johnson January 20,1861

Duggan Duggar Wm to Hannah Johnson September 17,1865

Duggar, Robert to Mary Thacker December 19,1861

Dukes, D C to Sallie M Damuel July 20,1860

Dukes, Joseph to Lydia M Phillips November 18,1858

Dumbar, John to Martha Jane Turner May 9,1860

Dunahoe, Timothy to Lucinda Tayler July 31,1859

Dunbar Wm. to Loura Gragg September 25,1865

Dunswoody, Samuel T to Elizabeth M Smith May 15,1859

Dunwoody, Thomas M. to Amelia E. Anderson April 28,1858

Dyke, Absom W to Nancy Cash October 7,1865

Dyke, Hugh to Hannah Smith June 23,1858

Dyke, Hyermimous to Nancy Scruggs March 14,1860

Dyke, John H to NAncy C Woildrip October 30,1860

Dykes, Jasper to Mary Ann Phillips September 29,1859

Dykes, John N to Nancy Deatherage July 10,1862

Dykes, Joseph to Rachel Mont- - - - ? April 15,1856

Dyor, Richars to Hylay Couch July 7,1858

Earley, George to Lousia Hutchison August 10,1856

Easterly N W to R Mina Smith August 30,1865

Easterly Henry to Martha J Hamell August 27,1865

Easterly, George to Lydia Kerlenson August 18,1861

Easterly, Joel B. to Margaret Ragan January 30,1856

Easterly, Wm. W to Susan F Evan August 16,1859

Eddleman, Elbert to Lousia Ellison December 9,1858

Efsley, William to MAry Martha Ann Melton "NR" (License Sept. 20,1860)

Elder, Peter to Cathrin M Reeves June 16,1861

Elder, Wm R to Sarah Jane Ellison January 19,1860

Elenberg, Wm. F. to Margaret Dover September 4,1858

Elison, Joseph to Jane Watts October 9,1860

Ellenberg, John to Amanda Timmons August 12,1856

Elliott, John Y to Lousia C Collins June 12,1859

Ellis, John E. to Lenetta Jane Nelson July 16,1857

Ellison, William C. to Mary Jane Anderson January 2,1856

Elrod, Isaac to Nancy Ann Reynolds "NR" (License March 6,1861)

Elwood, Charles N to Melinda Joshua August 16,1862

English, Alex C to Nancy V Huges February 5,1860

Ensor, Edmund to Nancy Inman May 4,1857

Er- - - (Ervin?) James C to Clarisa Keper June 25,1861

Estepp, Samuel to Julius Holland January 14,1860

Etters, James to Eliza Jane Self August 25,1857

Evans, Christopher C to Prudence A Pack "NR" (License date 1858)

Evans, James to Prudence Pack November 10,1859

Evans, John Jr. to Clementine Morgan July 25,1859

Evans, William to Mary Ann Pack July 18,1859

Everhart, David to Eliza Hannon January 30,1859

Everhart, Wm. to Rachel Hart- - an August 28,1856

Famer, Alexr. to Luticia Lane October 14,1861

Farmer, Elbert to Mary E Bourman February 2,1861

Farmer, Thomas N to Emilie Barbow June 13,1859

Farmers, Wm. H to Mary Ann Dobson November 5,1857

Farndworth, Jas. L. to Elizabeth L Johnson May 11,1856

Farnsworth, H. W. to Mary Jane Kennedy August 20,1857

Farnsworth, Thos. M. to Cathrine Harrison September 24,1857

Farnsworth, Wm. Alex to Mary Jane Dunwoody March 9,1859

Fashea, Joseph A to Susan Thompson September 23,1860

Fasher, John to Sarah Jones December 11,1857

Feerzell, Bailes to Rebecca Ann Kestman "NR" (License June 4,1862)

Feezel to Amanda McCay June 10,1862

Fellars, Jacob to Elizabeth Dean July 29,1860

Fellers, Thos. M to Sarah Grace Broyles September 4,1862

Fellers, Wm. G to Sarah E Broyles May 1,1860

Fergerson, John L to Julinda Mitchell February 13,1861

Fields, Perry A to Elizabeth Brown January 12,1862

Fillen, Henry to Adaline Lynch May 1,1862

Fillers, A-anions to Mahala Miller June 23,1857

Fincher, David B to Matilda Baskett September 3,1865

Fincher, James to Elizabeth M. Lane November 25,1858

Finchers, Robert to Elizabeth Thompson October 15,1857

Flemming, Jas. H. to Eliza Wilson September 29,1857

Fobian, Robert to Margaret Ottinger February 4,1857

Follett, Wm W to Nancy E Susong October 13,1861

Ford, John L to Martha Brown January 25,1860

Forkier, P W to Margaret J Thompson May 6,1861

Fortner, John to Mary Jane Low April 15,1860

Fowler, Benjamin F. to Nancy Jane Sexton April 18,1858

Fowler, Wm. M to Susan Cooley December 22,1859

Fox, A J to Sarah A G Fellers May 1,1860

Fox, Andrew to Adalin Conll September 20,1865

Fox, Jacob to Amanda Jane Pickering August 20,1860

Fox, Samuel D to Elizabeth WAllers November 24,1859

Fraizer, Abner J to Cathrin Weems April 18,1861

Fraker, Wm. C to Bertha Jane Melburn September 28,1858

Framon, James to Mary Bennett March 18,1860

Franklin Benjamine to Elizabeth Ann colored August 31,1865

French, Henry C to Sarah H Scott "NR" (License Dec. 24,1859)

French, John to Mary Ann Debruk September 4,1862

Freshour, Erasmus to Susan Gooddwin Wright December 25,1859

Freshour, Jacob to Sarah Remor July 22,1860

Fry, George W to Polly Ann Fincher September 23,1861

Fry, Rufus to Mary Barharm October 12,1856

Fugatt, John to Mary Southerland March 14,1861

Fulker, Elhanoh to Elizabeth Sonedgengten July 31,1860

Fulker, Wm. B to Perlina Westmoreland December 1,1859

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages