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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

GROOM A thru C record

GROOM A thru C record
GROOM D thru F record
GROOM G thru I record
GROOM J thur L record
GROOM M thru O record
GROOM P thru R record
GROOM S thru U record
GROOM V thru Z record

Adams, Jepe to Mahala Ann Scott May 24,1861

Adams, Wm. T. to Nancy Pearce December 21,1857

Alexander, Jermiah to Melinda Farmer December 24,1856

Alexander, John K. to Margaret Jane Brown November 15,1858

Allen, Alonza to Elizabeth Arwood May 28,1857

Allen, Joseph D. to Martha A Patterson March 17,1859

Allen, Richard to Sintha E Lasce April 7,1861

Allen, William to Sarah Cummings September 14,1865

Amitego, John R. to Minerva J. Neal October 14,1856

Anderson, Allen to Lucy Carters April 17,1859

Anderson, Benjamin to Margaret Jane Rofs May 28,1859

Anderson, Isaac to Martha Burkett April 16,1857

Anderson, James H. to Elizabeth Castee- February 25,1858

Anderson, James to Mary Lousia Law August 22, 1875

Anderson, James V. to Elizabeth Sheppard June 27,1858

Anderson, John M to Susannah Jones August 3,1859

Anderson, Wm. A to Margaret E Stephens June 24,1860

Archer, Peter to Aley Miller November 8,1857

Arganbright, Wm. H to Barbara Ann Obaugh November 8,1860

Arkin, Thos. to Martha R Shittew (n?) September 9,1862

Armstrong, Elbert to Rebecca Ann Dodd December 22,1859

Armstrong, John to Martha Justis September 14,1857

Babb, Abner Jr. to Luninda Lousia Williams May 25,1856

Babb, Jomes H to Mary Casteel "NR" (License Jan. 7,1861)

Babb, Joshua to Ruth J. Coaltree November 26,1856

Babb, Samuel H to Sarah M Wecker November 22,18621

Bailey, J R to R J Farnsworth October 4,1860

Bailey, John to Elizabeth Cooper January 29,1861

Baily, Jasper N to Barbara Linebaugh September 16,1860

Ball, Spencer A to Mahala Strong November 7,1860

Bam - r , Joel to Mary Ann Johnson April 29,1858

Banchard, Andrew to Barbara E. Rader July 12, 1856

Barbie, James to Hannah Adeline McDonald June 17,1862

Barkley Samuel to Sarah Baylefs August 24, 1865

Barkley, David to Marjory Smith September 14,1856

Barlow, Alfred to Sarah Jane Nichols September 6,1857

Baseter, Levi W. to Lousia Bright October 27,1858

Basingers, David to Nancy Ellenburgh October 18,1857

Baskett, J H to Lousia Rodgers September 8,1861

Basten, Samuel H. to Elizabeth Shanks December 17,1856

Bates, E M to N V Earnest May 14,1856

Batton, David F to Elizabeth Collett January 5,1862

Batts, Robert Satis M to Ellen Brannon December 18,1859

Beach, Thos. A to Cathrin Sexton September 1,1859

Beals, David to Sarah Jane Armstrong September 16,1856

Beals, John to Sarah Wheelers November 8, 1857

Beals, Lewis R to Mary A Smith April 18,1861

Beals, Thomas J. to Barbara J. Rankin March 21,1858

Beals, William to Nancy Day December 23,1858

Bear, George W to Rebecca Ann Doty December 20,1860

Bear, Jacob to Orlena Bible December 21,1859

Begeston, Archibald G to Adeline Rankin October 20,1859

Belamy, James to NAncy Ellen Hensley December 5,1861

Bell, Benj. F to Mary M Bowers June 24,1859

Bell, Wm. C to Martha Brady "NR" (Licensen Aug. 4,1856) Free man & woman of color

Bemin, Robert C to Martha Allen March 29,1862

Bennett, Gustavis to Julia A F Smith May 27,1857

Bennett, Henry B to Judia Westmoreland October 3,1860

Bible, Alexander to Lavina Smith January 15,1857

Bible, Charles S to Sarah Gray February 30,1860

Bible, Elbert to Mary Jane Reed May 1,1861

Bible, Henry to Isabilla Hull April 3,1862

Bible, James to Nancy Freshour May 30,1858

Bible, James G C to Haney Cathrin Sipe June 1,1858

Bible, Joh to Martha Kinser December 14,1858

Biddle, John J to Mary A Scott January 15,1857

Black, Jepe C. to Parthena Davis March 31,1858

Black, Joseph to Elizabeth Campbell June 12,1860

Blair, A A to Margaret Vivolena Snapp May 3,1860

Blair, Alexander A. to Elizabeth R. Snapp March 13,1856

Blair, John to Martha C McMackin January 8,1856

Blair, Joseph S. to Lousia M. Carson February 26,1857

Blake, Marten W to Rachel Lousia Bird January 2,1862

Blake, Thos. A to Nancy Ann Farmer December 27,1860

Blakley, James H to Nancy Brook August 24,1865

Blazor, James M to Margaret M Hale January 1,1860

Bohaman, John to Cathrin Hannon May 23,1861

Bolding, James to Cathrin Small March 2,1862

Boling, James to Mary Heath September 10,1862

Boone, John to Fanny Hagan December 12, 1856

Bowers, David to Mary Jane Masoner July 21,1859

Bowers, David to Sarah E Bible August 8,1860

Bowers, John A to Hyla A Myers July 19,1860

Bowles, David J to Nielson, Mary A October 17,1861

Bowles, Robert to Melinda McMuntsy February 12,1860

Bowman, Adam to Nancy K. Winters August 19,1858

Bowman, Johnson to Martha Ann Yarbas January 23,1861

Bowman, Martin to Martha Jane Dodd February 6,1859

Bowman, Sparling to Carolin Bowman November 7,1858

Bowman, William to Amy Bowman September 16,1858

Bowr, Christian to Mary Ann Hannah December 25,1862

Boyd, L C to Mollie Johnson September 28,1865

Brach, John to Elizabeth Wamplers August 21,1857

Bradford, James W to Sarah Ann Ervin JAnuary 2,1862

Bradgen, John D to Sarah Sane December 13,1861

Bradley, Isacc M to Mary Couch March 31,1861

Bragetton, N S to Margaret E Beals July 1,1860

Branden, Alexr. to Martha E. Loyd December 12,1860

Brandon, John H to Martha Jane Nelson February 20,1859

Brandon, T M to Mary Jane Barnhart "NR"(License Feb. 17,1861)

Branmo-, John A. to Elizabeth Ann Duman March 8,1858

Brenner Andw. J to Mary E Brurme-? October 15,1865

Bright, John to Sarah Armstrong March 6,1862 (6th is marked out , Preacher is marked out)

Brillen, John to Sarah Lemmons May 18,1861

Britt, John to Mary Smith August 3,1862

Britt, Wm B to Susan A Findrew August 1,1861

Britton, Geoege G to Margaret Jane Dodd April 16,1859

Britton, James to Betsey Ann Justin February 20,1862

Britton, Samul to Nancy La Sow January 25,1860

Britton, V S to Mary Demer May 5,1860

Britton, Wm to Mary Smith December 27,1860

Britton, Wm. H. to Eliza Peters November 11,1858

Brogden, Alexander to Elizabeth Williams February 11,1859

Brook, Marion W to Nancy E Bell January 16,1860

Brooks, Henry A to Elizabeth A Liptrap May 20,1858

Brooks, Thomas N. to Elizabeth George April 2,1857

Brooks, Wm. A to Margaret J. Johnson November 13,1856

Brotherton, George to Loety Smith January 8,1862

Brown , Wilson Boylefs to Rebecca Ann Gap May 26,1858

Brown Soloman F to Jane Reynolds October 31,1858

Brown William to Hannah Fragle September 21,1858

Brown, David C. to Christiana Brown March 14,1858

Brown, Felin to Sarah A Gass 'September 2,1860

Brown, Felix W. Elizabeth Wethy August 14,1856

Brown, Hugh to Lucinda Stonecipher December 4,1856

Brown, Jacob D to Eliza Moorhead June 21,1860

Brown, James to Margaret White January 6,1861

Brown, James D to Cathrine G Weems December 8,1861

Brown, James D. to Elizabeth Stien September 22,1859

Brown, Johan to Hannah Garner June 13,1858

Brown, John to Nancy Ford November 23,1856

Brown, John to Syrena Baxter September 26,1858

Brown, John A to Rebecca Rabe January 3,1861

Brown, John H to Eliza Stames July 19,1862

Brown, Joseph to Martha Morrson July 12,1857

Brown, Joseph to Minerva J. Ramsey November 11,1858

Brown, Jothan to Nancy Ann Weems October 27,1861

Brown, Lewis to Mary Ann Hull January 4,1859

Brown, Olwin to Margaret Druggor August 30,1857

Brown, Purfus to Martha Ann O Brian February 13,1862

Brown, Rich W. to Martha E. Campbell October 8,1857

Brown, William to Anna Reynolds "N R " (Licensen May 24,1856)

Browning, Robert S. to Alpha M. Greim September 2,1856

Broyles Isaac N to Sarah Jane Broyles October 20, 1865 NR

Broyles, Andrea S to Sopjia W Burger July 25.1862

Broyles, Broyles to Margaret E. Rambo March 17,1859

Broyles, Edwin N to Elizabeth Arnold July 17,1861

Broyles, Franklin to Barbara A Moon July 23,1862

Broyles, Jefferson to Sarah Reynolds January 5,1857

Broyles, King H to Susan Painters November 12,1857

Broyles, O M to Sarah J King August 23,1862

Brubaker, Jacob to Margaret Sagtors November 5,1857

Brubaker, Jonathan to Margaret Carters September 2,1860

Brubker, Jason L to Margaret Fink February 23,1860

Brumbley, Andrew J. to Mary Ann Hays May 21,1857

Brumfield,Wm. A to Eliza E. Moneyhaus July 2,1857

Brumley, J C to Sue Maloney September 9,1861

Brumley, V J to Delila Burkey June 20,1860

Brumley, Wm. Pattern to Huff, Margaret November 2,1862

Brumly, David to Mary Ann Davis April 9,1860

Bupell, Benj. Standford to Ellen Carolin Bailey December 2,1858

Burgan, Mert to Martha J Black January 13,1857

Burgner Joseph to Sarol Broyles September 11,1865

Burgner, Daniel W to Elizabeth L Parman December 8,1859

Burket to Elizabeth Hise "NR" (License June 11,1862)

Burkey, Joseph to Elizabeth Dear- - -i October 15,1857

Burlison, Benjamin to Sarah A Rhinehaut August 26,1859

Burrell, William to Mary Ann Dsyman January 9,1859

Cain, Hugh to Mary A. Rankin August 4,1857

Cain, James L to Ada E Neilson November 7,1860

Cain, John W. to Manerva Weems "NR" (License Sept. 15,1856)

Camon, Calvin to Mary Ann Seaton January 22,1857

Camon, Elbert to Melinda S Williamson February 3,1857

Campbell, Adam to Susan C. Faubrian May 11,1857

Campbell, Archiebald A to Swan Davis September 6,1860

Campbell, Nathaniel to Susannah Simpson January 1856

Campell, James M to Emma N Evans September 4,1861

Cardwills, O F F to Rebecca J Drake May 2,1860

Carlile, George M to Emily J Coulter July 21,1861

Carlisle, Jepe to Ospha Lamb November 10,1861

Carmen, William to Jane White April 22,1858

Carroll, John to Delila Dickerson "NR" (License Oct. 4,1858)

Carson, David to Margaret Philips May 13, 1856

Carter Wm to Matilda Henry September 9, 1865

Carter, Anderson to Mary Ann Hendry August 18,1859

Carter, Emma J Jackson June 12,1861

Carter, Hugh to Martha Wright May 3,1860

Carter, James to Lucinda Hams-- July 20,1862

Carter, James to MArtha Burrell September 8,1857

Carter, James W to Martha Malone Setember 25,1862

Carter, Robert to Eliza T. Spears August 26,1858

Carter, Thomas to Elizabeth Mernatt September 22,1861

Carter, Thomas to Minerva Smith June 22, 1856

Carter, Wm. R to Jane Smith May 11, 1856

Carters, Nathan to Hannah Waits October 22,1857

Carver, Benjamin to Susan Lynch November 28,1861

Case, Avry to Martha Jane Weems January 5,1862

Case, Silas to Talitha Smith December 8,1859

Case, Wm. M to Mary Ann Reed December 20,1857

Castfeel, John to Amanda Henry October 10,1860

Catron, Henry to Susan Batles October 16,1856

Cavener, Thos. D. to Elizabeth C. Harrison August 20,1857

Cerno, Emanud to Mary Bird October 2,1856

Chapman, Luna to Elizabeth Whittenburg August 30,1859

Chartters Isaac to Mary Boyce September 5,1865

Cinnis, Thomas to Ama Johnson April 1,1859

Clark, Franklin to Nancy M Cotter January 11, 1857

Clarke Isaac to Anna Brizer (?) Bowzer (?) September 10,1865

Clayton, Charles to Elizabeth Lummon June 5,1858

Cleiver John to Elizabeth Clover (Clouers?) September 28,1865

Click, John to Margaret Thompson January 2,1861

Click, John M. to Mary A Bird December 24,1857

Clontz, Ambrose to Leandre Jane Davis January 19,1856

Cobb, M Kimlne to Elizabeth Huggins September 5,1861

Cobbel, Iraneous to Susan Bunkey Ketton July 22, 1858

Cobble, Friedrick W to Mary M Throbaugh December 29,1859

Cobble, James to Nancy S Isley May 13,1860

Cobble, James P to Sarah Finchers September 23,1860

Cobble, John A. to Drizian Stuart December 5,1859

Cobble, John A. to Margaret Smith March 19,1857

Cobble, John A. to Rachel H. Langhner "NR" (License Aug. 12,1856)

Cobble, Lewis W to Sarah E Saul "NR" (License May 18,1861)

Cobble, Sylvanier to Susan A. Bible October 15,1857

Cochran, Daniel to Elizabeth A. Hunter January 26,1857

Cochran, James H to Mary Jane Robertson July 21,1859

Cochran, Robt. E to Sarah A Williams May 13,1860

Cochran, William to Minerva Sheffey October 20,1858

Coe, Dudley to Martha A Rupell August 9,1858

Cogburn, Hiriam to Emaline Masoner "NR" (License July 23,1859)

Coldwell, Alexander to Deborah Robertson August 5,1861

Colett John to Nancy Fincher September 14,1865

Collins, Abraham to Hannah E. Tullock October 18,1857

Cook, Robert B to MArgaret E Nichols January 19,1860

Cook, Thomas J. to Rebecca Burrel January 14,1858

Cook, Wm. to Mary Jenison March 31,1861

Cooper, Joseph to Dorcas A Lane April 28,1861

Cooper, Lander to Rachel E Park Mat 22,1862

Cooter, James R. to Nancy Jane Brown October 30,1856

Cooter, John N to Mary Ann Lowry August 5,1860

Cooters, John A. to Sally Ann Brown October 1,1857

Cooters, Philip to Mary E. Tarman October 9,1856

Cooters, Samuel to Lousia Justice December 1,1859

Corin Raphael P to Lucinda C Milburn May 15,1862

Correll, John B. to Hannah E Rectors June 10,1858

Cosby, Sims F to Elizabeth Montgomery June 25,1861

Cose, Norton to Lucinda A Hendry October 1,1865

Cotters, James to Martha Beals August 14,1856

Coulson, Samul. to Jane Hays March 10,1859

Courtney, Jaseph S to June Stroud August 24,1861

Courtney, John to Mary Rhea January 10,1860

Cox, David E. to Mary J. Doak August 18,1856

Cox, John T to Nancy Ann Pearce September 23,1860

Cox, Riley to Marnda Pierce September 14, 1862

Cozart, John to Ellen Small August 21,1856

Crabtree, Barnt to Amanda Jane Taylors August 10,1856

Crabtree, Jacob to Mahala Jane Ford March 11,1858

Craft, George to Elizabeth Yates January 27,1856

Craig, John H to Elizabeth McGriffin December 11,1862

Craig, Thomas to Martha Brady Free colored persons April 10,1859

Crane, J M ( W ?) to Mary Ann Gosnell March 1,1856

Crawford, William H to Nancy Justice May 11,1859

Crbtree, John to Eliza Ann Cotter July 5,1860

Creamer, Elbert to Caroline Click March 11, 1856

Crem, Daniel to Cathrine M Willhoite December 15,1861

Cremly, Abraham to Nancy Ann Justice August 30,1857

Croft, James L to Narcisia V Scott October 31,1861

Crouch, Joseph H to Elizabeth J Reaves November 8,1859

Crouch, Wm. A to Susannah Shields October 6,1860

Crum Thomas A to Lousia E Reaves September 7,1865

Crumley, Wm. to Elizabeth McFarland November 4,1862

Cubholl, Fredrick to Sarah E Sesler September21,1865

Cunningham, Thos. to Elizabeth Good May 6,1856

Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages