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Cumberland Co, Virginia


b: 1717 Bedford Co. VA
d: 1765 Cumberland Co. VA
m: abt.1752 Pittslyvania,Henry Co. VA
Wife: Susannah Simkins
b: abt.1720
d: 1765
fa: John Simkins d:1754
mo: Elisabeth French


ELIZABETH m: George Rogers fa:John Rogers 1690 Richmond, VA

William (see link)

RANDOLPH b:1755? (LDS) Bedford Co.VA m: Susannah Cross b:April 15,1765 Charles Parish, York Co.VA

JOHN b: 1755? (LDS) Bedford Co.VA

PETER b:1760-61 (LDS) Lunenburg VA

MOORMAN b: 1751 (LDS) Bedford Co.VA d: September 16,1842 Hancock Co. TN m:2nd Elvira Collins m: 1803 Lee Co. VA
Children: Moorman, Peter, Phobe.

ELISHA b:1762 (LDS 1752) Bedford Co.VA d:abt.1843 Stokes Co. NC m:1st Mary m: June 21,1801 Patrick Co.VA m:2nd Nancy Willard m: May 4,1836.Children: Dosia 1808,

JACOB b: 1761 LDS Bedford Co.VA m: Mary Runnels/Reynolds. Had a son Russel b:1797 d:1896 m: Malvena Manerva Shell Lawson fa: Peter Lawson mo: Winny Davis 1774 Russel Co.VA (note: this is where second Lawson family connects. Dont know if this Lawson family is connected back somewhere)

DAVID b: 1753 (LDS) Bedford Co.VA m: Elizabeth Jeffers m: 10/25/1797 Greene Co. TN



The Falling River Lawson's
Information to be found in Rogersville Tenn County Court House
Barclay Lawson was known by several spellings of his name. His proper name was probably Bartholamew, but he was recorded as Bart, Barclay, Bartlett and ect. Bartholamew married Susanna Simkins, daughter of John Simkins who married Elizabeth Rench/French in Henrico County, Virginia in 1711, according to Court Records. Susanna was probably born ca 1720. Her father, John Simkins, sold land in Henrico County, Virginia 17 September 1737 to Thomas Owen. John Simkins then bought land (190) acres on the North side of the James River in Goochland County, Virginia. The deed was dated as the same day that he sold the first land. He sold the 190 acres on the 12 day of January 1743 six years after he obtained it. Then on 25 July 1746, he obtained a patent for 200 acres of land on Falling River in Brunswick County, Virginia, which put him in the vicinity of William Lawson and his family. The date of the marriage of Barclay and Susanna Simkins is unknown, but her father's will named her as Susanna Lawson, and the will was dated 22 January 1754 (Deed Bk 1, page 119-121; also Bk 1 page 570). It is thought that they had, at least six sons William, Lisha, Jacob, Reuben, Moreman, and Peter. William and Lisha have been proven by deeds.
Different ways Bartholomew was called. Bart, Barclay, Bartlett.and etc.

Deed Book 2-B pg.268-270 Bedford County, Va
This Indentured made this ninth day of February in the year of our lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Three. Being the third year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord. George the third by the grace of GOD, King of Great Britain. SC. Between Bartholomew Lawson of the county of Bedford of the one part and Michael Prewit of the party of the other part. witness that the Said Bartholomew Lawson for and in consideration of the sum of forty five pounds current money of Virginia in hand paid unto the Said Bartholomew Lawson the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged have granted, Bargained , sold Aliened.. Enforced and confirmed and by these presents do grant Bargain sell Alien Enforced Confirm unto the Said Micheal Preuit his heirs Executors Administrators and Aforsign All that Tract or Parcel of same situate lying and being in the County of Bedford on the south side of Falling River Boquet to the said Bartholomew Lawson by john Simkins, Deceased containing by estimation one hundred Acres be the same more or less and bounded as follow to Witt Beginning at a corner. Elm on Falling River thence a long Randolph line North Eighty six degrees west Eighty poles to a white Oak trance North forty five degrees West to the dividing line between the Said Bartholomew Lawson and Micheal Prewit.
Except one quarter of an acres which is A burning place with all housed buildings wood ways waters profit and advantage to it belonging to it. Belonging or appertaining and the Reversion Estate Right title claims and demands what so ever of the said Bartholomew Lawson to the said land and premises or any part thereof to have and to hold the same land's and premises with the appurtenances to the said Michael Pruit his heirs and al signs he the said Bartholomew Lawson Shall and warrant and for ever defend by these presents and the said Bartholomew Lawson do for them selves there heirs executors administrators and Aforsign here covenant and agree to and with the said Micheal Pruit his heirs executors administrators and Aforsign in manner and form Follin to Witt that is to say that the said
Bartholomew Lawson at the time of this sealing and delivery here of stand and are seized of all the said premises of goods and perfect estate in fee simple to him and his heirs for ever and have a good rightful power and lawful authority to a sure the same in every part of there of unto the said Micheal Pruit his heirs and al signs in manner a fore said and that the said Micheal Pruit his heirs and every of them shell and may at all times here after peaceably hold and enjoy all and singular that said Grand premises without any set suit molestation or change what so ever of or by The said Bartholomew Lawson or his heirs or any other person what so ever lawfully having or claiming any holding or title to the said granted premises or any part there of that is to say he. the said Bartholomew Lawson his hairs shall not by virtue of his own claim or the claim of any other person offer to hinder or disturbed the said Micheal Pruit or his hairs neither directly or indirectly.
in witness there of the said Bartholomew Lawson hath here unto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above written Bartholomew Lawson his mark +
in the presence of Thomas Watkins, James Prewit, Patient Shiply,
At Court held for Bedford County May 24 1763 this indenture was proved by oath Robert Shiply and James Pruit and at a court held for the said County Sept. 27 1763 the same was further proved by oath of Thomas Watkins and ordered to record.

In John Simkins will gives Susanna 100 acres of land to recieve uphon her mothers death in 1763 Bartholonew her husband sold this 100 acres of land to his brother in law Micheal Pruit of Bedford County Virginia Deed Book 2 Page 268