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Thomas L. Lawson
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Charleston,Bradley County, Tennessee


m:1st Martha Vaughn,
2nd:Margaret Kyle
3rd.PrudeAnn Stevenson
Thomas and Martha had 4 children together.
Thomas and Margaret had 9 children.
Thomas and Prudie no children. Prudie was an older sister to Sarah,his daughter in law.

BORN: 2/1/1828 Monroe Co. TN

DIED:10/8/1915 Chilicutt Lands - Union Grove Cemetery

MARRIED: Martha Vaughn, Margaret Kyle (2/19/1833 - 7/4/1893 Union Grove cem.), Prudie Stevenson.


Tom & Martha:

STEPHEN (4/15/1853 - 5/16/1900 )Union Grove cem. m: Bell Pearce (6/11/1862 - 8/13/1889 ) Union Grove cem. m: 9/28/1879 Bradley co,TN. 2 children Andovis and Charles. Union Grove I think.

JACKSON L. (10/15/1856 - 12/24/1920) Union Grove cem. m: Rebecca Varnell (5/20/1859 - 6/21/1916 )Union Grove cem. m:12/26/1875 Bradley co,TN. Children: Isham T. 1881-1917 m: Tina, Margaret.

THOMAS ALEXANDER (4/29/1860 - 4/15/1930) Union Grove cem. m: Sarah Elizabeth Stevison (5/23/1862 - 8/22/1947) Union Grove cem. m: 1880 Bradley co. TN. Children:see T.A. Lawson link.

JOSEPHINE (1861 - bfr.1915) m: John(Jno) C. McAlister from Calhoun m: 6/8/1873 Bradley co, TN. (s/o Rachel.)Children: Mary, Martha, William, Malinda.

Thomas & Margaret:

GEORGE FLOYD (1861 - ?) m: Alice Haynes (not returned)1-22-1887 Bradley Co. TN. Children: Clyde Otis m: Alice Goodwin, ch: Grover Harry.

WILLIAM J. (3-10-1863 -3-4-1944 )Ft.Hill Cem. m: Mary O.
(4-16-1870 - 7-1-1948 )Ft. Hill Cem.

ELIZA A. (3-6-1866 - 12-23-1904 )Union Grove Cem. m: J.E.Snider m: 3/14/1874 Bradley co,TN.

MARTHA E. (1867 - ?) m: Hiram A. Heifner m: 10/18/1871 Bradley co.TN

ANDREW Johnson (9/21/1869 - 9/8/1918) Ft. Hill cem. m: Lou Alice Chilicutt (5-1-1880 - 1-9-1952) Ft. Hill Cem. m: 5/1/1895 Bradley co,TN

FLORA (9/16/1871 - 9/8/1957 )Union Grove cem. m: George W. Freeman (2/6/1870 - 1/2/1938) Union Grove cem. m: 11/15/1888 Bradley Co.TN.

PERRY NEPTUNE (Neppie)(twin) (9/6/1874 - ? ) m: Dolly Cury m: 7/29/1899 Bradley co, TN

SARAH JEANETTE (twin) (9/6/1874 - 6/28/1957) Ft. Hill cem.m: Eldorado Gibson ( 2-22-1871 - 9-8-1960 )Ft.Hill Cem. m: 11/26/1890 Bradley co,TN

JOHN WESLEY ( 1876 - ?)not sure yet of this child.

Census 1840-1900
Ocoee Methodist Church


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FAMILY RUMOR: Thomas was married to Martha (1/2 Cherokee woman) when she had thier 4th child it was a little too dark. It is told that Thomas took her back to her tribe. Cherokee Co. NC. People say Thomas was not gone long enough to take them back. Rumor is that Thomas killed them. Then married Margaret Kile.

Another rumor is Martha and Margaret are one in the
same. This could be true since census takers are not all reliable. This information is backed up by the death certificate of Thomas's son Alex.Information on Alex's death certificate says Margaret Kile as the mother.

The information was given by Alex's youngest son Beecher. Being the youngest I am sure Martha was not mentioned and Margaret was all he knew.

Beecher was not a reliable person for information depending on when it was given. Beecher ran a family business that seems to follow Lawson's. Business was liquor. Beecher later died in behind his bar shot in the back. In a state of losing his father, and not knowing about Martha could be the rumor is true. But if Thomas did the deed then there would be no death certificate anyway. The only marriage record that shows up is Margaret and Thomas and Thomas and Prudie.

PROOF TO PARENTS: Polk Co. TN records Ocoee Church , Family info, Census.

MARGARET KILE : I had a marriage record in Bradley co but need to find it again. Maybe get copy. Census from 1870-1890.

PRUDENCE STEVISON-YATES: records of this marriage in Bradley co. and in Service records, Pension Application from Civil War. Census 1900.

Information from Phillip Lawson. His info has been good so far and I trust it.

Thomas Lawson (Old Tom or Fiddlin Tom) played the fiddle at events around the area in Bradley, Polk McMinn. He was a drinker as most all Lawson's were. Moonshine was a business.

Josephine the last child and only girl of Martha and Tom was m: to John McAlister from Calhoun, in McMinn co. She had a large family ,still around today.

Early records of Ocoee Baptist Church show Martha Lawson that joined in 1864 and left in April of 1868. and a Martha Lawson that left in September 1871. Stephen Lawson (Tom's fa:) was one of the orginal builders and members of the church. Later asked to leave due to unbecomming behaivor. Roseanna Lawson (Tom's mo:) joined in 1869. In 1871 Stephen & Tom were also asked to leave due to drink, swearing, fiddlin, parties, owning a saloons, card playing and dis orderly house. By this time Tom was m: to Margaret Kile.

Check out book "Sketches and Genealogy" by Martha Barksdale Cradock this book has Lawson information.