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John Howard Lawson
John Howard Lawson
Thomas Alexander Lawson
Thomas L. Lawson
Stephen Lawson
William Lawson
Bartholomue Lawson
William Lawson
Joshua Lawson
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Charleston & Cleveland, Bradley Co. TN.

LAWSON, John Howard
Howard (was the name he went by) was a carpenter. Lived on a small farm on Carolina Cleveland, had chickens and large gardens. Was a quiet man and very poliet and proud.Howard & Bettie are buried in Union Grove cemetery in Charleston, Bradley Co.,TN. 

Born:  March 4,1887 Charleston, Bradley County, Tennessee
Died: September 5,1968 Cleveland, Bradley Coounty, Tennessee
Married: August 22,1908 Cleveland, Bradley County ,Tennessee
wife: Bettie Jane Pearce
b: September 25, 1886  Bradley County, Tennessee
d: May 6,1985   Bradley County, Tennessee
Dora m: Woodrow Morgan, 1 child

DELIA MARIE m: Charles Lindner, 2 children

Albert Pearce m: Edna Winstead, 2 children

Parents: Thomas Alexander (Alex) and Sarah Stevison
Places lived: Charleston & Cleveland, Tennessee

1890 thru 1900 census for Bradley Co,TN.
Social security applications for John & Bettie
Death certificates
Obit. notices
Marriage records for Bradley Co,TN
Deeds for Bradley Co,TN
Family Information :
(my mother raised by John & Bettie)
(Dora Morgan d/o John & Bettie)
(Albert s/o John & Bettie)



John Howard Lawson & Bettie Jane Pearce 50th Anniversary

We went to visit a couple times as a child about 8-9 yrs.old. I remember Papaw in blue overalls and a hat in the garden.Papaw was always busy with something. Mamaw was also always busy and had us with bowls of green beans to snap and clean.Papaw built the home they lived in an addition was later added. Mamaws kitchen had an old pancake wood stove in the kitchen she cooked on mostly.Noon meal was the main meal, covered with towles and then left for later. The orginial house had three rooms. Kitchen, Bedroom w/ front door, and Living room with a small fire place. Later an addition of two bedrooms,bathroom connecting the addition.A front porch was added also with a porch swing that squeeked.
Out back was a chicken house and Mamaw would sometimes let us go with her to get eggs.Mamaw would just sticke her had iunder the chicken and take the eggs. I was afraid of the chickens. Dora thier daughter lived in the addition with her husband and son. Dora took care of Mamaw & Papaw since they were older I guess. They didnt seem like they needed it to me. Papaw had built a brick home(huge even for todays standards) for her but she never moved there.Her son lives there now.
Most everyone was outside all day. I remember playing in an apple tree. Climbing it and eating apples that tasted like pears. The tree was planted near a pear tree anfd the roots must have grown together. The pears had an apple taste and the apples had a pear taste. We were told no one else had a tree like this.
We went to TN in 1980 and had a family picture taken of 6 generations when my daughter was born. This was in the newspaper. I liked it a lot. Mamaw died a few years later at would be 99 yrs. old. Just went to sleep. A good way. Mamaw was not ever invalid as I remember. She still cooked and went out side. I do remember she was a little deaf and hard to see. Papaw had passed in 1968 leaving Mamaw alone for almost 20 years. Thats a long time for a spouse to live after losing one.

PROOF OF PARENTS: Family info, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, Census, Obit from Newspaper, Social Security Application.

1900: District 1, Bradley Co, TN - Lawson Alax, Sarah, James T., Susie, John H., Emma, Frank, Paul, Sampson, Mark and Ernest.

1910: District 1, Bradley Co, TN - house 203-Lawson, Howard, Bettie , Sampson (brother)


Warranty Deed: Howard Lawson to Susie Longwith (his sister)
for $3,000. In 1st Distr. Bradley Co. TN 60 Acres bounded by north by Walter Casson, on the east by Lewis Stevison & W. V. Lauderdale, on the south by J.M. LONGWITH and L.R. ALFORD and on the west by J.M. LONGWITH. also a tract of land 20 acres in the 1st Dist. Bradley co. TN Bounded by north W. V. Lauderdale, east by Boyer, south by LAWSON heirs and west by J.M. LONGWITH. same lad registered Deed BK. 37 pages 228 & 229 on January 28,1920.

Deed J.H. Lawson to D. W. Lawson
January 31,1908 by and between the Heirs of Sarah Lawson deceased for $95.00 paid to S. L. Elrod $20.00 to Vinnie Lee $20.00, to Mollie Goshage $20.00, Bill Lawson $20.00 and $15.00 to James Lawson heirs of Sarah Lawson for 80 acres of land bounded on the east by R.F. LAWSON, west by HATFIELD, north by ELROD & DILBECK, and south by C.F. BACON.
J.H. LAWSON Executor of mothers WILL.

for $800.00 bought a lot no. 210 in Block 19 of Craigmiles Park Place in the city of CLEVELAND. formally recorded November 11,1931 Deed Bk: 54 pages 72 & 73 Dist. 4

Deed J.F. FRAIZER to J.H. LAWSON & wife
for $1,600.00 in Dist. 4 Block 19 of Craigmiles Park Place city of CLEVELAND fromerly Deed BK 54 pages 72 - 73. August 22, 1939.