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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

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Welcome to Greene County Marriages
                  1856 to 1865   
NEW BRIDE NAMES  contact me for Bride to groom untill index is done.

Greene county was formed in 1783 from Washington county Tennessee which was fromed from part of Washington county, North Carolina.
I have transcribed from Microfilm the first six years. I have checked the Index and the actual pages for spelling of names as close as possible. IF you want I can make a copy of the orginal page your name is on if you would like to decipher the writting your self.  Can be emailed or snail mailed. Please email me with your request.

To the left you will find links to the alphabetical letters of GROOMS.

There are three letters to a page for easier access. On the bottom of each page is a link back to this main page. Less scrolling up and down.

Please enjoy and HAPPY HUNTING!

Greene County TN WILLS 1780-1883

Cleveland Herald Bradley County TN 1775-1880


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