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On this page you will find each name links to the area on the page for this person . This will help you manuver this page more easily. Since my information is limited on this side of my tree. I will include a few diffrent sides. Please link to the names that intrest you. Enjoy and good hunting.

These are the names for this page:

LANGHELD,Clyde b:April 24,1928 Lemont, Cook co, Illinois m: June 17, 1950 St. Cyrils , Lemont, Cook co, Illinois d: April 9,1986 Lockport, Will co, Illinois wife: Delores R.SOREL (personal information) children: 3. Clyde was from the Will Co.area. Schooling in Sagg.Buried in Resurection Cemetery in Romeoville, Illinois, St. Joseph's area.

LANGHELD,Charles Andrew b: January 14, 1997 Lemont, Cook co, Illinois m:October 21,1921 St. Mathews, Lemont, Cook co, Illinois d:January 25,1951 Joliet, Will co, Illinois wife: Bertha Catharina Elsie EICHHORST b:August 18,1899 d:August 28, 1945 Lemont, Cook Co, Illinois. Bertha died in a house fire. She saved her youngest son, she died a few days later in Joliet hospital. Charles was a farmer in Sagg area. Charles and was a member of St. Mathews Church. Had 4 children together
1.) Elmer C. Apr. 15,1923-Nov. 29, 1998 m: Lillian V. Gibson
2.) Ernest L. m: Glayds M.,
3.) Clyde L. (above)
4.) Gordon m: Lee.

LANGHELD,Johann Carl Christoph Theodor (Charles) b:April 8,1853 Saxony, Prussia, Germany d: November 16, 1935 Lemont,Cook co,Illinois,St. Matthews Church Cemetery, Lemont, Illinois wife: Elizabeth Katherine VOLP b: May 6, 1856 d: August 17, 1928 Lemont, Cook co, Illinois.St. Matthews Church Cemetery Lemont, Illinois Newspaper article says he was hit by a auto on the highway. Charles liked to walk around. Had 5 children together.
1.) Margaretha Sophie Lousia(Maggie)Oct.14,1888-Oct.12,1975 m: William Zarn had 8 children
2.) Hennritta Caroline Maria Fredricke Wilhelmine (Hattie)Apr.4,1883-June 5,1934 m: Carl Maroch sr. had 14 children
3.) Lucille Wilhelmine Christina(Lucy)Oct.,1895-? m: Fred Zarn had 6 Children,
4.) Charles Andrew(Charlie)(see above),
5.) Friedrich(Fred)no dates m: Marie Volp had 5 children
6.) Caroline Christine Auguste b: Feb.21,1893 d:Oct.10,1896 Lemont, Illinois Cook Co.St. Mathews Cemetery, Lemont, Illinois

LANGHELD,Hermann Christoph Hieronymous b:September 23,1821 Hohenbergen, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen,Germany d: Feburary 18,1896 Lemont, Illinois Cook co. St. Matthews Church Cemetery. (1st wife:) Johanna Auguste Christiane Goering m: June 1,1846,Hohenbergen, Sachsen,Preussen,Germany b: ? d:? must have been Germany due to 2nd & 3rd m: in Germany. (2nd wife:)Marie Christiane Storch m: March 7,1852 Marolterode, Langensalza, Saxe, Preussen, Germany b:October 10,1825 Marolterode, Langensalza, Saxe, Preussen, Germany d: has to be Germany due to 3rd m: in Germany. fa: Friedrich Christian Storz mo: Sophie Magdalena Maeder.
(3rd wife:)Auguste Christiane Justine Henriette Goerlach m: February 17,1861 in Hohenbergen, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen,Germany. b:May 6,1825 d:June 23,1882 Lemont, Illinois, Cook co, St. Matthews Church Cemetery.

Herman and Johanna Goering children:

(1)Peter Langheld
(2)Johann Friedrich Theodor Gottlob b: February 21,1846 in Hohenbergeb,Sa-C-G, Thuringen, Germany
(3)Dorothea Friedricke Auguste b: December 13,1847 in Hohenbergen, Sa-C-G, Thuringen, Germany d: September 9,1931 Lemont, Illinois. m: William Weck sr. m: April 7,1867 Germany.(see info)

Herman and Marie Storch children:

(1)Johann Carl Christoph Theordor(Charles)m:Elizabeth Volp.(above)
(2)Johann Georg Friedrich b: June 23,1856 in Hohenbergen,Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha,Thurigen,Germany.

Herman and Christine Goerlach (Auguste) children:

(1)Anna Maria Caroline b:September 23,1862 in Hohenbergen,Sa-C-G, Thuriengen, Germany
(2)Christiane Dorothea Henriette Georgine b: December 14,1864 in Hohenbergen, Sa-C-G, Thuringen, Germany
(3)Ferdinand Friedrich August b: May 31,1866 in Hohenbergen, Sa-C-G, Thuringen, Germany

LANGHELD,Johann Georg b:June 6,1779 in Hohenbergen,Sa-C-G.,Thurigen,Germany.m: January 8,1809 in Grossbruechter, Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen, Thurigen, Germany. wife: Maria Caroline Elisabetha SCHIMMEL b:January 23, 1788 in Klienbruechter, Sa-C.G., Thuringen, Germany. Georg and Caroline had 4 known children.
1.) Justina Dorothea b: April 4,1809
2.) Johann Georg Christian b: September 7,1811 m: Maria Catharina Elisabeth KEISER
3.) Hermann Christoph Hieronymus b: September 23,1821
4.) Christiane Dorothea b: January 25,1825 m: Christian Jacob MULLER
(little more info here.)

LANGHELD, Johann Heinrich b:May 18,1759 in Grossgrabe, Saxe, Preussen, Germany. m: August 4,1778 in Hohenbergen, Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen, Germany wife: Marth Elisabeth STRUTZ b: October 16,1759 in Tottleben, Sa.-C.-G., Thuringen, Germany. Heinrich and Martha had 3 known children.
1.) Johann Georg b: June 6,1779
2.) Anna Maria b: March 30,1782 m: Georg ALBANT
3.) Maria Elisabeth b: February 10,1790 m: Gottfried Rudolph KRAHN

LANGHELD, Hans Bernard b: Abt. 1725 in Falken, Saxe, Preussen, Germany. m:November 22,1728 in Grossgrabe, Saxe, Pruessen, Germany wife: Anna Dorothea Elisabeth OTTO b: June 9, 1728 in Grossgrabe,Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha, Thuringen, Germany. Hans and Anna had 5 known children.
1.) Johann Jakob b: November 19,1753
2.) Martha Catharina b: October 1,1756
3.) Johann Heinrich b: May 18,1759
4.) Anna Elisabeth b: August 9,1761
5.) Anna Christiana b: August 2,1764
(little more info here)

LANGHELD,Georg b:Abt. 1694 in Faulken, Saxe, Preussen, Germany wife: Anna Sabina SCHLOTTERHUSE b: Abt. 1698 in Mihla, Saxe, Preussen, Germany. Georg and Anna had 3 known children.
1.) Heinrich Christian b: July 9,1720
2.) Johannes b: August 14,1724
3.)Hans Bernhard b: Abt. 1725

NOTE: Want to Thank Cheryl for her great help with my Langheld information which she freely gave.

EICHHORST, Herman Louis b:July 7,1862 Posen, Kaulmar, Germany m: November 29,1896 d:April 16,1945 Downers Grove, Cook co, Illinois wife:1st- Louise Kitsrow b: April 6, 1865 Germany. d: Childbirth 2nd Anna Marie FISCHER b:August 10,1871 Chicago,Cook co,Illinois d:June 19,1943. Herman was found at St. Matthews church in Lemont, IL and some of the children changed to St. Alphonsus in Lemont. Had 10 children together.
1.) Rudolph Nov.7,1887-Feb.21,1974 m:Lucy E. Lindley
2.) Louis John b:Dec.11,1890-Apr.20,1971 m: Hilda Kruger
3.) Bertha Catharina Else b:July 18,1899 Chicago,Ill d: January 28,1945 Lemont,Cook co. Ill. house fire.(see above Charles A. Langheld)
4.) Marie Alvine Auguste b: Jan.30,1901 d: May 23,1991 m: Carl Hischer
5.) Clara Wilhelmine b: May 24,1903 d: Sept. 22,1983 m: Unknown Lange.
6.) Catharine Maria Emma b: Dec. 6,1906 d:unknown m: Louise Grossman
7.) Friedrick (Fred) b:Dec. 7,1888 d: Nov. 30,1971 m: Lillian Downer
8.) Christine Ernestine Henritte b: Dec. 1, 1897 d: Aug. 19,1975 m: Gustav F. Bahnick
9.) Else Auguste Wilhelmine b: Nov. 29,1904 d: ? m: ?
10.) Unknown Child b:&d: Jan. 18,1911
note: Anna Marie Fischer had one son from a first marriage. William Edward Frink.
EICHHORST, Gotlieb b: Feb. 28,1825 d:? wife:Carolina ROHDE b: May 20,1828 d: Nov. 26,1917 mo:Anna Marie Schultz.
1.) Herman Louis b:July 7,1862 - d: April 16,1945 Downers Grove, IL Cook co.
Possible children:
2.) Rudolph
3.) Pauline
note: m: records of these two in St. Matthews church no proof yet of parents.

FISCHER,Justas Henryb: 1839 Homberg,Germany d: June 13,1911 Lemont,Illinois Cook county. St.Matthews Cemetery,Lemont,Illinois m: Homberg, Germany wife: Martha Elisabeth Brefsler/Bressler b: Nov.3,1841 Homberg,Germany d: Feb.27,1923 Lemont,Cook co, Illinois. Had 8 children.
1.) Catherine
2.) Anna Barbara b: August 2,1870
3.) Anna Maria b: August 10,1872 - d: June 19,1943 Lemont,IL Cook co.(see above Hermann Eichhorst)
4.) August Johann b: July 20,1882 d: 1906 had 2 children
5.) Heinrich Christian (Henry) b: Apr. 13,1879
6.) Wilhelm Johann Adolf b: March 1,1884 had 4 children
7.) Anna Chatharina b: Jan. 4,1875 d: Aug. 23,1876
8.) Friedrich b: March 12,1876

VOLP,Heinrich b: 1823 Weickartschien, Hessen-Darmstadt, Gremany m:Aug. 4,1849 d: September 17,1901 Blue Island,Cook Co., Illinois. wife: Anna Margaretha HENSEL b: February 8,1833 came from Baltimore, Maryland in 1865. d: October 23,1921 Blue Island,Cook Co.,Illinois. Together had 6 children.
1.)John H.

CZARNECKI, Vincent b: March 16,1879 Ropczyce,Poland m: 1903 Poland d:September 8, 1936 Chicago,Cook co., Illinois wife: Katherine WADAS b: September 8,1883 Pilzno,Poland d: August 14,1959 in Chicago,Cook co., Illinois. Had 16 children together.
1.) Michael b: May 1,1905 had 1 child.
2.) Agness (see below Antony Sorel)
3.) Stella b: Jan. 9,1910 d: Jan. 9,1979
4.) Bernice b: 1906 d: 1911
5.) John Frances b:1916 d: 1921 Drowned , Chicago, Cook co. Illinois
6.) Joseph b: Apr.21,1911 d: Jan. 19, 1943
7.) Bernice b: Feb.11,1913
8.) Stanley b: Oct. 4,1914 d: May 27,1987
9.) Sophie b: Jan. 27,1918
10.) Vincent died 5-6 yrs.old
11.) Veronica b: Nov. 26,1920
12.) Ann b: May 15,1922 d: Nov. 6,1993
13.) Anton b: Aug. 27,1924
14.) Rose b: May 12,1926
15.) Ted b: Sept. 24,1927 d: May 27,1994
16.) Peter b: Jan. 18,1930 d: June 27,1986

SOMER, Anton b:1876 Czechoslovikia d: March 27, 1923 Cicero, Illinois. wife: Marie HAVEL-Somer-Paiml b:March 12, 1885 Chicago, Illinois. d: December 27, 1933 Cicero, Illinois. Had 2 children together.
1.) Emma Somer-Wick
2.) Lillian Somer- Novak.

SOMER, Anton b: 1833 d: December 15, 1887 in Cicero, Illinois. wife: Anna Shapnicka b:1886 & Jan Paiml. Anton and Anna had 3 children together.
1.) Anton
2.) George
3.) James

HAVEL, James b: 1872 d: 1932 in Cicero, Illinois. Had 1 child so far found. no spouse yet.

Vicent & Katherine Czarnecki, Paul & Roseanna Sorel, Anthony & Agness Sorel


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Anthony Adelhard Sorel

Sorel, Anton Adelhard (Anthony - Tony) b: August 4, 1905 m: June 27, 1927 d: August 28,1989 in Joliet ,Illinois. Resurection Cemetery, Romeoville, Ill. Will county. wife:Agness Czarnecki b: August 27,1908 d: October 31,1968 in Joliet,Illinois, Resurection Cemetery, Romeoville, Ill,Will co. They had 2 children together.
1.) Florence
2.) Delores (see Clyde Langheld top of page)

Sorel, Paul b:1867 m: September 14,1886 d: September 2,1950 in Webster, Massachutess. wife:Rossanne Choiniere Children:
Leonidas b: 1890 - 1977
Joseph Roderic b: July 26,1892 d: December 30,1965
Diana b: 1895 - 1930
Marie Vilida b: August 19,1897 d: March 31,1938
Marie Isola b: April 2,1899 d: November 15,1973
Joseph Henry b: July 1,1900 d: October, 1994
Ovila d: aft: 1950
Rita d: before 1950
Marie Anna b: December 1909 d: May 18,1941
Henrietta b: about 1888
Paul b: about 1889
Antonio Adlehard b: August 4,1905 d: August 27,1989. (see above)

Sorel, Pierre b: April 12,1837 Lapraie, Canada m: September 27, 1859 d:AFT 1891 wife: Marie Alarie Boutin no more info here. 2nd wife: Marie Celina Decelles.Children:
Josephine b: July 27,1865 Canada. d: September 6,1941 at Auburn,Mass. Notre Dame Cemetery. Worchester, Mass. m: Francois Xavier Dupuis February 23,1892 at L'Ange Gardien, Rouville. Francious b: June 6,1866 at L'Ange Gardien, Rouville, the son of Francois Xavier Dupuis and Elmire Gullaume. d: February 22,1955. (have 10 children of this marriage)
Alfred b: August 24,1874 in L'Ange Gardien, Rouville, Canada d: January 27,1927 at home in Alburn ,Mass. m: Wilhelmine Benoit February 11,1895 at St. Romuald, Franham, Missiquoi. Wilhelmine b: December 3,1875 at Granby, Canada d: February 1,1948 at Auburn ,Mass. Was the daughter of Joseph Ulric Benoit and Marie Elodie Plessis-Belaire. (have more info on 6 children ans movements).
Pierre b: June 24,1862 at L'Ange Gardien, Rouville d: January 17,1931 Albany, N.Y. He was a laborer in a brickyard in Coeysman, N.Y. m: 1st Alphonsine Normandin. b: abt. 1861 d: May 19,1915 at Holyoke, Mass. She lived in a convent before she gotr sick and left. She later married Pierre. Pierre left her with the children and she had to go into an orphanage with her children. daughter of Joseph Normindin and Marie Leclair.(have 6 children for this union)Pierre then m: 2nd. Mary Charran b: July 1877 d: 1930.(have this info on 11 children)

Sorel, Paul b:January 19,1800 Laprarie,Canada m: November 27,1820 at St. Philippe, Laprarie, Canada wife: Marie Reine Possiant parents of Dominique Possaint and Marie Lestage. Children:
Marie m: Theophile Perrotte November 8,1841 at St. Edouard
Paul m: Theotiste Schyt January 10,1843 at St. Eduard.
Adelaide m: Eusebe Bourlice October 24,1848 at St. Edouard.
Vital m: Eulalie Guelle May 8,1854 at St. Edouard.
Moise m: Sophie Douillard May 23,1854 at St. Edouard
Pierre b: March 12,1837 Laprarie, Canada d: after December 1882 at L'Ange Gardien, Rouville. m: 1st Marie Alarie Boutin September 27,1859 at St. Philippe, Laprarie. m: 2nd Celina Decelles December 25,1882 at St. Cesaire, Rouville.(Hvae more info on 8 children)
Jules m:Marie Belinge August 26,1862 Notre Dame, Montreal.
Theophile m: 1st Sophie DuBois November 7,1865 Sherrington, St Pat. m: 2nd Marie Adam January 10,1870 L'Ange Gardien, Rouville.
Toissaint m: Virginie Chesnay March 9,1873 L'Ange Gardien, Rouville.

Sorel, Jacques b:January 18,1763 at Chambly d: April 10, 1822 wife: Catherine Provost
September 27,1790 at St. Philippe, Laprarie. Daughter of Raphael Provost and Ursle Denaud. m: 2nd Marguerite Jolivet July 7,1817 Philippe, Laprarie. Children:
Marguerite m: Francoise Desnoyers November 10,1817 St. Philippe, Laprarie.
Jean Baptiste m: Genevieve Lamarre October 25,1819 at St. Philippe, Laprarie.
Marie m: Alexis Lestage November 25,1816 at St. Philippe, Leprarie.
Catherine m: Joseph Nicolas August 17,1812 at St. Philippe,Laprarie.
Emilie m: Joseph Meloche July 23,1822 at St. Philippe,Laprarie.
Jacques m: Marie Josephte Poissaint February 15,1819 at St. Philippe, Laprarie.
Pierre m: Marie Longtin March 2,1835 at St. Philippe, Laprarie. m: 2nd. Catherine Poissant April 26,1864 at St. Eduard.
Paul b: January 19,1800 Laprarie m: Marie Reine Possiant November 11,1820 at St. Philippe, Laprarie. (have 9 children info.)

Sorel, Jean Baptiste b: May 31,1723 at Montreal d: April 5,1803 at Laprarie. m: 1st Marie Joseph Viau September 22,1744 at St. Antoine, Longueeil. d: April 9,1756. m: 2nd Marie Reymond August 9,1756 at Laprarie.
Children of Jean & Marie Viau:
Marie Joseph b: January 17,1746 m: Jean Sel-Sansquater November 24,1760 in Chambly.
Marie Reine b: May 22,1747 d: July 26,1747.
Jean Baptiste b: December 10,1748. m: Mangelique Beaudin September 9,1771 at St. Philippe, Laprarie.
Marie Madeleine b: March 7,1750 d: May 4,1750.
Jacques Philippe b: May 1,1751 d: June 22,1751.
Marie Anne b: March 3,1753 at St. Joseph, Chambly.
Francois Marie b: May 17,1754 at St. Joseph, Chambly d: July 28,1754.

Children Jean & Marie Reymond:
Marie Francois b: July 9,1757 at St. Joseph, Chambly d: November 30, 1758 Chambly.
Simon b: February 28,1759 St. Joseph, Chambly d: February 25,1760 Chambly.
Marie Francois b: January 16,1761 St. Joseph, Chambly (twin) d: February 4,1761 Chambly.
Jean Louis b: January 16,1761 St Joseph, Chambly (twin). m: Marie Josephte Drainville October 22,1781 at St. Philippe, Laprarie.
Jacques b: January 18,1763 St Joseph, Chambly. d: April 10,1822. m: Catherine Provost (see above).

Sorel, Hilarie Jean Baptiste b: 1605 at St. Leon, diocese of Carcassone, Langueduc, France. Also known as Hiliaire Chorel dit Leveille. m: Genevieve Brau Pomminville July 23,1715 at Quebec, Canada. b: 1694 in Lauzon. Children:
Madeleine b: May 3,1716 Berthier Baptised in Sorel. d: November 11,1757. m: L'Ange Drousson August 20,1742 at St. Antoine, Longueuil.He was the widower of Josephte Charles-Edeline.
Marie Anne b: February 11,1719 Baptised Feb. 12,1719 at Riviere-des-Praries.
Michael b: October 15,1721 Baptised Oct. 16,1721 at Riviere-des-Praries. m: Catherine Lussier (LeSeure) February 6,1747 at Boucherville.
Jean Baptiste b: May 31,1723 at Montreal d: April 5,1803 at Laprarie. (see above).

Sorel, Pierre m: Anne Unknown.

THANKS to Denise Gorha, all this info from Paul 1837 on. She has spent a tremendous amount of time here, and has shared all her work. NOTE: I have no records on this research so make sure you find your proof!.
Norway / France / Ireland / Tennessee / Norway / Illinois
Czarnecki, Sorel, Eichhorst, Somer, Havel, Fischer, Bressler/Brefsner.
Union Grove Cementery Bradley Co.TN, & St. Mathews Cemetery Lemont, Illinois.